1221 Advancement

Experimenting with Ignem just below the library is like bringing an open flame into the library-- it is simply Not Done. She can lie about it, but if she's caught, that's sufficient to get thrown out of the covenant. Dunking Maribus' journal in a lake was enough that no one trusts her as far as they can throw her; if she destroys the rest of the library, she will be killed in her sleep.

If Sinmore wants to use someone else's lab for a season, she will have to work something out with that character. I am not sure about the lab rules from covenants, but there may be a penalty for using someone else's lab if it isn't totally generic, but some of the specialized labs may have enough bonuses to offset it. I'll have to look that up when I get home.

I'm still new to all of this, but I remember reading some odd stuff. Couldn't you design/implement an item to heat the forge as a charged item, then spend time refining/redisigning it with a bonus for having done a similar item/spell before? Or am i just misremembering stuff?

This is just the sort of stupidity that Iapetus would never think of but probably be willing to get himself into. However, he's not uh, immune to fire. Still, if you wanted to work out some sort of non-harmful magical competition practices, Iapetus would be GLAD to pit himself againt the big sexy giant woman.

EDIT: Make that 'only mildly harmful'. A bit of danger isn't a turn off, but guaranteeing he'll be in the hospital is a bit disconcerting for his studies.

I applied my dragon-hunting adventure xp. I'll figure out the other 4 seasons as soon as I can. I know I was planning on doing my covenant service soon enough... I need to scrounge up where I had the information on that. I had an item I wanted to make with Claudia's help, and was trying to figure out what other things I was going to do.. I was thinking some scribing might do for one season but Iapetus would hate to get stuck doing it for a significant amount of time. Otherwise, he was planning on monopolizing Aislynn's Auram book because it is sexy.

Okay, so Iapetus is using Claudia to work on his rain-making drum in Spring 1221, and Sinmore is using her to make something flamey-related in the Summer, but as near as I can, that's all the magi that wanted to borrow her. If she's not being used in the lab, what does she have access to study- or scribe-wise for the other three seasons that we're advancing?

And I take it nobody wants to take Cygna up on her offer to assist in the lab, then? If not, I'll go ahead and have her finish scribing her spells in the Spring of 1222.

Sinmore can't make the item without experimenting so count Claudia's summer free (unless qc rearranges to spend spring building a lab and then spends subsequent seasons on service).

If Claudia expresses antsiness about getting vetted, Josef will explain that with Aequi incapacitated and Shmuel gone (he tears up a little), there is no one to tend the library.

He will negotiate a deal where Claudia can go to another covenant and copy one of their texts for our library, in exchange for providing them with the right to copy one of ours. If she is willing to go to Unngulus and copy a summa on Magic Lore (L5 Q15) he will speak with the Princeps about getting her an appointment as librarian.

She would do so, as she wants to be as useful as she can. And be done by the middle of July.

...Seriously?!? Done in two months?!?

Lily will appoint her the librarian, reach her the "secret" to opening the door, and give her the rules, which essentially boil down to the books are more valuable than the lives of anyone who wants to read them, and gives her carte blanche to break the fingers and/or kneecaps of anyone who walks into the library with dirty hands, or who would bring any open flames inside, or tries to remove any books from the library (all reading is done IN the library; there's four tables in each corner of the tower that ahave special full length windows to provide ample natural light, and have artificial lights that can be switched on at night).

Let me double-check. "Every season that a character spends copying a summa carefully, she accumulates points equal to 6+her Profession: Scribe score." Claudia's Scribe is 4 (5 if it's Lab Texts), so she accumulates 10 points a season.

"When she as accumulated points equal to the level of the summa, it has been copied." 10 is twice five, so she finishes carefully copying the summa in half a season. Checked the errata this time, too, so the formula hasn't been changed.

Told you she was good :laughing:

They don't differentiate between Ability summae and Arts summae? (That seems odd.)

Wow that's kind of broken. She can copy something that transfers 75 experience points in a season, or she can copy a single tractatus that transfers X experience points, so long as X is less than what, 14 to 15?

By the way, PB is absolutely correct. I'm just saying that it doesn't make sense...

Yeah, as soon as you seemed surprised, I double-checked the copying books rules (p. 166) again. But copying is only summa v. tractatus (6+ scribe levels for a summa, or 1 tractatus per season regardless). And I don't see anything in the section on libraries in Covenants to supersede it, either.

If it's a straight up L5Q15 book trade, she could have both books copied in the same season, except for travel time, if any is necessary.

Google Maps says it's 132 miles from Gallus Florensis to Ungulus, so that would be something like four days each way?

Hand wave travel time to happen before the summer starts, and a 4 day distraction from acitivty during the season for no net effect? Ungulus gets the copy 4 days after the Fall season starts?

Sure. If they don't have to provide their own scribe they'll provide a good milk cow. Flavius will tip her a pawn of Vim, as well.

I had actually used spring to raise my auram to help make the drum, so if I could get her Summer or Autumn would be FABulous. If the covenant has interest in some scribed spells, almost none of Iapetus's known spells are actually in the library. Iapetus does hate sitting down and scribing, but he has the knowledge to do so, should requests be made. None of his spells are major ones, however.

If we hadn't had the explosion in Dinas Emrys, I could have offered to study/design/scribe spells necessary to enter the site, but that's out it looks like. Heh.

It would take a season to teach another person one's personal shorthand (so they can translate soneone else's lab texts).

Liliana is willing to teach Claudia hers, as well.