1222.2c Your Presence Is Requested and Required

Carmine leans in close to Korvin and whispers to him, "Make your way to Poena, then find your own Primus via the Portal between Coeris and Harco, and ask her to make her way to Durenmar. From there, Harco, you need to travel to Castra Solis and speak to Garus and ask him to join you and your Primus in Durenmar. To Poena, you need to tell her exactly what has happened here. If you have trouble getting to her, tell whomever you can that Xenophon has sent you to seek her out. Elain could go with you, too, and he can help grease the wheels a bit. She will likely travel to Durenmar as soon as you tell her what has happened. At Harco, you need to tell Insatella to open the red envelope from her predecessor, if she hasn't done so already, and then take action described therein. Finally, make your way to Castra Solis and tell Garus that the Primuses of Tremere, Mercere, Bonisagus and Jerbiton and perhaps a few others request and require the honor of his presence at Durenmar forthwith." Carmine hands Korvin what he assumes is an Arcane Connection to Castra Solis. When he looks at her questioningly, she nods.

((I do hate to say this but I do not have Leap of Home coming))

Well, you got here without knowing Leap of Homecoming... :smiley: The destinations were selected based on that knowledge... Apollodorus has not yet departed.

I am ready. Apollodorus, can you send me to Coeris to begin my journey?

"I'm sending Elain with you, as his responsibility to Laetitia is likely revoked. He'll also be able to speak to someone in his chain of command who can likely get you to Poena faster than you would be able to on your own."

Please update your character sheet for another warping point. Just to be clear, the warping points were from separate events, so there is no risk of Twilight.

Korvin arrives at a place just outside Coeris. The alpine air is cool and crisp, even in summer. Elain looks about, "Xen--, uh, I mean Apollodorus picked a good spot, we're not far from Coeris. This trail will take us to the northern gate."

Korvin moves quickly up the road to Coeris. When challenged he will state his is a Redcap on urgent official business to see Primas Poena.

The guard replies, coolly, "I'm sorry, but we seem to have had a security breach. We've sealed the grounds, you'll have to have a full council member vouch for you, and they are all in council. And of course, the Prima is in council."

Elain says, "Do you recognize me? I'm Elain, assigned to Laetitia of Guernicus. Man, she want crazy when I said I thought Apollodorus looked like Xenophon was described to me. I'll bet your security breach has something to do with me and my big mouth. Get word to the Prima that Xenophon of Tremere is alive! He's with me" pointing at Korvin.
For a moment the sentry hesitates, but he initiates it up his chain of command, and eventually a magus appears, and you hear, something to the effect of "He said what? You can't be serious. If this is a joke, and we're the butt of it, I'll take it out of your hide." After seeming to make the decision that he can't ignore this, he orders Korvin and Elain escorted to the Coeris council chamber.

As you enter, the magus excuses himself for the interruption, "Prima, a thousand apologies, but these men claim to have seen Xenoph-."

Even before he can finish, "Clear the chamber, only my aides, the Praeses will remain." The Prima is rather short and stocky, and wears her hair in a tight braid, she has a stern, militaristic demeanor and she focuses it entirely on Korvin. "You, what's happened to Apollodorus? I know who you are, Korvin. I do not know why you are here.

Korvin relates the tale leading up to the disappearance of Laetitia. It sounds like the Guernicus want Apollodorus dead in the worst way. He was going back to Mons Electi with a Hoplite. My understanding is that I must gather the Primus in Durenmar. so when we are finished, I would like to use your Mercere Portal to Harco.

Poena turns and says to one of her aids, "Destroy the Mercere portal to Magvillus." Looking back at Korvin, "I'm sending Elain along with you, he'll report back whether you've convinced Insatella to destroy the Merecere Portal to Magvillus, too. If you don't, Elain will be reporting back to us and we'll destroy the portal to Harco on this end." She looks at Elain, "Do you understand? He nods his assent, gulping a bit.

"The portal to Harco is about a mile from here, do you have means to transport yourself?" She holds what Korvin presumes is an arcane connection in one hand, and a token for the Aegis in the other hand. "I'm inviting you into our Aegis, and will be withdrawing the invitation on your departure. I will depart for Durenmar, I agree with what you've been asked to do, go to Harco and Castra Solis. Insatella will be quite difficult to persuade, finding that red sealed scroll[1] and getting her to read it is key. And there maybe agents of House Guernicus amongst the residents of Harco, as I now believe there were here. A few important staff have suddenly disappeared here, but we didn't have an idea of how or why. I'm speculating that the situation with Apollodorus is now behind their disappearance."

[1]Minor retcon, I said red envelope previously, instead it would be a scroll and the seal is in red, like a bright ruby red.

Korvin accepts both.
Pointed in the right direction I can cast 7 league stride which will get me to the portal. Do you have a gate or password to activate it or are their redcap guardians?

"That connection should be sufficient to get you there (description for SLS indicates where you can see or if you have an AC connection and it is within range). It is guarded by Tremere guards on this end. What you hold in your hand is what will let you pass. On the other end, it requires a password, Elain knows it. I'd prefer to limit who knows the password at this time, and you shouldn't need to come back here."

Korvin nods and gets 2 pawns of Rego ready.

Hold my arm.

Seven League Stride (ReCo 30) +30 Mastered for boosted casting ( for just such an emergency). 2 pawns will be spend to increase the target to group

1d10=5 + 30 + aura

1d10=3 + Int 3 + Finesse 2 = 8 ( missed the perfect landing)

And through the gate to Harco.

Korvin will step out into Harco at a very unhurried pace. He wants to look like there is no rush as he looks over the area to plot his moves. He will make his way to Insatella's office. He will not ask anyone where she is (yet). If there are spies/agents here he does not want to appear out of the ordinary.

Upon emerging from the Mercere Portal, Korvin is overcome by an unsettling scene.

About half the warehouses are on fire. People are running around, some fire brigades are beginning to be formed, but it's completely disorganized, and it looks as if the fire will continue to spread for some time.

At this, Elain loses it and comes to a full realization that his simple comment earlier has initiated a chain of events that he couldn't have anticipated. While he doesn't feel responsible, he feels an overwhelming sense of guilt, "What have I done?"

You had better get a hold of yourself. you can cry later. We have work to do and I need you.

Korvin moves away from the portal and nearer the crowd. He will scan for Insatella. If she is not here he will head to her office. His main goal now if to find the Letter and or Insatella but the letter would be best.

"I'm not crying. It's more like I'm obssessing about the vast impact of a poorly timed comment." Elain says a bit stoicly.

Scanning the crowd is difficult with the bright lights of the fire against the backdrop of night, even with Eyes of the Cat. However, Korvin can see that Insatella's residence is also on fire.

Just as Korvin scans the crowd, one of the warehouses in flames explodes with devestating force, shooting a column of flame into the sky. As soon as Korvin specualtes that it must've been the warehouse storing ignem vis the shockwave hits him. Korvin needs to make a stamina + size roll of 9 to remain standing.

As always, when called for a roll, Korvin comes through


Korvin gets to his feet and begins running towards Insatella's residence. He will rush in and begin searching for the letter. Go to her office first.

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