1221 Advancement

Here's what I've got for my characters' experience over the past year. I wrote these up really quickly so there are probably some mistakes. If anyone has any objections or suggestions please let me know! :smiley:

Summer 1221: Explored Flintshire (2 XP in Flintshire Lore).
Autumn 1221: Chopped firewood (2 XP in Profession: Woodcutter).
Winter 1222: Hung around Gallus Florensis (8 XP in Anglo-Norman).
Spring 1222: Felled trees (2 XP in Profession: Woodcutter).

Summer 1221: Practiced archery (4 XP in Bows).
Autumn 1221: Chopped firewood (2 XP in Profession: Woodcutter).
Winter 1222: Hung around Gallus Florensis (8 XP in Anglo-Norman).
Spring 1222: Felled trees (2 XP in Profession: Woodcutter).

Summer 1221: Assisted in shearing the sheep (2 XP in Animal Handling).
Autumn 1221: Pestered Llanre (5 XP in Animal Ken).
Winter 1222: Studied under Chayyim/Naomi? (? XP in Hebrew)*.
Spring 1222: Played in the forest (2 XP in Gallus Florensis Lore).

  • How many students would there be in the class? If no Teacher is available, he plays instead (2 XP in Athletics).

Summer 1221: Languised in Welsh prison (8 XP in Welsh).
Autumn 1221: Drilled (2 XP in Single Weapon).
Winter 1222: Drank heavily (2 XP in Carouse).
Spring 1222: Trained Turb (2 XP in Teaching).

Summer 1221: Gathered herbs (2 XP in Profession: Apothecary and 18 Labor Points).
Autumn 1221: Delivered babies conceived on cold winters' nights (2 XP in Chirurgy and 21 Labor Points)
Winter 1222: Looked for Animal Vis (2 XP in Magic Lore or (Area) Lore). Success?
Spring 1222: Gathered herbs (2 XP in Profession: Apothecary and 18 Labor Points)*.

  • Labor Points for 1221: (18+18+21 = 57). 57 - 36 = 21 excess Labor Points for the year.

Summer 1221: Lurked about Gallus Florensis (4 XP in Stealth).
Autumn 1221: Hunted rats (4 XP in Hunt).
Winter 1222: Napped by the fire (2 XP in Folk Ken).
Spring 1222: Sought a mate (4 XP in Charm).

Summer 1221: Taught Latin (2 XP in Teaching).
Autumn 1221: Taught Latin (2 XP in Latin).
Winter 1222: Read "Esse Est Percipi" (18 XP in Intellego)
Spring 1222: Taught Artes Liberales (2 XP in Artes Liberales).

How does Fall sound? That way she can still do the Ungulus thing for Summer, give Liliana a couple of months to pick her jaw up off the ground and then teach Claudia to teach her shorthand during the Winter.

Spring 1221, if nobody's going to be using her, and since it sounds like the covenant is having some kind of legal trouble, she will study the Summa on Common Law, since she has no access to the Hermetic Library and I'm not sure she benefits from Principia Magica (although MetaCreator had no problem with it when I checked). Spring 1222, the same.

Sound good?

Also...are we advancing our own grogs/covenfolk or is Arya? And if we are, how many xp do we spend? 15?

((Edit - Arya, do you still have the vis and stuff that Cygna brought that she'll be giving to the covenant, or do you need me to resend it?))

You advance your own grogs. The covenfolk get one season's worth of advancement for the whole year (it's spread out) plus exposure (2xp/season), but any turb members will currently get four seasons of advancement (got so few turb, gotta make 'em good). Marcus can train or teach (and will probably teach):

Single Weapon 9
Bows 8
Brawl 6

Teaching 5 (specialty is Single Weapon), 3 Communication, Good Teacher.
Count on three or more students per season.

He teaches Single Weapon every spring and autumn; he gets the winter to himself every year, and in the summer he usually teaches either bows or brawl (it alternates, and can be whichever one, depending on what y'all want).

Remember that ALL characters get 2xp/season for local language exposure, IN ADDITION TO any and all other experience. Immersion works! For Gallus Florensis, the local language exposure will be Middle English, unless your character is going to Hebrew school (requires some schnoodling if you're a Gentile), or hanging around Father Sasha and the Tremere grogs (also requires some schnoodling if you're not a Tremere, but would let you pick up Greek).

So, for example, Daniella and Celestria get one season of Practice in whatever (4 xp) spread out over the year, and then they get 2xp Exposure in Area Lore or their Professional abilities, or Folk Ken or Charm or whatever per season. So, basically, 12 xp a year?

And Charles would get 4xp in Practice, plus 2 Exposure xp per season, and can be Taught Single Weapon in the Spring and Fall, and Brawl in the Summer?

Yep, but don't forget about local language exposures on top of the rest of it.

Also, Leona can initiate any of the Bjornaer mysteries, with House Lore 8 (specialty in initiation) and a Presence (when in heartbeast) of 5. Cygna already has accumulated extra Flaw points that can count as ordeals.

All my characters already have...wait....Claudia. But she does seasonal advancement anyway, and Exposure (I'm assuming) when she's not otherwise occupied? 2xp English, 2xp in Whatever? (Profession: LIbrarian? Single Weapon/specialty: ruler?)

Anyway, they all but Claudia already have native: English anyway.


It does sound like nobody has any desire for Iapetus scribing useful spells, so I'll figure something else out. Anyway:

Summer 1221: Bonding with the lightning lizard as a familiar, if possible. If not, studying Auram.
Autumn 1221: Making the rain-drum with Claudia's assistance! (Practice xp MT)
Winter 1222: Studying Rego summa, should have basics. (Q12, restricted to 10 by house rules?)
Spring 1222: Reading Aumam summa, this one is amazing. (Q16 Auram, 1 pen 1 fin)

This looking okay?

He needs to finish three seasons of covenant service by Summer 1222, of which he hasn't performed any yet, so three of these need to be service. The rain drum counts as one.


  • Practice 1221: Profession: Housemaid - 4xp
  • Spring 1221: Area Lore (Gallus Florensis) – 2 xp
  • Summer 1221: Area Lore (Gallus Florensis) – 2 xp
  • Fall 1221: Area Lore (Gallus Florensis) – 2 xp
  • Winter 1222: Charm - 2xp
  • Spring 1222: Charm - 2xp


  • Practice 1221: Area Lore (Gallus Florensis) – 4 xp
  • Spring 1221: Learning Single Weapon – 17 xp
  • Summer 1221: Brawl (pref.) or Bows – 16xp
  • Fall 1221: Learning Single Weapon – 17 xp
  • Winter 1222: Music – 2 xp
  • Spring 1222: Awareness – 2 xp


  • Practice 1221: Profession (Librarian) – 4 xp
  • Spring 1221: Study Summa on Common Law – 10 xp
  • Summer 1221: Copying MT text at Ungulus – 3 xp in Scribe (2 xp Exposure, +1 for Affinity)
  • Fall 1221: Assisting Iapetus in the lab – 2 xp Magic Theory
  • Winter 1222: Learning Liliana's shorthand - 3 xp in Scribe (2 xp Exposure, +1 for Affinity)
  • Spring 1222: Study Summa on Common Law – 10 xp


  • Practice 1221: Area Lore (Gallus Florensis) – 4 xp
  • Spring 1221: Profession (Maid) – 2 xp
  • Summer 1221: Folk Ken – 2 xp
  • Fall 1221: Profession (Maid) – 2 xp
  • Winter 1222: Profession (Maid) – 2 xp
  • Spring 1222: Folk Ken – 2 xp

Before summer? Bah. I messed up my timings, heh. Well, I'll be trying to figure out things he can do as covenant service.

Iapetus has through summer 1222 for his service, so he only needs to complete two of them by Spring.

While learning Lily's shorthand, Claudia can get exposure in Scribe or MT (since they're lab texts).

Iapetus will mention his time limit in one of the meetings the covenant has. And say that since nothing more productive has come up, he may be forced to sit in a boring laboratory culling a few paltry Vim Vis from the aether for the covenant. As a note, his lab total for Cero Vim is 24 due to the local aura. Iapetus is quite clearly annoyed, although whether at the threat of being stuck in a lab at the most mundane of tasks, or his rather inept ability to do so, it is unsure.

Since vis distillation can deplete an aura, you should probably not choose vis distillation when you get such a paltry amount.

There's something in the charter somewhere about not allowing more vis distillation in a single year than -- whatever is the point at which you have to worry about it decaying.

Even better reason for Iapetus to make his declaration?

So, the three seasons that she has Scribing, she can do as being Taught Beekeeping instead, and have it count as Covenant Service?

Assuming there are no other Aura Variation modifiers, you can extract vis from the aura up to eight times a year, regardless of how much vis you extract (RoP: M, p. 10).

As a note, it is a magus' own responsibility to come up with proposals for covenant service :stuck_out_tongue:

Acquiring some grogs to defend the covenant would be of great helpfulness.

Can I volunteer Celestria for that detail?

Uhhh... I don't think she's qualified to make assessments on martial ability >.<

No, but she can tell if they have a sound body. :smiley: