1220.3 Hungry Like the Wolf

fair enough. botch test : roll of 5

"Lenny challenged me. He lost. Would you like to challenge me?"

Hmm... I would, Sir Boar. But.... Fieltarn crouches on the branch, reaching for the trunk while he sighs inwardly, thinking furiously. I could be sightseeing those old ruins right now, but noooo... I had to follow my impulse. Well, too late for regrets now. But this better has to work...

...but first we would need to know each other names.
And still talking assuredly he starts climbing down the tree. taking his time, and inconspicuously reaching for the tuft of the boar's hair(*), which he hides in a clenched fist as he jumps on the ground.
((0 Dex + 4 Stealth +Roll of 1, followed by a roll of 9 = 23))

After all, we're both formidable! Not mere piglets rivaling over their mother's tits anymore! We should do it properly.

He walks slowly, a few feet away from the tree, under one of its branch, never leaving the huge beast from his sight while trying to manipulate its pride and slowly stir up its ire, both...
((+2Com. +2Animal Handling + roll of 2 = 6 +3 from another conf. pt for a total of 9))
And since I'm the interloper here, I owe you the honor of presenting myself first...".

He faces the boar, fists at its side. His back a mere pace away from the large tree trunk, Fieltarn slowly draws his long hunting knife as he finally throws his challenge :
"I am Fieltarn ex Miscellanea. I walked with wolves over many lands, bewitched human maiden by the dozens, and I AM defying you. So have the gut to answer me properly if you want to be remembered : how do they call you, oh defiler of this peaceful forest?"

((OOC: Fieltarn current status, if I'm not mistaken : one conf. point left, and his Fatigue is already at 'winded' at this point).

Let's get ready to rumble...

Go ahead and give me a roll for initiative and any actions for round 1. If you intend to cast a spell, I'll need a concentration roll in addition to the spell's roll. Also do a dodge roll.

Fieltarn waits for the boar to answer and/or charge him.
Nevertheless... => Initiative : 0 Quick. + 2Brawl +roll of 7 = 9

And as for dodging he never intended to do it by other means than magic, thus :
Spell casting round1: Blink Step ReCo10, for which Fieltarn has a spell mastery of 3 (Quick & Still casting, Fast-Casting)
=> CT +21 - 10 Fast-Casting +roll of 8 = 19, success, no fatigue.
He fast-cast at the last moment so that the boar charge at him, yet. So, here's the conc. roll :
=> +1Stamina + 3Concentration + roll of 2 = 6

(OOC : The idea being that once push comes to shove, he will 'blink stepping' at the side of the charging boar leaving the beast with only air... and a big trunk just a meter behind (he better had good brakes). Which I suppose would end round 1.)

(Your setup was fine, you did goad him to attack)
Initiative is: 1+ die roll of 5=6
The concentration roll for Blink step wasn't necessary, and the spell does go off.

The boar impacts the tree and gets a tusk stuck, and does suffer some damage, but you can't do a full assessment. He may also be able to free himself in a bit.

(OOC : Ah, Good! I hoped for an equivalent of a "stun" round, but that sound even a bit better, although I doubt that "in a bit" equals Fieltarn having time to cast/draw a circle spell, so let's go with slight adjusment's to his plans...)

"Dana's grace!" thinks Fieltarn, heart pounding, as the charge of the beast is stopped dead by the great oak - whose limbs and fronds shakes visibly from the loud thump, despite its own respectable size. "Though you could have answered me, you bstd boar. What happened to the ancient etiquette of the wild!?"

Left at the side of the beast by his own spell, Fieltarn can't help but cast a quick glance at the stuck tusk, as deadly as his own hunting knife, before immediately brings back his attention to the situation at hand "focus, Fieltarn. Focus, focus, focus!"

Still clutching the tuft of air previously picked up in one fist, and the knife in the other, Fieltarn drops the later so as to be unhindered as he cast the spell that would probably see one party win this fight.

"Here's the moment of Truth..."

I wouldn't be surprised if a Concentration roll was required. So, here it is :
=> +1Intelligence + 3 Concentration +1Spell conc. specialty + Roll of 6 = 11

The Viper's Gaze ReAn 15
=> CT : 10Rego +16 Animal +1Stam. + 1Spell Mast. : 28 + roll of 3 :unamused: = 31

=> 31 - 15 + 2 penetration = 18 penetration total. Ahem... adjusted at SG's discretion as to how much bonus/multiplier(?) Fieltarn's gets from the tuft of boar's hair as AC. Fingers crossed.

That succeeds, the boar is held stiff and ceases struggling. You estimate you could have one or two more rounds after you let the spell lapse.

Roll concentration before any additional activities.

((okay, let's gamble on two rounds then, first one as thus : ))

Fieltarn pick up his knife and puts the silvery blade right inside the Boar's hear, pickling him enough to let his opponent realize who is facing imminent death right now...
=> Concentration roll : +1Int +4 + roll of 7 = 12

...and between teeth clenched, lips drawn in a snarl he stares intently at the boar's eye as he grunts :
"Last chance. Tell.me.your.freaking.name.NOW!"

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"My name is my own, you may call me 'boar', if it is so important to you.""

"- Well, Boar, in any case I won." Grumble Fieltarn both upset and admiring the boar's readiness to die for his name. "You're an impolite brute - let's call you that - with no respect for the old ways, but let's see if you still have some honor left : Do you yield?" He continues, pressing the point of the knife so as to pick in a few drops of blood. If he don't that might help too...

"Whether I yield is irrelevant, as you are holding me."

(OOC: blood won't give you anything better than the hair did)

Hmf... Bastard is stalling me, deliberately. But he doesn't know how long he'd need to play this game. Not yet.

" - It's not, as you'd recognized if you had more honor, but then you wouldn't pretend not to care just so you can try and stall my hand. Yield and you'll live, free from me, but far from this forest. Your call".

"This is my new home, I'll live here. I can feel your grip on me weakening already."

Not all size and muscle, then. hmm? muse Fieltarn inwardly. And yes I can feel my grip slipping too, now...

I salute your determination. But continue to kill any other farmer's herd who stupidly cry challenge to a mountain of muscle such as you, and you'll bring the mankind's wrath upon your home anyway. Not just upon you.

And with that being said, Fieltarn releases the spell ((probably unable to maintain it any longer I guess)), putting a few feet between him and the boar, still facing it and ready to fast-cast.

So if you do care for the sanctuary of this forest, and your sunder, do not put all of your boar instincts before their own interests, as legitimate as your claims feels to your own pride.

Actually, he's bluffing about the spell, Fieltarn senses no weakening, and doesn't need to release it. He will not yield to Fieltarn, that is clear. If he's let go, he will likely attack. He's not been blooded, or otherwise wounded, so while he is stuck, he isn't afraid.

((OOC : Aaaah, this changes things, indeed. :open_mouth: I presumed that as SG you used his boasting to reflect a fact, too. My bad. Err... if I can retcon my previous post, slightly? First line of Fieltarn's dialogue kept, but then I would maintain the spell, draw blood by cutting his ear - and showing it to him (the whole ear, not just the blood, if he want's to see who has the biggest, let's play, besides he is starting to piss-off Fieltarn a bit, I must admit. :laughing:), before continuing with the second line of "so if you do care etc.".))

Afterward Fieltarn watches intently for his reactions, mood, glint of deceit of fury or whatever in the eyes.
=> (in case that's required...) +1Per + 2 Animal Handling + roll of 6 = 9.

"So, I am to be prey, but I have done my task. My line will continue, and in a few years, you may be taken down by my children." He seems content to die in some odd way.

" - Then I truly salute you. For staying true to your clan's stubborness". As Fieltarn says these words, without any trace of taunting in his tones now, he nods to the boar, as a warrior recognizing his enemy in battle.

"But even though your own life is now coming to its end indeed, the Mother of All gave me the power to let such as yours the possibility to watch over your children, or their children after them, beyond your own death. You only have to share your name, and I'll promise you a disciple who'd then share his or her own body with you, later on. You'd become a legend, as a Velgairn of Dana... and you'll be able to see how your own line will fare, and maybe even try and protect them yourself over the encroaching of the mundanes."

If he refuses, which honestly Fieltarn expects now, sadly, then Fieltarn will give "Sir Boar" the coup-de-grace....
... as he'll do too, if the Boar accept and shares his name.

In appearance, the same conclusion. But in... twenty, thirty years ahead, there maybe a follower the Beastcrafters Tradition to know and seize upon the difference though(*). Maybe even one I'll train myself? This pigheaded boar would deserve no less after all...

((*) / OOC : these speculation are all at SG's discretion of course, right now it's just to reflect upon Fieltarn's motives and rp, here))

Fieltarn's monologue is returned by silence.