1222-3: Gates of Janus

Of the NPCs, the Turb Captain, Buttercup, can teach Single Weapon for up to fifteen people.

The Archery Captain, Mairead, can teach Bows for up to ten people.

There are some specialists in the Player-Submitted Points post that can probably train.

Other than that, unless someone wants to slap some grogs together, any other training would be done by either your people or by npcs who can teach one person and wouldn't have a score higher than 5 (not including specialty).

Wealthy characters get 20 xp per year, plus Adventure. Poor characters get 10 xp per year, plus Adventure. Everyone else who doesn't do Seasonal Advancement gets 15 xp per year plus Adventure.

I've hinted at this in the 1223 Mishegoss thread. I'd like to get a few of the more adventuresome covenfolk as sailing crew to man both ships more or less continuously.

How many might have been interested in this in 1222? I was thinking maybe 5 or 6? Is that too many, too few? She'll need 12 to operate the vessel fully, but the Atta Buoy can be operated by her and 5 or 6 without a problem.

Would have been great to know months ago, before I spent my build points on the exact same thing.

Is she going to be trying to recruit from the remaining covenfolk herself, or will she be having her men do it? Are they going to have the same...um...job requirements as the ones she has now? Are they going to be incentivized the same way? I'd say make a Leadership roll (Quality die) and a Charm roll if the last couple of questions were "yes," and I'll see how many young'uns will join up.

Let's say that whoever signs on will be trained on everything from mid-Summer through when the Atta Buoy is ready to sail in Spring 1223. Recruiting people for the covenant might be one of the things they're going to try to do.

Also, is your shipwright going to work on a barge/smaller boat to run up and down the River Ness between one boat and the other?

Posted on March 16th.

She'd probably be involved in the process, kind of like the final interview.

Almost certainly.
Leadership check of 8 (Probably 5 with the Gift, I didn't include the specialty as they aren't sailors yet.)
Charm check of 13 (Probably 10 with the Gift)

Yeah, I've been thinking about making a spell for him for the wood, so we can maintain the wild nature of area, and of course, not anger our faerie neighbors. I might do this in Spring 1223 instead of what I've put down elsewhere... I've been kicking around what to do with him for a while.

That's good enough to get five of the local lads to sign on. All but one are youngish (late teens or early twenties); the one is an older gentleman (30ish) whose wife left a couple years ago. All but one speak enough Latin to get by.

Thanks :wink:

It would appear that Arguing With One's Reflection is available in Winter of 1223? Is that correct? If that's correct, I'll look at reading it. Regarding the experience points from her tangle with Iolair, she'll put them in Awareness.

Yes, it is.

Okay. Don't forget to make the edits on her wiki entry (those are Official, btw, now that I have them over there.)

Yeah, I need to do some updating...