1198 A.D. (Spring) Our New Home

The magi gather together for the first council meeting of their new covenant. What will be its name? What are the magi's plans going forward?

As we are all very studious Bonisagi, how about "Domus Studiorum" (House of studies/pursuits, although it could be confused with "House of schools" or "house of colleges" as the noun studio has multiple meanings) or "Domus Disciplinae" (House of study/training/discipline....no wait, that sounds like the start of a very dubious story.)


I've given my thought on a name.

Borealis will first look around the surrounding area, checking if there any vis sources and any threats from mundane sources.

Borealis discovers the two sources listed in the topic "Vis sources" (the ones that jebrick detailed). That was during the months you were establishing the covenant.

Does Borealis spend further time searching for more sources? That would require a story, which is fine by me.

Borealis will keep searching, until his sodales point him in the direction of a more useful project.

Note that Borealis' capabalities in discovering vis sources is fairly limited. He has no formulaic spell that can help him reliably detect magic, and his InVi score is only 4. A few seasons of study might quickly improve his effectiveness, allowing him to invent a suitable detection spell.

Ordino will volunteer to get to know the area, and make contact with the locals, And will probably start learning the local language as well.

(This topic is a chance for the magi to interact and establish their short-term objectives, as well as for us players to get to know them. As such, it would be nice to have some in-character discussions. As I don't have a magus, it is hard for me to encourage this without to resorting to simply stating it as such. Let's make your magi more than a bunch of stats, people! :slight_smile: )

(Come to think of it, I could have Tandaline visiting when this meeting is taking place. On the positive side, this would give you a source of information for some of the top-ics you might discuss. On the negative side, she would certainly try to direct you towards things she consider important. What do you all think? Do you want me to push and prod you into action? :grin:)