1222.2b The Fall of Night

Makes sense.

Fiona braces herself in the entrance and takes Ulrich's staff, prepared to wedge it in the opening if need be.

Bind Wounds:
1d10 → [4] = (4) + 41 = 45 Penetration 4 (Blood as Ac gives Pen bonus total of +16)

Ok, it appears you're getting to a Casting Total and calling it Penetration, forgetting to subtract the spell level.
Above you said your CT was 36 +4 (Penetration & Specialty) and die roll is 4, which gets me to 44, but you're not subtracting the spell level, which is 10, leaving Alexei with 34 penetration. That's insufficient to go past his Parma.

I'll use the same roll of 4 (if you really want you can reroll, I thought you'd give me two tries when I suggested Alexei would try with and without the AC).
I get 36 CS+4 Die-10Spell level=30; 30 +4*(1+3AC bonus)=46

The last one does penetrate.

Immediately after having done this, the shockwave hits Alexei and he feels as if he's held rigid for a moment.

Next round actions (rounds still apply for Alexei, as I'm ticking off some events here).

((I'm sorry, I must have missed that, my bad))

After casting the spell Alexei is stunned for a moment, when that passes he immediately gets into a defensive guard, holding up his spear and looking for the attacker. Not seeing an immediate source of it he attends to his prisoner, but keeps a careful eye out.

He's not exactly a prisoner, yet. He's kind of wedged and stuck in the entrance.
While Alexei, contemplates how to get him unstuck, the shockwave bounces back, but feels significantly stronger. Significantly so. Str+size check of 9+ is required to remain standing.

((Everyone in this story should go ahead and roll the same Str+Size check to remain standing. Those who fail will feel themselves literally picked up and placed onto the ground in an extremely precise and orderly manner.))

Just before the shockwave comes back"Fiona, hold fast! The shockwave is coming back!" Fiona feels something brush up against her foot, and glancing down she sees that Apollodorus' body is now next to her. "It should center on my body. It is my hope that you're being on both the mundane side and this side of the regio at one time that you'll prove to be an anchor keeping the connection to the mundane world open. Tell Maris that the book is not for House Tremere. Efforts to retrieve it will result in its destruction. Be wary of those of House Guernicus, not all are what they appear to be. It is possible that Laetitia is being held by her superiors, against her will. Goodbye, Fiona. Extend my farewell to my sodales. There are some instructions in my sanctum."

Str 1 + Size 2 + die roll of 2 = 5. Well, this is awkward...but if she does go arse over teakettle, she's going to try to land so that she's still bridging the entrance...or if not, get back in the entrance asap.

[color=blue]"What are you talking about ? What book? What's going on with Guernicus?"

Ulrich and Theraposa both see Fiona fall and then disappear, along with Apollodorus' body. They also both hear him shout out a warning to Fiona to remember the staff and it being useful to get back home. The also heard the things he'd said previously, about the book, House Guernicus and Laetitia.

((Peregrine, look in this thread to resolve what happens to Fiona.

Alexei grits his teeth and braces himself as he feels the force building up and racing towards him.

Str+Size roll
1d10+2 → [2,2] = (4) 4

Jacques 1d10=8 + 2 =10

Thera: Str -4 + Size -2 = -6 + die roll 9 = 3. Would have been impressive if she'd managed it.

If Fiona managed to grab the staff from Ulrich, then Thera will just try to figure out what the deuces is going on. If she has not got the staff, then Thera will grab the staff (or Ulrich with the staff), and leap towards Fiona's position mid-way through the border (assuming she can).

It looks as if Fiona fell into a hole, but no hole is visible. She was holding both her staff and the staff Deykin had. (I had previously said Ulrich, but it should've been Ulrich. Consider this corrected to Deykin.)

Okay, well she failed her Str check anyway, so I dunno if she's able to react in time. When she can react, seeing that the intruders have all disappeared or been dealt with, she'll go to investigate where Fiona was. If she fell, perhaps Thera can spin out a line for her.

Theraposa's second sight was such that she appeared to fall into the floor, which is unlike the normal transition between the regio and the mundane world. However, whatever hole Fiona did fall into isn't visible.

How's Alexei getting the magus out of the place he's trapped in?

I wasn't certain Alexei was still on his feet or anything, he rolled only a 4 on the Str+Size roll. If he's on his feet and capable of moving he's going to examine the magus and see if he's trapped between the doors only or (gruesome) part in and part out of a regio.

I thought the effect was clear, those who failed ended up on their back. I didn't think it necessary to say anything beyond that. That magus is now well wedged in the crack/entrance. He is not outside of the regio, or in a higher level, he never reached that entrance.

((OK my bad. With what happened to a certain giant blooded maga at the same time I didn't want to assume that he simply fell over and that was it.))

Alexei quickly gets on his feet and looks about him to see if there are other threats. Once that has been ascertained he returns to his would-be prisoner who seemed stuck or wedged in the entrance.

((Alexei starts pulling carefully by the shoulders of the magus if those parts are available. If he still is stuck he'll use his staffe for leverage, wedging it into the opening and trying to lever it open; the staff is unbreakable and unebndable so should make a decent lever. If that gives some room he'll try to shift the magus out. If that doesn't work he'll cast a spell on the entrance: Object of Increased Size to make it larger and widen the opening and pull the magus free.))

The shockwave caused the fleeing magus to get wedged even deeper/harder. Pulling on his shoulder is ineffective, pulling with any strength is likely to dislocate the magus' shoulder.
This isn't a doorway, but a cave entrance[1], and the staff isn't unbreakable if Alexei were to try and put it up against the immovable mountanside, and he quickly realizes it.

[1]If Viscaria put a doorway in, it would be a bit further into the cave, beyond the entrance to the next level of the regio. Iosephus wouldn't have cared, since his lab was open to the elements, we'll say the prevailing wind blows directly into the cave.

Iosephus's lab sanctum entrance was Disguised. The open to the elements bit is presumably a different opening in the wall somewhere with no path. However, this is happening in a season where Theraphosa is working on the lab, so we can say that the entrance is open.

Thera continues looking for a hole. Traps and secret doors, she knows. Inexplicable and brief portals are probably beyond her instinct. She grumbles about one-way links to her magus as she looks.