1221.2 March of the Primi

It is not long after the Tribunal and Tournament, perhaps a few weeks, and Korvin is getting situated for his duties as Princeps. Out of what was Iosephus cave comes a woman, and she comes down the path. to the main grounds. She calls out for page or someone to escort her to Apollodorus, or whomever is in charge. She identifies herself as Tria of Bonisagus, and she's led to the Princeps office, which Korvin is occupying.
"I'm Tria of Bonisagus, my Primus wishes to visit," she says without any apparent suprise.

Edit: I'm moving Korvin's Princeps story to summer, unless there's a huge problem with this, let me know and I'll revise.

(I hope she is not surprised by what she is saying :smiley: )

"Please have a seat. Would you like beer or wine? I understand that we have a nice pilsner that was tapped yesterday. " Korvin waits for the beer to arrive to give himself time to organize his thoughts.

He gets a fresh wax tablet to take notes. "Is there anything Archmage Murion would like to see or someone she would like to see?"

"Beer would be fine. It is my understanding that you have a portal between here and Valnastium, and I was wondering if you could arrange transport?"
Note, Apollodorus' pied-à-terre in Autun is his personal property, not mentioned in the Charter, I mention this because it is obviously clear to the magi.

" No. I'm sorry but that is a private portal to a private residence. Could she not travel the same manner as yourself?"

"It is less direct, but it is possible, and it is much more taxing on me, personally. Of course, I could just take her to her destination, there are some caves around Cunfin that I could pop into. But I had thought that having a Primus come visit would add a measure of esteem and honor to your covenant. I've already secured permission from Valnastium on the other side of the portal." You should probably make some relevant rolls to see if you're being played for a fool, or not. She's a Trianomae, Intrigue and guile are high art amongst them.

(Not sure what I'm rolling against but here is a roll)
1d10=3 total 6

(Even convincing Korvin would not matter since he has no say or control over the Portal)

"That may be all well and good but it is still a private matter in which the Covenant has no say. If you wish to discuss this with Apollodorus, who's controls the Portal, I will attempt to contact him. Will you be staying for dinner?"

It was for Intrigue, to determine if she's lying to you, since you don't really know her. You get the sense that she is being truthful and really does have permission from Andru.
"Perhaps you can intercede with Apollodorus on the Covenant's behalf. I'd be happy to stay for dinner." By the way, Korvin does know how she arrived, from the cave that was meant for Iosephus sanctum, and that there is an entrance into it from the mundane side at the base of Mont Beuvray. It is unlikely that the entrance was ungarded or that she could fast talk her way through the guards. It's common knowledge she appeared from that cave before to visit Apollodorus and why the guards are where they are.

"Of course."

Korvin has a servant show Tria to a guest room. Then sends out a flurry of notes to the kitchen staff for the dinner. A second series of notes goes to each of the Magi still on the grounds to invite them to dinner with our guest. And lastly, longer note to Apollodorus.

Sodalis Apollodorus,

I apologize for disturbing your studies but I have a matter before me that requires your attention. Tria ex Bonisagus arrived unexpected and unannounced. She told me, with no preamble, that her Primus wished to visit. She then led on to ask if Archmage Murion could use the Portal between your pied-à-terre and Valnastium. I explained how this was not my choice and refused. She has persisted and stated that Valnastium had already given permission. She seems sincere thus this note. I have informed her it is your decision and the Covenant has nothing to say about your property.

She is staying for dinner which I am extending an invitation to you if you wish to attend. We shall eat after sun set.

your friend,

Acting Princeps Mons Electi

Apollodorus returns your note.


It is good for you to write to me about this. I give my assent to their use of the portal. Make arrangements with Alexei for an honor guard from my apartment to Mons Electi. I express my regret as being unable to join you for dinner, as the muse has struck. Give Tria my compliments.
A word of warning, Ulrich[1] is Tria's apprentice, she has fostered him here with us. Dissemble about him at your own risk.


Also, after some time with Tria, you figure out where you recognize her from. She was at the Tribunal, and was a member of the hosting covenant.

[1]Regarding Ulrich, I wasn't sure what you and Peregrine had planned for him in the summer, put it up in the Training the apprentice thread. Depending on what it is you may be able to handle princeps duties and whatever you're teaching him. I did something similar with Apollodorus, and I can make an exception this time to fit the story. I'll be more cognizant of these things in the future, though.

Did you want to do dinner conversation of any sort?

Jormungand will be at dinner, and will do his best to Charm the guest, but will be completely lost in any political discussions. ((OOC: omg, I created the empty-headed trophy wife/husband dinner party arm candy.))

Fieltarn will come. In his "proper" attire of wizard's robes.

It's up to jebrick whether or not other Magi are invited to this dinner. It could be a quiet dinner in his quarters, in a meeting room outside his sanctum..

Jerbrick/Korvin did send invitations to other magi.

My mistake. Alright. A grand dinner it is. Tria asks that Ulrich attend, too, unless he's too busy with Apollodorus.

As dinner is served, Tria comes directly to the point, "So, where does everyone stand on the Lotharingian Tribunal issue?"

"Which issue are we talking about? Should it be formed? Is it within the laws of the Order to form it? If formed, what would Mons Electi do?"

"Yes! Those are all good questions."

"My understanding is that it is within the charter to form a new Tribunal but it has always been done with new lands. Never within an existing Tribunal...or Tribunals in this case." A pause to motion to the servants that all glasses/mugs should be filled. To Tria: "Could you educate me on this and your thoughts on the matter?"

Korvin will make sure that Ulrich sits next to himself and Tria is on the other side. He is hoping that Ulrich's charms will distract Tria somewhat. Korvin also wants to make sure Ulrich stays sober ( at least until the end).

She takes a sip of wine before responding to Korvin's inquiry, "My thoughts, so we are clear, are my own. I have no issue with the Grand Tribunal creating a new Tribunal out of two others. The Order is here to serve the Magi, and the regional tribunals are the closest embodiment of that service. If many magi of a given region are not content with that service, and there are enough of them, and they have the political will to see this through, then I am fine with it."

"I share your founder's distaste for vassallage, we of Le Maison d'Levrier all generally believe the same. We have no, and do not desire any vassals. It is a perversion of our Order based on the needs of the nobility to rule the mundane world. We should not aspire to be like them."

"Murion has asked that I be her advance agent, as it were. When I was the Spring Tenens Occultorum, she assigned me the Northern part of the Normandy Tribunal, because the Tenens assigned to the area was overburdened. I made extensive contacts with Cunfin, and covenants to the North, and I still travel regularly to visit them, as well as engaging in active correspondence with them. I believe Cunfin would like to be part of this Lotharingian Tribunal. As they are your closest neighbor to the north, it leaves Mons Electi in a delicate position."

Turning to face Korvin directly, "you know that Évrard De Tours has established a Mercere House within the last few years there. I know he's old and looking to retire. There are lots of possibilities that must be swirling in your head about now, having just established yourself here."