1227 Tribunal Prize Discussion

(edited to put the standings and the results here, for easier finding)

Do we want to try to hold on to the Corpus Tractatus that we won last time? (Two Quality 15 tomes about the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica each?) Or do we want new books? (There's a listing on page 23 of The Lion and the Lily, and in the thread from the last time we won

Korvin would like to for purely selfless reason that are in another plot. He would agree to it if suggested by someone else but not suggest it himself. I was suggesting the Creo to handle the LR and healing that some of our members will need. i think we have a Corpus source already.

I forgot that some of our annual vis comes from tropaea. So Tranquillina certainly wouldn't object to maintaining those for another 7 years. New vis might not be super valuable.
Tranquillina has already read both current Corpus tropaea tractatus, so she'd be hoping for a new one.

Fiona would like, if we're looking at Tropea vis sources, Herbam sources (and/or, possibly, Rego and Corpus).

If we're looking at books, she would like Rego, Corpus, and Herbam. Either Summa or Tractatus – probably the latter would be more likely, since her scores in all three are double digit (Re and He 10, Co 15).

2 pawns = 10 Quality tractatus on Corpus
5 pawns = 5 pawn Tropaea of Vim
2 pawns = 10 quality tractatus on Vim << I think we are weak here. open to suggestions.
5 pawns = 5 pawn Tropaea of Animal << Might want to have some on stock. Not firm on this

Our Herbam is good for another 7 years and then it is given back.
We have the super book on Rego. Not sure if I want to get a Tractatus on it. :smiley:

4 pawns = 4 pawn Tropaea of Corpus ??? Or half this and a tractatus.

Agreed, we don't need more Rego.

Maybe forms? Aquam, Ignem, Corpus, Mentem...

Requesting Creo, Ignem, & Vim


I would go with Ignem since we have zero at this point.

2 pawns = 10 Quality tractatus on Corpus
5 pawns = 5 pawn Tropaea of Vim
2 pawns = 10 quality tractatus on Vim << I think we are weak here. open to suggestions.
5 pawns = 5 pawn Tropaea of Animal << Might want to have some on stock. Not firm on this
4 Pawns = 4 pawn Tropaea of Ignem

18 prize pawns

One also needs to rank the choices. Prize pawns are redeemed a set at a time, so you can redeem prize pawns for one item, and then it goes to the next person. When the last covenant has had a chance to redeem pawns, then it goes back to the beginning. So, if I had 20 prize pawns, I could redeem 10 of them at one time for something, and the next person could redeem 2 and the person after that would redeem 6, and so on. When it comes back to me, everyone has had a chance to choose, and then I can pick again.

A word of warning: Igenm is rare in Normandy.

Roberto brough with him a title and deed to an Ignem vis resource, located in the Tagus valley of Spain. So maybe that gives us an edge :wink:

I have the dumb...

Are there any books on Finnesse, Parma, Penetration?

I'm assuming that the books listed last time may still be available, with the same deal about others being possibly (randomly) available.

Unless you mean whether we have any book on Finesse, Parma, or Penetration, in which case yes, yes, and yes.

We had one for 7 years on Penetration. You read it i hope?? :angry:

Now that I'm Chief Hoplite I'll likely have to dust it off.

But I was thinking about the awards list of trading in the prizes for books. I shall check the list.

Like I said earlier I think I screwed over the covenant last Tribunal by taking all the Intellego vis, I just didn't know how the award system worked.

I'd like to get this book:

Subtle Knives, by Jacinda of Flambeau.
Summa on Penetration, Level 5,
Quality 8. Build Points: 23

And from there Alexei will be happy to let others advise him on what vis the Covenant needs so he can make some choices in that regard. The choices specifically for him he'll save for last (aside from the book above). Does that make sense?

Apropos of nothing, wasn't Jacinda one of the Shadow Flambeau? Or am I misremembering?

Can you make an adjustment in your mage planner time for 1227 and read it while we still have it? Seems like a waste to get it twice. We do not have to turn it back in until 1228.1 so you have 2 more seasons.

Got me, ask Roberto.

I don't think I want to adjust the planner as it stands, but that's a good point. I'll have to check it later when I'm home. Instead of using the prize on that book though, I'll pick something different. It's not a great book to be honest.

If the list of books hasn't changed then he's just going to go all vis and ask that his Covenmates make choices from Alexei's share that will enrich the coffers of Mons Electi, he just wants to make two choices, he'd like some Animal and Rego for his personal use when he enchants his familiar. After that, the rest can be selected according to the needs of the covenant.