1198 A.D. (Spring) Our New Home

The magi gather together for the first council meeting of their new covenant. What will be its name? What are the magi's plans going forward?

As we are all very studious Bonisagi, how about "Domus Studiorum" (House of studies/pursuits, although it could be confused with "House of schools" or "house of colleges" as the noun studio has multiple meanings) or "Domus Disciplinae" (House of study/training/discipline....no wait, that sounds like the start of a very dubious story.)


I've given my thought on a name.

Borealis will first look around the surrounding area, checking if there any vis sources and any threats from mundane sources.

Borealis discovers the two sources listed in the topic "Vis sources" (the ones that jebrick detailed). That was during the months you were establishing the covenant.

Does Borealis spend further time searching for more sources? That would require a story, which is fine by me.

Borealis will keep searching, until his sodales point him in the direction of a more useful project.

Note that Borealis' capabalities in discovering vis sources is fairly limited. He has no formulaic spell that can help him reliably detect magic, and his InVi score is only 4. A few seasons of study might quickly improve his effectiveness, allowing him to invent a suitable detection spell.

Ordino will volunteer to get to know the area, and make contact with the locals, And will probably start learning the local language as well.

(This topic is a chance for the magi to interact and establish their short-term objectives, as well as for us players to get to know them. As such, it would be nice to have some in-character discussions. As I don't have a magus, it is hard for me to encourage this without to resorting to simply stating it as such. Let's make your magi more than a bunch of stats, people! :slight_smile: )

(Come to think of it, I could have Tandaline visiting when this meeting is taking place. On the positive side, this would give you a source of information for some of the top-ics you might discuss. On the negative side, she would certainly try to direct you towards things she consider important. What do you all think? Do you want me to push and prod you into action? :grin:)

Having arrived only an hour before, Tandaline has had litle time to speak to the young magi or receive a tour of all that has been accomplished in the last months. Settling in her chair around the council table, she smiles to each of you, waiting for the meeting to start.

"Salve, Tandaline. I trust you are well. I have started studying the local area, but I fear I will need to spend plenty of time learning the art of Intellego to accomplish this with any speed.

How are you finding our covenant?"

"It is a good beginning, my young friend. I hope that one of you can take the time to give me a short tour of your home. All I had time to see when I arrived was that the surface building was up and in use... is that the brewery? And this chamber, of course," she looks around at the various book chests and lecterns that surround the central table, a smile on her face.

She makes no mention of the use of oil lamps in the library, despite the risk that flames represent to your valuable books. She knows that enchanting magical light sources takes time and equally valuable vis.

"As you can see, we have gathered the bare minimum to survive. We have a brewery and a way to sell its products for our food and supplies. We have a few vis sources. We have laboratories of an adequate status set up, and a space for a few books."

Borealis pauses for a moment. "We face the decision as to where best to apply ourselves. I favour exploring as much as possible and making sure there are no unknown supernatural elements in the area, but I'm sure my colleagues have other ideas. I'm sure some feel, in the best manner of our house, that finding a worthy research project and taking the first steps is more important."

"Is there anything you need to help your exploration of the area? I may be able to shake loose a few more lab texts from the librarian if there are spells you need to learn." Tandaline nods, "You have a good start, but as you say this is just the minimum for survival."

"Take the time to invest in your new home, for that will be time well spent if you want your covenant to thrive instead of just survive. Secure your current resources before reaching out for more. Though it is important to explore your immediate surroundings to make sure there are no unknown threats or untapped resources, straying too far might just draw notice from local supernatural forces that may not agree with your presence here." She shrugs, knowing that you may decide to ignore her advice. "Remember that the former covenant decided to disband and leave. They may have had more reasons than those we know about. So be careful."