1221 Advancement

Please advance your characters through Spring 1222. Don't forget to include seasonal advancement logs in your character sheets, so we can track covenant service. (If you don't remember what you did, you didn't do it!)

Don't forget that by the end of two years, all provisional members need to have completed three seasons of dedicated service to the covenant; full members owe five seasons every seven years (measured between scheduled Tribunal years, or 5/28 for any fraction of a seven year period).

Let me see if I have the numbers crunched. Sinmore is finishing the Bunnies and Burrows, which is Spring 1221, so whatever xp from that, then 3 seasons. How much service of those 3 remaining seasons would she owe the covenant?

If she still owes service, she'll suggest that she tries to make some kind of healing charged item, one that gives a recovery bonus perhaps.

Has Sinmore performed any covenant service yet? If so it's not on her character sheet, so it would be all three :confused:

The vis gathering from the dragons should count for 1 season right?

No, covenant service is seasonal activities. That's why its requirements are defined by "seasons" of service.

If Cygna can do the copying spells for her covenant service, that would take Spring, Summer, and Fall 1221, and Winter 1222, but she would only get 2xp Exposure per season (likely in Scribe and possibly Welsh if that's what they talk in the kitchens or wherever she does her humility/poverty stuff), right?

By my maths, Sophronia will owe 1 season of service prior to Tribunal. 5/28=x/4 is ~.71, so 1 season.

Yes, but she has the entire two years of her provisional membership to complete the three seasons' service, and they need not be contiguous. She can do a season or two and have the rest of her seasons for advancement, as she has until Spring 1223 to finish her covenant service.

Local language exposure is in addition to event exposure. This is because I hate it when no one can talk to their covenfolk :slight_smile: She can get language exposure in Welsh or Judeo-German, depending on what kitchens she wants to work in. Rabbi Chayyim performs work as the shochet and being around someone with True Faith may make her feel a little better, so she might opt for the covenfolk kitchens and pick up proto-Yiddish.

If she's feeling particularly pious, there's plenty of Theology texts in the library.

Okay, so if she goes with the Rabbi, she will do the scribing in Spring and Fall. Looks like the only Theology text she can read is Disputation of a Jew with a Christian about the Christian Faith, a Q15 Tractatus (the others are in Hebrew, near as I can tell), which she would try to study in the Summer. Those three seasons she would be picking up Yiddish (source quality 8?) from working in the kitchen, since presumably that one needs her more than the other. I'm assuming that Rabbi Chayyim doesn't have a problem with a gentile handling the food or doing whatever she needs to be doing in there? And winter, throw herself into serving the covenant as a whole (i.e. the covenfolk), doing what she can to help during the harsh winter months. Would that be Practice Area Lore (Gallus Florensis), p. 164?

OK so the vis gathering doesn't count as seasons of service, but that season any xp she acquires will be all she gets for that season. So that leaves summer, autumn, winter all in service to the covenant right? Just making sure, I'll start coming up with lab activities.

There's certain things she isn't allowed to do (lightning the fires and some orher random stuff I can't think of off the top of my head) but she is allowed to handle all the pareve foods.

Cygna can put in work in the kitchens aiding with meals without it precluding study. Call it "distractions" and account accordingly. Chayyim is of the firm opinion that learning IS serving G-d (it's a very Jewish mentality). She doesn't feel that study would be a violation of any of her vows, though there are certainly some things the Divine likes more than others :slight_smile:

If she practices language it would be source 8. But if she wishes to learn Hebrew, she can be taught. Chayyim holds Hebrew school every weekend, which lets you put 5 in Hebrew every season, and counts as a distraction from other seasonal activities (one day a week).

...Where are you coming up with that?

It takes about a week total, and I've stated repeatedly that adventure experience is in addition to any other activities and can only be spent on abilities/arts explicitly used during the adventure.

Will she be able to do the Hebrew school, with the "distraction from study" and still not lose any levels for scribing/xp from the tractatus?

If so, she will do the following (probably):

  • Spring, 1221: scribe Wizard's Communion (ReVi 20), Friendly Voices (InMe 30), and Peering Into the Mortal Mind (InMe 30); Hebrew school (learn Hebrew, 5 xp)
  • Summer, 1221: Study Disputation of a Jew with a Christian about the Christian Faith (15 xp Theology); Hebrew school (learn Hebrew, 5 xp)
  • Fall, 1221: scribe Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn 15), Whispers Through the Black Gate (InCo 15), Sight of the Transparent Motive (InMe 10), Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie (InMe 20), and Posing the Silent Question (InMe 20); Hebrew school (learn Hebrew, 5 xp).
  • Winter, 1222: Derping around the covenant; practicing Area Lore and/or Hebrew school.

Also: Near as I can tell, only Iapetus is using Claudia in the laboratory, but she still needs to be vetted two more times be "acceptable" as a Covenant resource, and (iirc) she can't get access to the Hermetic library to scribe or copy or what have you (or even to finish Principia Magica), being limited to the mundane library until she's gotten approval from the magi. Does anybody else want her assistance in the lab for whatever?

Woops, so you have. OK, I'll have the advancements up shortly which is one season on my own, +5 adventure xp, 3 seasons of service.

Unless I get info otherwise, I'll have her make some healing stuff, chargeable items, maybe a spell. I'll admit this will be a touch self-serving as it will be designed to affect someone her size, but she'll of course say it also helps Guillaume the Greater as well as any other giant size individuals that we may encounter.

So if you want Sinmore to make something else let me know, I offered ideas before too and we didn't decide (not assigning blame, we just didn't come to an accord).

The IC responses will differ from the OOC responses :slight_smile:

The problem with a giant-size healing spell is that Guglielmo is not a member of the covenant, so aside from Sinmore's personal desires it does not address any covenant need. There's already a lab text of Incantation of the Body Made Whole in the library.

A charged item to sharpen blades would be useful, an item to instantly heat a forge would be useful (we'll probably get a mundane blacksmith with callen MIA), ordnance for the few grogs we still have would also be useful.

If she could recruit some giants to staff the turb, that would be of enormous value to the covenant** and would open up the giant-size healing spell as covenant service as well. That'd require an adventure, which I would be happy to shunt off to someone else (does JL have material left from Fiona's stuff that could be re-used?) so I can focus on the tribunal proceedings (which will take up quite a bit of time).

** the forums ate my post yesterday, but Thomas' attack on Llewelyn failed and only three archers make it back alive.

Fiona's stuff? You mean Land of Giants thread? I'm not sure I'm following you. I have a lot of giant stuff to touch on, some if it I've planned to use... Is there's something specific you're wanting? As in I have an adventure regarding giants ready to go, but not planning to use?

I hadn't read that thread entirely-- I wondered if you had any NPCs built that could be recycled, or ideas that could otherwise be cannibalised.

I have some giant stuff from Duos Flumen but the character that was built for was the grandson of Cuchilainn and Fand, I don't think any of that would translate to an adventure for a Norse giant.

OK, I made a long post before I saw Aryas latest, so I will ammend it here:

Spring Season 5 Adventure XP

Spring work:

Fafnir's Blood CrIg 25
In case the covenant needs some additional offense for their armed men. A brilliant red oil that is stored in sealed clay jugs wrapped in cloth as they tend to get hot. The lead stopper is removed and then quickly pour the contents onto a sword or other metal weapon. Acts as spell 'Blade of the Virulent Flame'.
Base 5 R: Touch D: Diameter T: Individual Penetration 10 (Pen total 20)

CrIg Lab Total: 47 (includes knowing similar spell) total charges = 5 (22/5 rounded up)

Summer Work:

I designed an item to heat the forge constantly, but couldn't do it in a single season. So here's a charged item for it.

'Surtur's Teeth' CrIg 30
These carved charcoal briquettes will bring a constant intense heat without the need for stoking it once activated. Heat from sun to sun contained within the forge.
Base 15 R: Touch +1 D: Sun +2 T: Individual

Lab total 44. 3 charges.

Autumn Season: Using lab text to create more Surtur's teeth. 9 more charges. Total 12 charges.

Winter Season: Studying.

Creo: Ex Nihilo, Myanar filia Merinita, copied and illuminated by Leona Bjornaeris. Summa L22 Q15

Advancements: +6xp for Magic Theory (exposure), +5 Adventure XP, +15 XP for Creo

Before I advance Sinmore, (I already added the adventure XP to her sheet) I'll wait for approval.

Can someone dig up chico's post about Sinmore's limited library access for destroying Maribus' journal? I don't know if she has library access yet or not.

Do you want to use Claudia? If your Lab Total alone is 44, she adds Int 4 + Magic Theory (enchanted items) 10 = 14 +44 = 58. If you Experiment, that would get you over the hump. And I'm not sure if that 44 is including S&M bonuses.