1221.t Scavenger Hunt and Closing Ceremonies


Boo hiss.

waves Slytherin flag proudly

By the way, Coenobium #1 is Marcus's He and the guy from the Joust split the 13 prize pawns proportionally, Marcus gets 11, he gets two, as the other competitors didn't influence their position, or even rank in their events.

Oh, and don't jump in and discuss what kinds of prizes you want to select. No, that'd be bad.

You didn't count their position... :laughing:

Fiona watches as the hosts post the final results. When she sees Mons Electi's name at the top of the board, her jaw drops in surprise.

[color=blue]"We won? We won? We won!" She hugs each of her sodales in turn (even Apollodorus), and lifts Ulrich off the ground to give him a quick squeeze – although she gives Jormungand a kiss on the lips as she hugs him.

31 prize pawns, eh?

I wouldn't mind having a Tropaea in the moderate to high range (say, 5-7 pawns) – Perdo, Rego, Herbam, and/or Vim. No, Fiona doesn't have any plans for the vis, why would you ask? :smiley:

Perhaps a copy of Subtle Knives (5 pawns)? Or The Primal Power (also 5 pawns)?

Any chance that a copy of Lycanthropi Londinensisi would be up for grabs? (which, at 34 bp, would be 7 pawns) (not that I'm obsessive or anything)

Other than that, I'm easy. I'm thinking we might wind up cashing in the prizes for straight up vis.


Hate it when like three posts come in while I'm working on my reply. 's what I get for thinking too hard :laughing:

I would like a 5-7 pawn Tropaea of Corpus Or Creo. Other than that, I have no interest in any of the books listed.

Just sayin'

"My sodales I salute you!" Alexei howls in triumph! He then takes a knee. "But for the grace of God, this victory could not happen. I thank thee Lord for the strength and tenacity and skill to win this great contest." ((Channleing Tebow here :laughing: ))

Alexei would like vis of course, but for his money the book Subtle Knives has some definite appeal.

I would like to see some consensus as to how the pawns are going to be redeemed. You can also try colluding with Marcus.

I think this is a good idea too.

I'd like to point out the L17Q14 book on Terram is fairly robust, and I see at least three or four characters that could benefit from it. And

We do owe Marcus for helping out and should ask him if any of the books interest him, or if he's in particular need of vis we can cash in for him.

Marcus is getting 11 prize pawns. He can walk away with up to 55 pawns of Vis (form). However collusion could yield a greater share of spoils.

I'm kinda lost on what can be awarded at this point. That book on Penetration has appeal, but I'd also like some vis of the Intelligo variety. Is there any? I'm just not seeing if it's available.

Vis can be given in the form of straight out Vis or Tropaea. Tropaea haven't been designed by the SG to allow players flexibility. Players can designate the size and type. Based on the size I'll make the location. Presume Vis is available in the amount and type desired, either as pawns or Tropaea.

By the way, I'd forgotten to mention this in the Joust thread, but Alexei gains 5 Acclaim xp for winning the Joust event. I didn't want to work a threadmancy, so I'm stating it here, since this is kinda sort OCC.

OK cool, I'll update that. I meant to ask about it before. Alexei will ask for the book Subtle Knives, and as much Intellego vis he can be awarded with as a prize, not a source.

Is Alexei exercising champion's privilege here, and then others can pick/decide? The first round of redemption teams, can redeem 10 prize pawns for vis, so that would be 30 pawns of Intellego and the book is another 5 prize pawns. Mons Electi has 16 prize pawns remaining.

Le Maison also takes Intellego vis, as does Cunfin, exhausting the supply. Confluensis takes a Mentem Tropaea worth 10 pawns. Marcus takes an Intellego Tropaea worth 10 pawns, stunning the crowd. Apollodorus whispers, "That particular Tropaea in question has typically been claimed by Confluensis, and normally doesn't get selected by other claimants and falls to Confuensis by default. It appears that their dossier on Marcus is incomplete, or he is particularly contrarian."

16 pawns left, boys and girls. I still think that Terram Summa would be a good addition, which is worth 6 pawns, but I think we should go for a Creo Tropea first. How many pawns/what level do you think we can/should get? Shoot for a Creo one first, and a Corpus one second, or go all out for a Creo one?

I think the Terram summa would be a good idea...one of Fiona's lab texts requires more knowledge of the art than she currently has.

And then the other 11 pawns split between a Creo Tropea and a Corpus one...fairly evenly, 5/6 sound good? Or 4/7, since Corpus can be used for healing rituals if needed? (although Fiona's Root-Cutter virtue can mitigate that some).

I rolled for availability of the Terram summa, rolled a 0, but not a botch (a botch would've meant all books were gone). It's been taken. Spider's Rest took it. Oh, and they are causing quite a ruckus this year, because they're not donating their pawns to those who placed below them. They redeemed all 12 pawns on the first round.

Their place is the Siege of Alms, tradition dictates that they donate half their winnings to those below them.