1220.3 Hungry Like the Wolf

Then, in silence too, does Fieltarn slay the boar.

There's no trouble in killing the boar. It's a standard kill.

After the deed is done, Fieltarn cleans up Ogmios knife, silently. Feeling even his thought... subdued by the moment, somehow. Then he shakes himself up mentally, stand up and stare for a while at the Boar's corpse thoughtfully.
" - Ad victorem spolias... " he whisper mildly, crouching again over the huge beast eventually. I had to respect his own instincts... no point in denying mine, and the wolf's.

Fieltarn casts a fatiguing spontaneous Intellego Vim spell, to determine if there is vis in the body of the boar, and what art it would be connected to.
=> 8Intellego + 4Vim +1Stam. + roll of 0 = 0 CT,
=> Botch test : roll of 3. no botch at least.

Flabbergasted, Fieltarn looks at the place, the clearing of the combat, the river, the great oak of which the larged trunk is now scared by the Boar's tusk...
Alright Dana, alright...

Then he goes by the fire, sitting there until the dawn come. He does not add wood over the dying ambers, and simply covers himslef in a cold blanket.
A dawn, he will use the saddle to conjure a magical mount. "Ha! Epona's tits, this was a great fight at least...", and he rides away from the site of their fight. "one of those that are rarely seen, and almost never told."

"- uh? Are you speaking to me?" asks the horse.
Fieltarn rolls his eyes, pat the magical mount gently, and leave the clearing, and the forest.

Rolling a 0 does not make the CT 0. Results are only zero on a botch.
Fieltarn's total is 13/2=6. There is vis within the boar, concentrated in the tusks.

The back legs would make some excellent hams.

ooc : Er, right. :confused: Well, good! :laughing:

Fieltarn takes the tusks, and since he has spent all of his last reserve of ham... he patiently cuts the back legs, and prepare these for transportation in his pack.
Then, he does leave the forest.

Fieltarn can add 5 pawns of animal vis to the inventory. No xp, unless there's a skill you really wanted to imrpove, and trade the 10xp already give for character generation for 4xp for this endeavor .

Duly noted. Five pawns of vis it is....

... thanks for the story! 8)