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I modified the library House Rule as well as the content of the library to reflect the simplified library.

I tried to keep it simple and it can be expanded if something comes up that I haven't considered.

Happy new year to all! May 2021 offer us joy and happiness. :smiley:

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I have lost track of this during the holidays :slight_smile: What else do we need to flesh out?

Happy new year indeed.

Whatever you collectively think you need before we start play. In the Covenant development discussion, I suggested:

  • Naming the mundanes who work for you
    • A pair of brewers
    • A cooper with his apprentice
    • A teamster/laborer
    • One or two covenfolk for cooking and cleaning
  • Stating some grogs (Jorge and Jan, plus 1-2 more if you want to)
  • Perhaps a basic map of the surface buildings

Also, Emericus was spending some time looking for additional vis sources. He would probably find 2 or 3 minor ones (1-3 pawns per year each). They'll need to be described.

Rubertus and Hugo
Cooper: Arnoldus
Cooper Apprentice:Stephan
Teamster: Godscalcus
General Coven folk
Gertrudis (f)

I'll try to work on some Grogs and vis sources

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Where do you want me to be posting Grogs and vis sources?

New topics created:

  • Grogs and covenfolk
  • Vis sources

Is Jan or Jorge anyone's shield grogs? Or should give them a sheet?

They're not assigned specifically to anyone. They were born in Durenmar and as a result they are both mute as well as rather unimaginative.

All the grogs should have their sheet on the new topic, wether they are someone's shield grog or not.

EDIT: I saw that you posted stats for 2 grogs. If you can, a short paragraph to describe them (physically but also their overall personallity and attitude) would be nice. :slight_smile:

Hello all, I talked to Arthur, and am interested in joining this game.

Am still new to the game, but would love to explore it some more.

@Red-Shadow-Claws Welcome

Was it ever decided on what the bones in the pool would be for the vis source? I heard Vim and Corpus and perhaps terrum

So, the new topic 1198 A.D. (Spring) Our New Home is a not-so-subtle hint. Are we ready to start play? :wink:

My computer is not working for the time being. Hopefully I will have a working one in a few days, and will write down the character's history

I've tried, but it seems the saga is unable to get off the ground. Any suggestion?

I don't know. I've chatted with Tandaline, hoping for someone else to join in, but it's a bit tough if no other players step up.

I contacted each of the missing players privately 12 days ago:

  • VanSilke said he had to catch up on what was going on, but he wanted to be more active in the discussions. No post since then. :neutral_face:
  • Itzhak was waiting for approval of his character, but I told him he could still join in the story part, with handwaving of some details in the book for how his magus joined the building effort. No post since then. :neutral_face:
  • jebrick has been very busy at work and had limited capacity in his time, but he was still interested. No post since then. :neutral_face:

I simply don't know what more I can do. Would you be interested in a solo story? We can spin something relatively self-contained. Perhaps something that occured within those 6 months while the covenant was being set up?

We can pick up with the covenant activities when the others get back. Or eventually recruit new players if they don't.

Let's try a solo story, see if we can flesh out a few more details and bring some life to the grogs.

Am around, but am barely able to do much. Dealing with a medical issue, which I hope will improve over the next week or so.

I started a new story, to take place while the covenant was being built. Ties up with Borealis' interest in weather.

Itzhak, get better. I just want to offer everyone a place and a chance to have some fun. :slight_smile: