D'oh! And I just called for a motion in the Council Meeting thread, too!

Ah, well, might as well make it official, then.

Never call a Scotswoman Irish... :smiley:

At least she didn't say Stonehenge...it would've been on like neckbone! :laughing:

Bah all them Islanders are crazy :laughing:

Hey, they all speak Gaelic in the 13th century.

...And they all look the same.

And it looks like we might have a situation with the vote. We currently have three votes in favour.

Currently pending responses from chicoazian, Mad Max, and Hitsumei, none of which have been on in over a week.

Looking back through the thread, it appears that Fieltarn would likely vote aye, Jormungand appears to be leaning toward "nay," and Onesiphorus appears to lean toward "nay" as well.

I'm leaning toward waiting until we hear for sure from our sodales, but it also appears that we may not have the unanimous vote required to invite Atsingani to be probationary members. I'm loathe to assume that none of the three will change their votes, though.


What's Fiona's vote going to be?

Because how she votes will affect how I answer the question.

Fiona was actually going to try to avoid voting. If the vote had come to her without a single nay, then she would vote aye and yield to the overwhelming voice of the Council. If there were any nays, then she would simply say that since there is not a unanimous vote to invite any or all of Atsingani, the vote fails and they remain as vassals of Mons Electi.

The, if anyone wants to raise the issue of asking any of the magi singly as opposed to as a group, as this motion was presented, then we can do that. Likewise, if anyone wants to go back to "do we want to keep them as vassals."

My preference would be for players to vote their character's conscience. So if Fiona isn't feeling it vote no.

That being said, in my opinion, Jormangund really shouldn't be against anyone joining the council, he just joined himself and to have the benefactor of Mons Electi, Apollodorus, indicate his desire and then to so rudely ignore it, well, that's an interesting path to take.

As far as Mad Max, my opinion there is that he has not been present enough for his character to vote no. If a player wants to play an agent provocateur, or a contrarian, then he needs to be present more. This extends to chicoazian, to some extent, too.

As it stands now, I'm leaning toward saying everyone else who hasn't posted in a week is voting yes, and I'll brook no truck.

Okay, so is that the clock starts now and they have a week to vote or it's a whatever the opposite of a pocket veto is, or is it since they haven't posted in a week, they have voted yes? (just like clarification so I know how long to wait)

Since they haven't posted in a week, or more, they've voted yes.

Apologies to all, I meant to only be gone a weekend, NOT a week. ATM Installs and work dispatching seriously took over last week and killed me. Jormungand would have voted with Jacques's preference, so he would have voted yes. I'll go back and hit up my season's thread this evening.

I hope you didn't take what I said personally. I understand things come up, believe me.

definitely not! :slight_smile: My post was of apology, not snideness. I really didn't mean to be gone for a week. Dominic's snarky response has been screaming for an outlet! :smiley:

Speaking of outlets :laughing: Jormungand and Fiona are on hold over in the Ties that Bind thread.

So, how did the Scavenger Hunt go, or are we waiting for other people to roll?

I am letting Arya decide if she wants to compete as a foreign cenobite.
Blame her. :smiley:

Speaking of my fault-- been really busy at work and probably won't have time to post until... counts the 25th.

Gives me time to think of what to do with the letter Korvin got. Since we have all of these same timeline threads going I do not know when the letter arrived. If I assume it was during Korvin's tenure as Precipt then it will be a surprise for the rest of the Magi as I imagine Korvin getting it when get gets to Cunfin.

It actually arrives in the winter. I edited it accordingly.
Also, I will be posting erratically if at all from 12/23 until 12/28.

Players should come to some sort of consensus of what they want to claim in the first round of pawn redemption. I don't have any tropaea designed, per se, but nothing is off limits. A lump sum of vis or a tropaea and a book or an item.