1221.4 Hazy Shade of Winter

Fieltarn looks in the direction indicated by Wilhelm, before returning his attention to the ethereal silhouettes.

"Yes, but some of them are not so far actually.His voice betrays reluctance to alarm his companions right away about his suspicions.
Then a sigh slips through his teeth as he dismounts. "I... sense the presence of spirit wolves too, near the cottage. There.".

Fieltarn takes a few steps toward the ghostly shapes, focusing his senses on them while issuing his "orders".
I'll... try and talk to them. Hmm, one of you... should see if Vincent's family is still safe. Let them know of our arrival... and of Vincent's safety, I guess.
((ooc: I just remembered that Fieltarn do not have Leadership, zip, nada; hence his hesitations here))

He then tries to engage the ghostly wolves, in their language.
=> +2 Comm. +3Animal Ken (+1 spec.:canines) + roll of 5= 11.
Greetings brother wolves. I'm Fieltarn, what brings you back here, far from the neverending hunts of the otheworld?

The grog (you or someone pick) going to the house is suddenly surrounded by wolves as they coalesce around him. He runs towards the house and bangs on the door. He is let in, just as they get to there, barely getting inside.

One of the wolves comes around to your voice, "It is our hundred year hunt. We cannot find the boar, so we hunt the lands close to where it usually roams." Fieltarn gets the distinct impression that these wolves are not spiritual. The wolves are now spreading out and preparing to encircle the rest of the party.

((ooc: unless someone steps in, let's say that the grog is Helmut))
Fieltarn hold is breath until Helmut rushed inside the cottage.
for now, one safe, at least.

Magical wolves? He thinks. No garanties that I could successfully Viper Gaze them... That would have been too easy, of course.
"- The boar has met his final demise a few moons ago... Fieltarn's sigh before continuing. "At my hand."

(to his companions, in french)
They're magical wolves, I fear. On some ritual hunt for a boar I hunted and killed before. He sighs again, saying all that rather quickly and without undue pride. I might try and offer them a better deal than farmers, or our group. Going after me. Your priority is your's and the family's safety, I... Unless someone has a better idea, like... sometime soon? "

(again in wolf language, to the now surrounding creatures)
"- Still, as you know, not every hunt is ever successful. That's the way. Don't you think it beneath you to harass mere farmers? How about I give you a more... memorable prey, if you'd agree to let them live their lives?" Here I go, another stupid impromptu plan.

As much as Fieltarn would ordinarily like the excitement of the challenge, he finds it much more frightening now that others' life are in danger, in part from his actions it would seem. So, if one of the wolves is too eager to take a bite at one of his companion before Fieltarn's can talk his way with the pack, he's ready to fast cast a PeAn spell à la painful slap of warning.

"Tell us what you have done with the boar. Did you eat him in a feast?" The wolves have formed a half circle around the party and are making their way to surround Fieltarn and his party.

"As to the success of the hunt, we had sent scouts out last year to find the boar and see if he had appeared, and he had. It is our tradition that we grant him a year to rutt and then the following year we return and harvest him."

Wilhelm silently strings his bow and drawn an arrow from the quiver at this. He doesn't nock the arrow yet, but keeps it at the ready in case the wolves draw closer. He doubts that the arrow can do much against the "spirit wolves," but you never know until you try.

If Wilhelm can get a clear shot off at one of the wolves without hitting Helmut, he will do so. His Attack Total is Dex 2 + Bows (short bow) 9 + Weapon Attack Modifier 3 + die roll of 8 = 22. Damage for the bow is Str 0 + Damage Modifier 6 + Attack Advantage ? = 6+AA.

His goal is to either stop a wolf that might be about to nom on Helmut or at least provide a distraction to the wolves that would allow him to get by them.

That roll and the situation is such that you can decide whether Willhelm intends to hit the wolf or give it a warning shot.

"I hunted him, alone, in the nearby forest. Then I challenged him and slit its throat." While speaking, if the layout of farm allows it, Fieltarn signs to the party to get closer to some cover (building, hedge...), at least to prevent the wolves from fully circling us. "And yes, I did feast on its sweet and powerful flesh, and took its tusks as... trophy. I would have offered to share, both the hunt and the spoils, or even not meddled in your affairs had I known that your pack claimed this territory."

Like you, I did no harm to its females and children - as it's not my ways either. Still, what's done is done and I admit that I wronged you, if unknowingly, but unless you'd like this hunt to be more grieving for your pack, I respectfully suggest that me and my pack make for your loss in a way that would not see both parties decimate each other unnecessarily. " His tone is polite, but his stance and voice also shows that he's ready to act upon his polite warning...

"Do you have the tusks?" The wolves stop moving. Their intent is not obvious, but you think trying to move everyone would be a bad idea. If you want more information, you should do an awareness roll.

((I did not specified that I took them or not, just that I brought animal vis, among other types)).

So, awareness roll before answering :
=>+1 Per +3 Awareness +roll of 8 = 12

"I may have them, yes."

If you're going to loose an arrow, make it count. He's going to try to take the beast out. Plus, merely wounding a wolf is basically killing it, just longer, more drawn out and more painful.

The wolf was hit and killed. As its attention was turned a different direction it wasn't prepared to dodge an arrow.

They seem desperate, hungry. "Give us the tusks and we will retreat, and hope that you have not damaged our future hunts."

"-Whilhem, no! Wait!" urges Fieltarn when he hears the sharp snap of the forester's bow, barely remembering to speak in french again.

I take it that Fieltarn didn't have time to fast-cast anything to the prevent this, then.

Unless this springs an ugly turn of events, he'll give the tusks to the wolves.

Peregrine: roll initiative

Hitsumei: You need an awareness total of 9 to detect what Willhelm was doing, and then need a Fast Cast speed roll equal to Willhelm's initiative to be able to fast cast something.

Wilhelm's initiative is Qui 1 - Weapon Modifier 1 - Encumbrance 2 = -2.

You need a die roll, though.

Dang. Just not with it today. Okay, let's try again.

Qui 1 - Weapon Modifier 1 - Encumbrance 2 + die roll of 5 = 3.

This is why archers form the back ranks :laughing:

Awareness roll:
=> +1per +3Awareness + roll of 9! = 13

Fast Casting speed :
=> 0 Qck - 2encumbrance + 1Finesse(+1 casting speed spec.) roll of 4 = 4

Fast Casting a fatiguing ReAn "push" on the arrows feathers, so as to divert the arrow :
+1Sta -3Cyclic Magic(day) -10 Fast Casting +10Rego +16Animal +Roll of 4 : 18/2 = 9
((base 1, +2voice, let's say +2 hopefully enough for this very small, and fast, target = effective level 5, assuming approval - otherwise, just let me know and Fieltarn will use a conf. point))

How about a Finesse roll, since Fieltarn is using Rego, and aiming for the feathers... This is going to need some luck...

Yep. To say the least, it will.
=> 0 Dex +1Finesse + roll of 7= +3 confidence point = 10. Luck might not be enough, and so far Fieltarn would rather not have any bloodshed, on both sides.

((btw, I forgot to ask : Did Fieltarn regained some confidence point(s) after "Hungry like the Wolf" ?))