1221.t The Joust

We'll do the last event first, see how it goes. Since only one Magus from Mons Electi qualifies to do this event... Since I imagine not every covenant can field a competitor for this event, this event is only 4 rounds, consisting of 16 total competitors.

Qcipher, I need you to make a stress die roll for Alexei, check for botch, in the event of a 0.
Depending on the roll, I'll select your opponent and then we'll have at it. Please line out all the equipment you're bringing to bear. Sound good?

Alexei will be using his own staff, tipped with either a blunted metal fist, or with one of his own spearheads, wrapped heavily in leather and with wood to blunt the tip. If he just used the staff without a tip it would possibly just deflect off their Parma.

I may have missed something on the rules of the joust, so correct me if Alexei can't do any of these things:

Using Silvery Scales of the Knight for his personal armor (enhanced with Hauberk of Supreme Lightness and Hardness of Adamantine for a soak bonus of +3 and a total Load of 2)
Casting Doublet of Impenetrable Silk
Casting Gift of the Bear's Fortitude before the joust.

If possible and allowed, he will cast Assume the Stature of the Giants of Eld which will make him size +3. He'll also then cast Object of Increased size on his Staff (and then put on the blunted tip). Finally he has to try a spell spontaneously on the horse, Beast of Outlandish size so he could ride it. He'd pull out all the stops in casting it, Booming voice, grand gestures, ceremonial casting. He'd want to try and get Duration of Sun, but would take Diameter if he couldn't. If casting it at Diameter he would do it right before the joust would begin, then cast Endurance of the Berzerker right after it so he can get by without the fatigue.

If that tactic (of enlarging everything) wasn't allowed then he'd cast the Armour spells and Endurance of the Berzerker before the joust. He might have to cast Object of Increased Size on his staff anyway to make it qualify for a lance.

I'll have to make any rolls when I get home which is about 2 hours.

Increasing the staff size to make it consistent with a lance is fine, but not anything else.
The equipment you have is fine, and so are the other spells. Go ahead and roll for casting them, since you're in a mildly stressful situation.
Also need the roll to figure out who you're facing. Stress roll, check for botch if 0, and explode the roll if 1.

Ok, have to do that in a bit, I'll make some rolls when I get home. So to reiterate:

Armor spell (with 2 buffs on it), Doublet, Gift of the Bear's Fortitude, Endurance of the Berzerker (right before the joust), and will enlarge the staff and tip it as well.

And the roll to determine the competitor.

Competitor Roll:
1d10 → [6] = (6)

Silvery Scales of the Knight CrTe(An) 30 +26 +3
1d10+29 → [6,29] = (35)

Hardness of Adamantine MuTe 25 +23 +3
1d10+26 → [10,26] = (36) (Doh!) I'll roll 2 botch dice
1d10 → [10] = (10)
1d10 → [4] = (4)

Single botch. I'll stop there until you determine what happens. Even if it was 1 botch dice to roll it was the first die I rolled that botched.

Alexei doesn't notice anything untoward and continues casting the rest of his spells...

OK...moving on.

Hauberk of Supreme Lightness PeTe 30 +23 +3
1d10+26 → [3,26] = (29)

Doublet of Impenetrable Silk MuAn 15 +22 +3
1d10+25 → [3,25] = (28)

Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude MuCo 25 +32*
1d10+32 → [9,32] = (41)

Object of Increased Size MuTe 15 +23 +3
1d10+26 → [5,26] = (31)

He's not going to cast Endurance of the Berzerker, as its duration is Concentration.

Alright, you're facing off against Santiago of Tremere. He was not of the contingent of Tremere that visited Apollodorus and Mons Electi. His resident covenant is Montverte. Since you have no OoH Lore, yet(!) do an awareness+int roll. Rolling a 9 or better will give you some additional information.

The joust consists of three tries at the list, if at the end of the 1st and 2nd rounds a competitor is unable to continue they forfeit.

Roll Attack and Defense. You can also cast a spell, but have to make an average (9) concentration roll to do so.

OK, sorry, I'll have to do all this tonight.

It's not a problem.

Actually, go ahead and do rolls for all three rounds at the lists. It'll help me craft a better telling of the episode. I'll subtract damage as appropriate.

Will do. I'll get all the rolls done at once when I get home.

Int+Awareness roll diff 9:
1d10+2 → [4,2] = (6) 6

1st longspear attack (+3 bonus for Ride/Mounted combat)
1d10+13 → [6,13] = (19) 19

1st Defense roll (+3 bonus for mounted combat, is it too late to have a Heater or other shield he'd use one if he can?)
1d10+11 → [9,11] = (20) 23 (plus more if shield can be used)

2nd attack roll:
1d10+13 → [10,13] = (23) Possible botch, otherwise 13, do to danger I'll roll 3 dice for botch:
3d10 → [7,9,9] = (25) No botches

2nd Defense roll:
1d10+11 → [6,11] = (17) 20

3rd attack roll:
1d10+13 → [1,13] = (14) Aha!
Exploder die: 1d10 → [6] = (6)
Attack total 25

3rd defense roll:
1d10+11 → [2,11] = (13) 16

Will spend a Confidence point on the 3rd defense roll.

Edited, added 3 to defense totals from Heater shield.

No a shield would be standard equipment. Go ahead and update your totals as appropriate.

Done, the 3rd defense roll will be 19 if Alexei needs to spend a Confidence point on it.

Some relevant stats for Santiago...
Attack: Dex -1, Great Weapon 5, +3 Mounted, Wpn +4=11+Die Roll
Defense: Qik -2, Single Wpn 3, Heater 3=4 +Die Roll.

Round 1 sees Alexei and Santiago bearing down on each other and Alexei easily lands a solid blow upon Santiago. Santiago misses, but Alexei lands a good blow. Die roll of 5 for attack and 4 for defense. Alexei inflics a light wound, and the two continue on to round 2. Alexei is the clear winner of this round.

Round 2, despite the light wound of Santiago, he manages to fend off Alexei, mainly do the the poor hit. Santiago's attack roll is 6, with a defense roll of 5. Alexei scores because of the hint, while Santiago is not even close to touching Alexei again.

Round 3 continues, because there isn't a clear victor. Santiago misses badly, with an attack roll of 0, but no botch. Alexei scores a very solid hit with his attack and Santiago's shield goes flying off, with an average defense roll of 6 against Alexei's superior attack. Alexei knows well that such a blow likely broke Santiago's arm.

Congratulations, Alexei moves on to the next round without a scratch. The confidence point remains unspent.

The next heat is in an hour in game time, you're on to the elite 8.
Roll for your competitor, spells, then attack and defense for all three rounds. No need to recast spells of sun duration.

Alexei is gracious in victory.

"My Sodales, I salute you for a joust well done. Are you hurt badly? For such a spirited bout, I offer thee two pawns of Vis towards healing should you desire it."
(Generous +2)

He then proceeds to the next heat. All of the spells he cast have a Duration of Sun so he doesn't have to re-cast, and with an hour of rest he should be able to recover any Fatigue from the joust.

Recognition roll (Int+Awareness):
1d10+2 → [9,2] = (11) 11

1st Attack:
1d10+13 → [9,13] = (22) 22

1st Defense:
1d10+14 → [8,14] = (22) 22

2nd Attack:
1d10+13 → [8,13] = (21) 21

2nd Defense:
1d10+14 → [3,14] = (17) 17

3rd Attack:
1d10+13 → [5,13] = (18) 18

3rd Defense:
1d10+14 → [2,14] = (16) 16

Will spend a Confidence on the 3rd defense if necessary, but it looks like a pretty good joust at the start.

Fiona, who had been watching the bout from the grandstand, moves over to sit next to Alexei.

[color=blue]"Congratulations, lad. That was quite a performance. Care for a drink?" She offers him her skin (containing a fair amount of her home-brew whisky).

She watches as the chirurgeons move to attend Santiago, but makes no move to help herself. [color=blue]"So, that's one of the magi from Montvert."

Alexei does accept an offer of the whiskey, and takes too large a gulp as he thought it was wine. After several deep breaths he nods.

"Actually I don't know him. Yet he jousted well, though to be forthright, I don't believe he was truly trained or ready for this. He shall learn much from this, the Tremere hate to lose but learn from defeat. They can be quite inspiring."