1221.t Scavenger Hunt and Closing Ceremonies

So, everyone needs to come to some consensus on who's going to do the roll(s) for the scavenger hunt.

There is an Awareness + Per roll to be made, this is actually added on to the sum of three people's Awareness + Per totals, so this should be taken into account as to who is participating. Of course, it can be less than three people, but no less than three people.

I also need a similar roll on Intellego only. This represents the parties ability to combine their Intellego magics in such a way to boost the finding of items hidden.

So, choose the team and give me the members and the rolls.

I think the team is Fiona, Fieltarn, and Jormungand.

So, it's going to be one die roll, added to three Awareness scores and three Perception scores? Followed by one die roll added to the total of the three Intellego scores?

I would normally suggest that I roll one of them, but InvisibleCastle seems a bit miffed at me the last few days - been using it for about a year, i think, and I'd never botched until that unfortunate incident with Ulrich this week (which is surprising, because when I was playing Ars in a tabletop group, it became a running joke that I would inevitably botch at least once a session).

Also, closing ceremonies will be the day after the tourney ends, following the distribution of prizes. It is on this last day that Reynault finds Fiona, and she departs. She can participate in the prize selection.

Actually, as Perception, Awareness, and Intellego is Jormungand's weakest skills, he may dip out. I have -3 in Perception, no Awareness, and only a 5 in Intellego. I get the overall feeling that I would hurt our end total more than I can help - although I am willing to spend a Confidence Point on my "Perception/Awareness" sum to negate that and at least add 5 to Intellego...

Fwiw, Fiona's Intellego is also a 5. And depending on what some of the "items" we're looking for are, with Jormungand's...special gifts, they may come looking for us. :smiley:

Fieltarn's intellego is 8. Perception 1, Awareness 3
I have no objection to whoever would like making the roll.

Oh, and if it's help he has some supernatural senses as well (Wilderness sense, Second Sight...).
If a good part of the hunt is in the wilderness (or approaching), he might also summon some nearby squirrels as scouts/helps, if allowed. He would have prepared a good chunk of nuts and other "squirrels' sweets" the day before.

Second sight can be added to the Awareness/perception.

(deleted in the interest of preserving the space-time continuum)

The above post didn't happen. I didn't see it.

Someone should talk to legless in the Joust thread.

Okay, so we're looking at a Per + Awareness: Fieltarn Per 1 + Awareness 3; Fiona Per 0 + Awareness 3 (Searching); Jormungand Per -3 + Awareness 0; and Marcus Per 3 + Awareness 3. Total is 10 (11 if we get to include Fiona's Specialty) + Stress Die.

And Intellego: Fieltarn 8 + Fiona 5 + Jormungand 5 + Marcus 17 = 35 + Stress Die.

I think it would be a Bad Idea to have me roll again. So...

So as to spread the risk of a single bad roll, I'll restructure this a bit.

There are 2 objects related to the 10 forms. 10 are hidden conventionally, mundanely and 10 are hidden through some use of magic. Items are replaced after every time through. Add second sight skills to Intellego rolls, and yes, you can add the specialty.
For Jormungand's awareness + Perception, just ignore it, he's there for the magic portion, so your total is 14.

Make 10 awareness rolls
Make 10 Intellego rolls.

Fiona's Awareness is Per 0 + Awareness (Searching) 4 + stress die.

  • 14 + 6 = 20
  • 14 + 7 = 21
  • 14 + 4= 18
  • 14 + 5= 19
  • 14 + 8= 22
  • 14 + 9= 23
  • 14 + 4= 18
  • 14 + 5 = 19
  • 14 + 0 (botch die comes up a 2) = 14
  • 14 + 1, followed by another 1, followed by a roll of 9 = 14 + (9x2x2=36) = 50.

Fiona's Intellego is 5, so the die results are:

  • 35 + 7 = 42
  • 35 + 7 = 42
  • 35 + 4 = 39
  • 35 + 7 = 42
  • 35 + 5 = 40
  • 35 + 6 = 41
  • 35 + 1 (followed by a die roll of 7) = 35 + 14 = 49
  • 35 + 5 = 40
  • 35 + 0 (botch check comes up a 1) = 35
  • 35 + 2 = 37

I'll roll the other teams tonight. I put everyone together, excluded Jormungand from the Awareness check.

I also need to roll Magic Addiction for Marcus tonight, which may alter some of the rolls above.

It took me a couple of minutes for it to click that you had gone in and edited the numbers for the putting everyone together...I saw the "9+36=50", knew that that wasn't what I had posted a while ago, edited it to what it was, then saw that everything had been ramped up by 10, and went back and re-re-edited. um...whoops (on my part).

So...I'm thinking we found at least one of the mundane items (#10).

Mons Electi placed 4th in the Scavenger Hunt. Man that was a lot of die rolling. Montverte placed 3, Florum 2nd and Confluensis 1st (what would you expect from a bunch of Quaesitores?). Le Maison did not compete in the Scavenger Hunt, since it was of their design.

Tournament results

[tableborder][tr][td][/td] [td]Dimicatio[/td] [td]Hastillidium[/td] [td]Certamen Tournament[/td] [td]The Joust[/td] [td]The Melee[/td] [td]Scavenger Hunt[/td] [td]# of Magi[/td] [td]Total[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Mons Electi[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]21[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]9[/td] [td]36[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Le Maison[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]26[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]6[/td] [td]35[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Cunfin[/td] [td]6[/td] [td]21[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]6[/td] [td]35[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Confluensis[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]11[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]2[/td] [td]12[/td] [td]9[/td] [td]34[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Coenobium#1[/td] [td]24[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]32[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Montverte[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]9[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]10[/td] [td]27[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Florum[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]6[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]9[/td] [td]7[/td] [td]25[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Coenobium#5[/td] [td]13[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]2[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]20[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Exspactatio[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]6[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]6[/td] [td]17[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Oleron[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]2[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]5[/td] [td]12[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Coenobium#3[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]6[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]11[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Nidi[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]9[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Beauxbâtons[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]5[/td] [td]9[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Coenobium#2[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]9[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Dragon's Rest[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]2[/td] [td]7[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Atramentum[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]7[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Eboris[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]5[/td] [td]7[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Lapis Crudus[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]3[/td] [td]6[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Coenobium#4[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]6[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Unnamed[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]3[/td] [td]6[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Spider's Rest[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]5[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Atsingani[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]4[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Requies[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]3[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Fudarus[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]2[/td] [td]2[/td][/tr][/tableborder]

Mons Electi has achieved the Siege of Normandy, and has won 31 prize pawns to be redeemed. Le Maison is 49 years older than Cunfin, and achieves the Siege of Valor. Florum was able to keep the Siege of Notatus from Montverte. An unnamed Normandy covenant has the Siege of shame, and receives no prize pawns. Spider's Rest achieved the Siege of Alms, an ignoble prize. The Siege of Alms gets more prizes, but it is expected that they share their prize with those placing lower than they do.

Prize pawns can be redeemed for 1 Tropaea, a vis source (no greater than 10 pawns, but the larger it is the less likely it will be close by) or up to 10 prize pawns can be redeemed for cold hard vis, in the amount of 5 pawns of form or 3 pawns of technique per prize pawn. Also, at each opportunity to redeem pawns, a book or item can be requested, in addition to the vis above. Books and items cost 1 pawn per 5 build points. If rounding is necessary, use the house rule.

Some books are listed below. Other books may be possible, if you want something, let me know. If you want an item, talk to me about it, and we will play it by ear.

The Babble Within Thought, by Hicuccus of
Criamon, Summa on Mentem, Level
12, Quality 11. Build Points: 23
The Dismal Itch, by Azenis of Tytalus.
Summa on Corpus, Level 10, Quality
11. Build Points: 21
De Lapii, by Jeremias filius Guernicus.
Summa on Terram, Level 17, Quality
14 (this is one of the Branches
of the Arts, see Covenants, page 93)
Build Points: 31
Insights from Twilight, by Perpauca Bonisagi.
Summa on Magic Theory, Level
6, Quality 11. Build Points: 28
Mirrors of the Soul, by Perpauca Bonisagi,
Summa on Imaginem, Level 12,
Quality 16. Build Points: 28
The Mole’s Work, by Adanos Lutorum of
Tytalus. Lab Texts for Rock of Viscid
Clay, Earth That Breaks No More, and
The Forgiving Earth. Build Points: 11
The Peril of Phoebos, by Perpauca Bonisagi,
Tractatus on Ignem, Quality 11.
Build Points: 11
The Primal Power, by Peter of Uist. Summa
on Aquam, Level 9, Quality 17.
Build Points: 26
Research Notes on Aegis of the Hearth, by Notatus
and others. Tractatus on Mastery
in Aegis of the Hearth, Quality 11,
plus a Lab Text of a 20th-level version
of the spell. Build Points: 15
Subtle Knives, by Jacinda of Flambeau.
Summa on Penetration, Level 5,
Quality 8. Build Points: 23
Unveiling the Tempest, by Daniel Tonatris.
Summa on Auram, Level 8, Quality
12. Build Points: 20

One note about the unnamed covenants, players can feel free to make up a spring covenant for these, if they should so desire.
While Mons Electi is technically a Spring covenant. If you want to undertake such an exercise, that is fine with me.

Atsingani was not present, and did not participate, due to Viviana's wish that they not have to directly interact with Montverte, just yet.

I'm sorry, but one of them just has to be Beauxbâtons. :laughing: