Zoltan ex Merinita

Zoltan is from House Merinita and a lifelong native of the Transylvanian Tribunal. He's kept under some scrutiny by the Tremere as he holds certain...similarities with the dark fae of the Tribunal. It is a testament perhaps to his usefulness and (more likely) influence from his Parens and the Primus of Merinita that he's been allowed to stay. As it is, he is expected to produce research and studies on the dark fae of Transylvania.

His magical proclivities fall into two fields primarily. First he is a rather competent Necromancer (for whatever that's worth). Second he's also known as an Auram specialist, though perhaps not high on the list of best Auram specialists. He's also delved into the Mysterys of his House; coming and going as he pleases and having companions and servants of the fae that he seems to conjure from nothing.

He is not often seen during the day, and his magic can be felt and smelled on the wind as a bad humour, as the shadows dance and pantomime his inner nature.

Some questions I have regarding the Mysteries.

Zoltan has two Merinita Mysteries; Arcadian Travel and Animae Magic.

The Travel one is pretty straightforward, I just need to clarify. It only allows travel between faerie auras right? From Regios to Regios as well as going from one Faerie aura in one geographical area (say Hungary) to another faerie aura in a different area (like Croatia). I couldn't necessarily use it as a version of Leap of Homecoming if I wasn't going back to an area in a Faerie Aura right? I'm a bit lost basically on how it applies. It essentially allows teleportation without an arcane connection (though Zoltan needs a carving that he makes).

For Animae magic I can either create faeries with Creo or transform a Form into a faerie with Muto. I made a few spells of these, all with Creo. The question is should a standard fae be designed for ease of use, basically getting the same result with every casting, or should there be a range?

I have a CrCo that creates a faerie in the shape of a Skeleton with a Might of 5 (The Chattering Man)
A CrTe that creates a stone and earth fae with a Might of 10 (The Stony Goblin)
A CrAu that creates a faerie of air with some control over weather with a Might of 10 (The Temptestuous Pixie)

It might be of some interest to have these run by someone, they all have a duration of Sun. So I (nor Zoltan) really knows if they are the same fae each time or brand new ones, or if he actually creates them or summons them. He renamed the first spell he made, it was initially going to be 'The Chattering Servant', but it didn't work as well as he thought. Perhaps their abilities and stats vary with each casting.

Zoltan also has a Faerie Friend flaw (Aurum based). I'm not sure if that would be played by a troupe member or not, but if anyone is interested. He got that from learning a Mystery.

Here's the way I understand it: Travel allows you to open the paths (trods) between the mundane world, regiones, and Arcadia. So going from Hungary to Croatia, you would have to first open a trod to a Faerie regio, walk inside that regio to a spot corresponding to your destination, then open a second trod to Croatia. The Mystery probably allows you to find the 'right' regio where you only have to walk a couple of minutes, unless of course the ST wants to make an adventure out of it.
Oh, and while Faerie regio normally occur in places that have a Faerie aura in the mundane world, that is not an absolute rule, particularly in places that had a Faerie aura once before it was overcome by a different aura.

If I read the Mystery right, no one knows if they are the same fae every time. It could be you always summon the same fae from Arcadia, or a different one, or that you awaken one that was inside the particular object you target (in which case you probably get the same one if you cast the spell a second time on that object) or if you create a faerie on the spot each time you cast.

I'll pass, I've never managed to get through RoP: Faerie.

Name: Zoltan House: Merinita Race/Nationality: Hungarian Religion: Pagan (Non-practicing)
Title: Magus Confidence 1/3 Age 55 (25 apparent age) Warping: 2/10
Height: 6’1” Weight: 180 Size: 0 Hair: Black Handedness: Right Decrepitude: 0
Eyes: White irises with large black pupils (lost the original color in Animae Mystery)

Int +2 Cunning Str +1 Vigorous Pre +1 Exotic Dexterity 0
Per +1 Keen Eyes Sta +2 Untiring Comm +1 Commanding Quick +1 Catlike

Personality Traits:
Wrathful +2 Lusty +1
Brave +2 Vain +1
Nocturnal +2 Fear: Dogs +2

The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Faerie Magic (all free)
Strong Fae Blood: Sidhe (+1 Presence) Major
Major Magical Focus: Necromancy Major
Puissant Art: Auram Minor
Affinity with Art: Auram Minor
Piercing Gaze Minor
Improved Characteristics
*Arcadian Travel
*Animae Magic

Vulnerable Magic (The smell of garlic) Mystery Cults pg 87 Major
Susceptible to Divine Power Minor
Supernatural Nuissance: Fae Major
Wrathful Minor
Nocturnal Minor
Warped Magic (ill wind) Minor
*Faerie Friend (From Animae Mystery)
*Prohibition: Never break word (Animae Mystery, wasting sickness)
*Fear: Dogs (Arcadian travel Mystery)
*Permanent Arcane Connection to a Site in ____ (Arcadian Travel Mystery)

Artes Liberales 1 Ceremonial Magic
Athletics 2 Grace
Awareness 2 Keen Eyesight
Bargain 2 Faeries
Charm 2 Maidens
Concentration 3 Spell Concentration
Craft: Woodcarving 5 Charms
Faerie Magic 3 Faerie Vis
Finesse 3 Auram
Folk Ken 2 Magi
Guile 2 Detecting Lies
Leadership 2 Ghosts
Language: Magyar 5 Eloquent
Language: Latin 5 Hermetic
Lore: Faerie 3 Fae of Transylvania
Lore: House Merinita 3 Initiating others
Magic Theory 5 Necromancy
Parma Magica 4 Ignem
Penetration 3 Auram
Second Sight 3 Ghosts
Single Weapon 2 Sword
Stealth 2 Sneak

Domus Magna: Irencillia
Primus: Brenna
Covenant of Apprenticeship: Laniena?

Cr 14/7 An 5/5 Ig 5/5
In 5/5 Aq 5/5 Im 5/5
Mu 6/4 Au 15+3/10 Me 13/8
Pe 6/4 Co 13/11 Te 10/5
Re 13/1 He 5/5 Vi 6

Wizard’s Sigil: Shadows animate (plus ill wind from flaw)
Voting Sigil: Wooden figurine of Juriska sitting on top of a skull
Longevity Ritual lab total = 41

Circling Winds of Protection CrAu 20 +35 Mastery 1 Fast Casting
Charge of the Angry Winds CrAu 15 +35 Mastery 1 Quick Casting (Societates, House Flambeau)
Whispers Through the Black Gate InCo (Me req) 15 +25
Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit PeMe 10 +28 Mastery 1 Penetration
Ring of Warding Against Spirits ReMe 10 +41
Wreaths of Foul Smoke CrAu 10 +34
Coerce the Spirits of the Night ReMe 20 +41
Ward against Rain ReAu 10 +34
Stench of the Twenty Corpses CrAu 10 +34
Incantation of Lightning CrAu 35 +35 Mastery 1 Magic Resistance
Wizard’s Communion MuVi 20 +14 (Sun Duration)
The Chattering Man CrCo 30 +42 Animae Magic spell
The Stony Goblin CrTe 30 +26 Animae Magic Spell
The Tempestuous Pixie CrAu 40 +34 Animae Magic Spell

The Chattering Man Cr Co 30
Range: Touch Duration: Sun Target: Individual
Base 10 +1 Touch +2 Sun +5 Might
Creates a faerie in the shape and form of a human skeleton with a Might 5.

The Stony Goblin Cr Te 30
Range: Touch Duration: Sun Target: Individual
Base 5 +1 Touch +2 Sun +10 Might
Creates a stony gargoyle like creature, a faerie of stone and earth with a Might of 10.

The Tempestuous Pixie Cr Au 40
Range: Voice Duration: Sun Target: Individual
Base 10 +2 Voice Sun +2 Might 10
Creates an airy faerie that can fly and has some control of the weather with a Might of 10.

Image: Zoltan is a tall and handsome man, slim but not weak looking. His hair is shining black and hangs to his collar, but has no beard or other facial hair. His features are of high blood and sharp, handsome, but intense and cold. His smile is sharp as well, but the teeth are merely very white, not fangs. He has pale skin that looks almost blue in the moonlight, but is without blemish. The most disturbing though are his eyes, which have no color but white and the black pupils, which grow larger as the hour grows later. He dresses well, as a noble with money and a tailor from foreign courts, and he keeps appearances by use of a skilled valet. When he uses his magic the shadows lengthen and dance, mocking those around him, or mirroring the dark feelings he hides as a chill wind with a foul humour rises.

Background: Zoltan (he answers to nothing else, in fact does not know his original name, but he knows that Zoltan is not the name given at his birth) was a found child, an orphan taken in by near poverty stricken nobles of Hungary. They loved and feared the fae child, knowing that he was not a normal child. Their home remedies of prayers, garlic, and other charms only made it worse, he was near death when a strange man came to them, offering to cure him, but he would have to take him with. The parents tearfully agreed. Zoltan grew and strengthened under his master’s tutelage and in proper surroundings. Power seemed to come naturally to him, as did the arrogance and quirks that come with it.

After passing his Gauntlet; a harrowing dinner party with the dark fae of Transylvania as well as a cabal of vampires, Zoltan continued his studies in his master’s covenant as opportunity to go to another Oppida was limited. He increased his knowledge and power and also his standing within the House and Tribunal. The resident Tremere was both concerned and impressed by Zoltan’s magic, but also was worried that he might be a vampiric plant within the Tribunal. The word of both his Parens and the Prima of his House have reluctantly convinced the Tremere and Zoltan has been allowed to join a new Opidda in return for his studying and reporting on the Dark Fae of the Tribunal.

Your characteristics don't add up. They add up to 8 points if the Presence +1 comes from your Strong Faerie Blood, and they should add up to 10 with your Improved Characteristics. Also you should probably record that you have (for free) the virtue Second Sight from your Strong Faerie Blood (I see you did note the accompanying ability)

Regarding your image, you are trying to link to the whole page instead of just the image (try right-clicking on it and selecting 'View Image' or something similar). The correct link is fc05.deviantart.net/fs22/i/2007/ ... usions.jpg

Aha, let me try that link now.

That worked, thanks.

Yeah you're right about the characteristics. I bought Improved Characteristics once, so I should have 10 points, and then a +1 Presence on top of that. The mistake was in the Stamina, it should have been +2, it's fixed now.

You appear to be missing the arcadian travel, and the animae magic mystery virtues...

Ah you're right, thanks. It's updated now.

Do you need the breakdown of xp per year (as well as Aging rolls)? I have them written down but didn't send those in yet. I'd probably have to redo aging rolls as I don't have links or anything at this point. He only had 5 that could potentially affect him beyond apparent aging; he doesn't age until 50.

I would like to see it. Helps me on things like LR and familiars.

I'll send it to you shortly, I'll have to redo the aging rolls. I'll do aging rolls from 25 on, he doesn't age til 50, but he might stay a lot younger looking for his inherent aging benefits.

30 years after Apprenticeship:

  1. 30 xp Au, 10 xp Vi
  2. 40 xp Co
  3. 40 xp Me
  4. 40 xp Re
  5. 40 xp Cr
  6. 20 xp Cr 20 xp Re
  7. 10 xp in In, Mu, Pe, Vi
  8. 10 xp An, Aq, He, Ig
  9. 10 xp Im, An, 20 xp Te
  10. 10 xp q, He, Ig, Im
  11. 30 xp Penetration, 10 xp Parma
  12. 30 xp Merinita House Lore, 5 xp Finesse, 5 xp Leadership
  13. 10 xp Faerie Magic, Second Sight, Leadership, Finesse
  14. Learn Incantation of Lightning, plus Mastery of Incantation of Lightning
  15. Learn Animae Mystery, Animae Spell level 30
  16. Arcadian Travel Mystery, 30 xp Craft Woodcarving
  17. 25 xp in Latin, 15 xp Bargain
  18. 20 xp Cr, 20 xp Co
  19. 20 xp Pe, 20 xp Me
  20. 15 xp Parma, 15 xp Faerie Lore, 5 xp Master Circling Winds of Prot, 5 xp Master Lay to Rest
  21. 40 xp Craft Woodcarving
  22. 5 xp Craft Woodcarving, 15 xp Concentration ** 20xp?
  23. 20 xp Cr, 20 xp Co
  24. 40 xp Te
  25. 20 xp Au, 20 xp Me
  26. 30 xp Magic Theory, Make LR (41, added 5 pawns additional Vis, all faerie vis)
  27. 15 xp Faerie Magic, 15 xp Second Sight, **10xp?
  28. Animae Spell 30, 10 xp Wizard’s Communion
  29. Animae Spell 40
  30. 20 xp Parma, 5 xp Magic Theory, 15 xp Finesse

There's two blanks in this, in year 22 I'm missing 20 xp and I don't think it went to anything, and year 27 I'm missing 10. Assuming everything adds up, I'll put those 30 into something I meant to take, which was Single Weapon, but I'll hold off for now and make sure it adds up.

I'll make 30 aging rolls also, though the first 25 can only raise apparent aging (he might look pretty young at 55).

SFB only starts aging at 50. So, you should only make 5 rolls. I'd also say that you can pick your age like Unaging, you just don't get the benefits of that virtue. And don't forget the -3 from SFB, and the -2 from Living conditions. So, you can be the perpetually young anxty teen...

Actually, the rule also say that a character under the influence of a LR should make a roll no matter his age, he just treats all rolls >=10 as 9s (so he has a chance to appear younger than his actual age) and that may also applies to character with other modifiers to their aging roll.

Right, but he made the LR in Year 26.
The text of SFB specifically states no aging rolls until you are 50 years old.

Yeah thats the question. I thught he'd have to make them just to see if Apparent Aging went up, but considering you make no rolls, and you get an extra -3, I'll just go with 5 rolls. I did include in my original rolls the additional -5 from the virtue plus a covenant bonus.

Going forward, we get an additional bonus right from the Healthy Boon?

Only if you live in the covenant. My understanding is that we get a +2 Living Condition during character creation, which is abstract, and once the game start we'll get the actual covenant's bonus instead

Right, for the aging rolls I'm making I won't be including the Healthy feature. Just when we starting making againg rolls afetr we've settled in.