1221 Advancement

I was concerned about that myself, I thought I remember it mentioned, but I couldn't find it.

Don't bother, I'll have her study 2 pawns of Creo Vis if that's allowed.

1d10+10 → [6,10] = (16)

Either 16 or 11 XP to Creo. I'm not sure if the Creo bonus of the aura applies to studies or not.

The briquettes don't really seem particularly useful - two seasons of a magus' work to create 12 days worth of heating for the forge seems a bit, well, light.

Are you able to create the re-usable item for forge heating in those two seasons instead?

You might even be able to create two-such items... I'm not sure of your design, but I'd bet that a second one could be used in the kitchens.

I'm sure that would quite reduce the covenant's fuel use.

Edit: Oh, right, Claudia! And now possibly Cygna! Would the creation of such a device in a single season become possible with assistance from one of them?

With a Bellows (which was what the design was using) that's +5 (but only +4 because of Sinmore's Magic Theory). The lab total of the charged item as a lesser enchanted item would be higher as we'd have to include times per day or even making it last indefinitely.

So let's see:

Sindri's Breath CrIg 33
An enchanted bellows that creates a constant heat in a forge, ideal for any smithy.
Base 15 R: Touch +1 D: Sun +2 T: Individual 2 uses per day +1, Environmental Trigger (Sun) +3

Sinmore's CrIg Lab Total: 48+14 = 62, sure, let's go for it, we'll experiment. I'll leave that roll and results to Arya.

Where is she getting the vis from?

I have some giants, however, I'd be more comfortable after certain events transpire before I release them to the wild[1], as it were. I also have that family of giants that Alexei dealt with, although they are less well defined numerically, but have a bit more story behind them.

[1] I think it's not a spoiler to say that if Fiona and Laetitia go to the magic ream, that they'd likely encounter giants.

Uh...the stores? Guess she's not allowed that either?

I thought that if a project was approved by the council then it would be paid for by the covenant stores? Again, approval pending, yes?

It's here. In Winter 1221, she was banned from the library for nine seasons, less one season for every season of covenant service above and beyond the 5 in 7 required for membership. So, it looks like she wouldn't have access until Spring 1223.

Only things that come out of the stores are things for official covenant use, and vis salaries; salaries are only paid out after the stores hit their minimum threshold of 200 pawns. (Which, metagame, was where I estimated the stocks would be after two years' time, so that PCs who had GF parentes would not have a huge advantage over those who did not.)

For covenant services, yes, but not for personal discretionary use.

Alright. So, upon approval of proposed covenant service one would be given the requested vis. Gotchas.

I guess with Sinmore's one season she'll practice. She'll fling Pilums of Fire at herself with practice xp going either to Parma, Penetration or Spell Mastery. Anyone want in?

Sanno volunteers to help Sinmore practice Parma. "I'll just throw magic at you, and you can practice resisting it, okay?"

There's a little glint of malice (or is it just standard otter mischief?) in his eyes as he says it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Um...you're going to throw javelins made out of fire in the air and practice catching them? shuffle shuffle I'll watch from over here, thanks anyway :smiley:

That's the problem with talking otters...you just can't trust them.

She'll decline Sanno's offer but if he wants to watch she's fine with that.

Yeah, that sounds a little too dangerous for my frail and wimpy tastes. Particularly when you're practicing for penetration. -wanting- to have it burn you seems like a bad idea. shudder

So Sinmore will create the doses of Fafnir's Blood, Spring. Sindri's Bellows with help, in Summer (and she'll need to experiment), Autumn (she might end up using this to remake the magical bellows depending on how the experiment goes) assuming the experiment works she'll move on to the next project which will likely make people feel a bit better around Little (not that little) Miss Firebug.

Ymir's Breath PeIg 15
A simple wand, when pointed at a fire it will extinguish it with a puff of cold air. To activate it say "Ymir's Breath".
Base 4 R: Voice +2 D: Momentary T: Individual 24 uses per day +5 2 pawns of Vis

Lab total: 36

Now I have a choice here with the Wand. I could add +1 to the Target to make it a bigger fire but then I'd have to lower the uses per day to 6. What do you think?

And then in Winter she'll engage in that practice session.

There is no Ignem expertimentation in the guest lab. That was part of the agreement for letting Sinmore set up in the guest lab, which is just below the library.

She really, really needs to establih her own sanctum. The Mercer House has been charging hers and Hiems' rent to the covenant's debt.

Also, if the Bellows item is as disposable as Kui's post indicates, it won't get approved for covenant service.

I think Kui was referring to the Briquettes which were insufficient. Here's the Bellows, which I would think would save quite a bit of both time and fuel.

So would this work?

So...she can't make the bellows in the guest lab because she'd be experimenting? Any way we can make a lab swap for a single season? I'm reaching out here, I brought up this topic awhile ago to get the work out of Sinmore that's owed and the elder magi in charge didn't give her any work to do. Or maybe she can make the Wand first, maybe that would make people feel safer?