1221.4 Hazy Shade of Winter

Fieltarn is in the Princeps office just before the new year (December 28th), when the shepherd (the late Lenny's shepherd) close to the Temple of Janus and Autun is brought in. He has several bites on him, but is otherwise ambulatory. "Master magus, you must help us, there are wolves who have surrounded my farm house. They don't harry the sheep, only people. It was only with great luck that I managed to get here. I ran nearly all the way. I would've run to Master Apollodorus pied-à-terre in Autun, but they always block that route to us. We haven't been to town for weeks."

When the upset shepherd is ushered in the office, Fieltarn puts down his pen with unfeigned good graces.
Whatever this is about, it's still better than perusing over accountings and turbulas reports.

" - Please sit, and have a drink of hot wine while I'm sending a page(*) asking for Mistress Fiona's soothing herbs and poultices, then you'll explain your woes to me."

As the decidedly unlucky shepherd finishes his plea, Fieltarn - nodding compassionately - is already retrieving his winter coat...
"- Two questions, if you please : How many wolves, would you say? and you're saying that the wolves have been blocking the road to Autun for... how long?"

(*) : carrying a note apologizing for the disturbance, and quickly resuming the situation in a hasty script, and asking if she would be so kind as to rapidly prepare some bandgages for healing "wolves bites".

"We haven't been to church in Autun for two weeks. They don't harry travellers on the road, just us when we leave the house." By the way, you need to do a full moon check for Fieltarn. Timing, as they say, is everything. He goes wolfy at 95% and higher at moonrise...

" I see." Replies Fieltarn, his face showing even more deep concern...
... as he cast a quick glance at a red and white rubans sticked on a nearby astrolabe.
And of course, tonight's the night. Perfect timing... hmf, too perfect?

"- Mons Electi will investigate. Well, I will, with a couple of hardened men. Fieltarn watches the man's reactions for an instant, before pursuing.
Either lady luck simply thought to repay him in spades for Lenny's death, or the wolves let him flee. I don't see life threatening wounds...

=> +1Per +3 Folk Ken* (+1Peasants) + roll of 1 -1Nocturnal = 5 :confused:
ooc : also, we didn't precise the time of the day, I'm assuming it's still in the morning (??), hence Fieltarn's get a -1 to his rolls, until noon (Nocturnal flaw). And between 16:00 and 17:00 Fieltarn will get a bit jumpy... considering that he'll start changing around the 18th hours. (yep, above the 95%)

"The priority is the safety of your family, of course. I gather that they're... barricaded inside your farm, so we'll head there directly. I know the way. You showed great bravery, coming here... and you bear the marks to prove it - how many wolves attacked you? How many should we expect, would you say?"

"Two attacked me. And then a boar, for some reason came out of the forest and it distracted them, or at least presented them with a better meal. It was then I was able to make my way here. Yes, my family is within the farmhouse."

It's probably close to noon. I'm not sure what you want from the Folk Ken roll, what you're looking for exactly. You don't get a sense that he's lying. Also, the change doesn't happen until moonrise[1]. For dramatic effect we can say that it happens after dark and not in the middle of the afternoon.

[1] When the percentage at moonrise is 95% or higher.

Fieltarn raises his eyebrows... A bear, now. Interesting.

"- Alright, I'll go and fetch our gro... soldiers, myself. Please, rest here in Mons Electi. Oh, and one last question : did anything out of the ordinary occurred before the wolves started showing up?"

Fieltarn will then ask the turbula for two or three grogs. Preferably not the jumpy types, and he'll welcome any companion who'll be interested to help the farmers' familly...
"...or the wolves, maybe. After all, We don't know yet which party is the more in distress, actually." . We'll take horses, although Fieltarn will conjure up one for himself, from Ogmios' Saddle.

While the men prepare themselves, he'll retrieve his usual travel pack... and, of course, the iron chains and shackles.
He'll also bring some vis : his personal reserves of Mentem, Animal, Imagonem. Also 5 pawns of Rego, and 5 of Muto, again from his personal stock.

I agree, that what I thought... as 18:00+ is around nightfall in France, in late december, not really the middle of the afternoon.

No, a boar. Not a bear!

Sorry, I did read ( and thought!) a boar, yes, but I was betrayed by my fingers somehow. Must be the moon.

Right now, as Fiona is furthering her knowledge of chirurgy with the doctor, Fieltarn sends the wounded sheperd to the doctor's office...

...or to Catrin's house if they're not available - Catrin's has some ability in binding wounds, I believe. Ah, and her husband my come in handy for my purposes.

Here are the three grogs that Fieltarn intents to bring in, and some of Fieltarn's thinking about his choice :

Daffyd. A fine bowman, and a shepherd - should be motivated enough, considering the circumstance. And he seems level-headed too.
Brione. Tough. Big, and a decent enough rider - still, I'll use the saddle to conjure up a mount for him, one that shall not be bothered by his... warping. And his peculiar senses might help.
Helmut. A bit young, but it's time to pull him out a bit from Alexei's over-protective shadow - fingers crossed - And if push comes to shove, I'll let him stay close to the women. Well, not too close.

...and, they are all at least familiar with the wilderness, if we were ever to go there...

((if other players want to jump in, especially with another grogs/companion in mind, now's the time I guess.))

That being said, when everyone has saddled his mount, we hit the road, at a not too brisk of a trot, considering the season...

Fiona receives the page and reads the note, then turns to the doctor who is training her in Chirurgy. [color=blue]"I fear that I am about to get some practical experience in the bandaging of wounds." She gets her herbalist pouch and whatever items The Doctor directs her to, and she will accompany him to the Princeps's office.

Aaaaaand they meet somewhere in the middle. (sorry, missed Fiona's cue earlier in the week in all the confusion irl)

No problem. 8) I've had less time and concentration myself than I'd like these days.

I'm not clear if the characters coming along are coming because it makes sense, or if someone intends to play them... If they are there because it makes sense for a magus to have a contingent going with him, it's fine, they just won't get adventure XP.

I'm also not clear if Willhelm is coming along, too.

Daffyd, Brione, Helmut can be played by other players if they so wish it (and say it, obviously), but in any case I'm bringing them with me as reinforcements. I didn't even think about them having adventure xp, or not.

If he's to be played, and come along, that would be for Peregrine_Bjornaer to answer I'd say.

edit : typos.

I've actually been thinking about Daffyd (as well as Catrin, Wen, and Deykin). I'd like to run Daffyd for this adventure). Quick question: has the clan been aged/advanced for 1220? And if not, anyone mind if I take over their bookkeeping, since their Creator has moved on?

With the weather the way it's been, I imagine Wilhelm's been struggling and has returned to his hovel in the covenant (as opposed to his shack in the woods), and if Jonathan doesn't mind my playing a companion and a grog, I can easily have him meet up with the group as he's out trying to hunt.

The motley crew is assembled, and everyone journeys to Vincent's cottage, as they approach, things seem very strange.

Everyone playing a character should roll for awareness.

(OOC Note: I completely misposted my last post, deleted it and started again. I forgot that I'd changed stories for the magi. This is the revised and now corrected post.)

Grogs are open to any player, IMO, unless a player exercises ownership. If the creator has taken off, then they're certainly open to use. Go ahead and advance and use. Troupe play.

Daffyd: Per 2 + Awareness 5 + die roll of 2 = 9.

Wilhelm: Per 2 + Awareness 3 + die roll of 6 = 11 (12 if it's in the forest).

Since it's winter, the first thing Fieltarn checks when Vincent's cottage is visible, is if there's smoke coming out of the chimney. Otherwise, of course word is for everyone to keep an eye for wolves (and wolves' tracks...

=> Fieltarn's roll : +1Per +3Awareness + Roll of 7 = 11

((glad to have another player onboard. :slight_smile: ))

Willhelm: The 12 is enough to hear the sounds of wolves yelping, communicating as if the pack is being formed for a hunt, but it sounds as if it is in the distance.

Fieltarn: He can see wolf shapes, but they seem ethereal, not fully formed close to the cottage.

[color=green]"Wolves," Wilhelm says in French. [color=green]"Far away...that way." He waves in the general direction of where his best guess is as to which direction the yelps are coming from.