1222.1a Listen, Do You Smell Something?

At the request of amul: wherein an intrepid group of Mons Electi magi and grogs explore the extent of the regio.

Need a cast (magi and companions) and crew (grogs) and some logistics need to be worked out. Princeps will not be going on this one. I've got this sketched out, nothing is finally (or finely!) detailed, so this will be mostly improvised. It should be worked out in the council thread who will be doin this particular story.

The Halls of Mons Electi on the magical side of the regio appear to have been cut from the side of the mountain itself. The courtyard between the various buildings, Fiona's cottage are all on a spot that looks to have been cleared from a mountain top, with the peak continuing to extend up to Jonah's abandoned sanctum. Actual travel below the mountain looks trecherous, but with some care someone might be able to find a path down. Far below it appears that there is a stream running through a narrow valley. The extent of the regio appears vast. There is little vegetatiou outside the occasional shrub. The air is cool, but never as cold one would expect it to be, given how high up in the mountains this halls are located. It may take a day or more to safely descend to the stream. Going up leads to Jonah's sanctum. It is well advertised that there is an entrance to a higher level of the regio accessible at the entrance to Jonah's cave (before a sancum marker), but one needs to be able to breath water or breath underwater, to travel up the regio that way.

So, there are a couple of choices: attempt to travel up the regio, or to explore the extent of this level.

Fiona won't be able to lead the expedition in Spring (as she'll be bonding Paul), but she has offered to explore the regio in Summer.

As far as mortals going, here's the ones from my crue that I can see going:

  • Wilhelm would be a logical choice. He still, as far as I know, is still homeless since his shack was destroyed in the autumn floods and has been staying in the covenant somewhere. I seem to recall Jormungand saying something about helping him rebuild, but not sure if anything's come of that yet or if he's going to have to spend the spring trying to put together his humble abode. Speaks German(native) and French(2).
  • Wen: She may be small, and she may be reckless, but she grew up in the mountains and can take care of herself if she has to. (Actually, she may be coming along whether you invite her or not...after all, it's Adventure!) Speaks Welsh(native) and French(2)
  • Deykin: A member of the turb, like his older sister Wen, he also grew up on the mountains, and he's also better at following orders than Wen is. Speaks Welsh(native) and French(2)
  • Mélanie may be useful if they find any Vis sources and need to determine if it falls within their seisin range or not. Speaks French.

As Viscaria requested it, she'll definitely be going. It'd make sense for Theraphosa to go too, not sure if I should play my own familiar. Viscaria either brings along her currently-nameless and unremarkable grog, or does not, at the group's discretion.

None of them would be able to speak to Viscaria. Given her Baroque Peasant Hut, it'd be a nice story twist for her to meet the currently homeless Wilhelm, but Wen is more in keeping with the sort of adventuring flavor that Viscaria brings to the table.

Viscaria would elect to head downhill, after first checking in on Jonah's sanctum.

InTe Sponts: In 14 + Te 15 + Pussiant Te 3 + Sta 0 + Aura _ = 32+Aura, so
16+ for fatigue,
6+ without.

This includes the ability to Spont "Eyes of the Treacherous Terrain" with fatigue, "Probe for Silver/Gold/Marble/etc" without fatigue. Depending on the aura, she can also probably cast a ceremonial spont of "The Miner's Keen Eye" if given solid reason to do so.

InVi sponts: In 14 + Vi 15 + Sta 0 + Aura _ = 29, so
15+ with fatigue
6+ without

Includes detecting/measuring auras without fatigue, "Sniff for nearby vis" without fatigue and a momentary "Piercing the (Realm) Veil" should her Second Sight 2 (faeries) suggest it worth doing.

She'll also probably be spont'ing quite a bit of this:
Forge The Intrepid Path, ReTe
Reshapes the rock before you to form a path suitable for walking on. The path begins at your feet, and extends forward at a rate of 1 cubic pace/rd. A Finesse roll is required to beautify the path, maintain a protective ledge, or change the direction it travels.
Base 3: Control/move dirt in a very unnatural fashion, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +1 Stone
Total: 10 (requires fatigue)

Theraphosa, on the other hand, at a Dex 3 + Athletics(Climb) 7 = 10+die pretty much loves this place. She hasn't felt so at home since we left the caves under Phoenix.

That'll be Isen. He sees this as very much his duty, and a way to integrate. Due to the Terrain, he'll probably leave his horse familiar at home.
Speaks West Norse (5) (equivalent to Low German 2) and Latin 4

I vote for bringing your grog. Especially if it's Vin Diesel.

Wilhelm's plight may or may not come up in the Council meeting, up to Jormungand and/or Fieltarn.

So, Wen's the only one coming? She'll love it. Run around, climb trees, learn about More Exciting Places (her specialty for AK: Bibracte). She's probably not a whole lot bigger than Viscaria, too. She has Small Frame, and I rolled low on her Height/Weight, so she's apparently around 3'10" if the height adjustment for Small Frame on MetaCreator and my math are to be believed.

"But staying on the path isn't as much fun!"

((deleted due to double-posting...it was exactly the same as the one directly above))

Why would Vin Diesel be my grog? If you want to stat that up, I'll happily take him. Between Bibricate, Albion and now Rhine Gorge, I'm pretty exhausted with char gen. Stupid Windows-only Metacreator.

Hey, the council decides, not Viscaria. :slight_smile:

Viscaria eyes the gibbering welsh girl and wonders what she's saying. A few minutes later, she wonders where the girl went. "Ah, well, so long as I keep using a Loud Voice and Emphatic Gestures, she'll be able to find me again....And I'm guessing Thera will be able to hear her scream if she finds anything noteworthy..."

So...Isen, Viscaria, Theraphosa, Vin Diesel the shield grog, and Wen first head up the path to Ioseph's sanctum.

Jacques will join the group and follow Viscaria ( since she is making paths). Pecess, Jacques's crow familar, will fly around to scout.

[Perhaps I should change the thread to "Where do these stairs go.?" "They go up." I digress.]

Those going on this expedition with second sight should give me several rolls (5 or more) for me to use in applying your second sight. It's known that there are entrances to higher levels of the regio. Note, not all rolls might be used... I'll apply them as necessary. If you'd like me to roll on the player's behalf I can, but invisible castle can hate me sometimes.

Viscaria's Second Sight Rolls

1d10.open(10)+2 → [4,2] = (6)
1d10.open(10)+2 → [[10, 10, 4],2] = (26) BOTCH
1d10.open(10)+2 → [4,2] = (6)
1d10.open(10)+2 → [7,2] = (9)
1d10.open(10)+2 → [6,2] = (8)

Vin Diesel's Second Sight Rolls

1d10.open(10)+9 → [7,9] = (16)
1d10.open(10)+9 → [9,9] = (18)
1d10.open(10)+9 → [3,9] = (12)
1d10.open(10)+9 → [4,9] = (13)
1d10.open(10)+9 → [7,9] = (16)

Of course, being a Sociable -2, Antihero +1, he's going to just stay cool about whatever he sees, and only provides information asked for by others.

(Riddick is really unsuited to being a bodyguard, actually, since his whole shtick is being constantly on the run. Maybe we're talking about the guy from XXX?)

Pecess second sight

1d10+4=14 Botch roll 1d10=9

Treat Pecess with the same stats as a Raven of Virtue.

Forgot to add +2 Per to the rolls

Wen will, for the most part, go along with the group. She will zigzag from one side to the other, looking down over the precipice, weaving in and out of the trees. At one point, she will walk alongside one of the other grogs, grinning from ear to hear, and say "Mae hyn yn wych! Mam a thad byth yn gadael i mi wneud pethau fel hyn!" excitedly.

Even in her exuberance, though, she knows that she's supposed to be Looking for Stuff. So. Per 1 + Awareness 0 + Keen Vision 3 + die roll of 5 = 9.

And along the way, or during rest stops, she will sing in Welsh, and anyone who seems intelligent and speaks either Welsh or French, she will ask riddles. Like: "In a garden was laden a beautiful maiden as ever was seen in the morn. She was made a wife the first day of her life, and she died before she was born."

The gi-hugic tarantula with the -6 Pre will sing counterpoint with Wen.

Isen will be grumpy and silent, as ever. Nonetheless, he'll take care of his sodales.

Per 1 + Second Sight 3 (Invisible things) = 4/5

"Wow," Wen says. "Is that a real spider?" she asks in French. Her hand raises almost as though she wants to pet it, but draws back a little as she looks at Viscaria.

(deleted double post)

Theraphosa regards the young girl uncertainly for a second before assenting to be touched.

Viscaria waits glances at the girl and says, in Latin, "Huh?"

What is the exact plan? Ignore the sanctum marker and proceed to fully investigate the cave?

Jacques will investigate the sanctum as best he can. He is just understanding how limited his is as a Mage.