Aodhan ex Verditius

PB, that's probably accounting for the Ulster regional dialect-- where the gh dipthong is a glottal cough, and not a hard G sound as per English.

Will confirm whenever Aoife (that's EE-fa, for the record) decides to respond to her texts.

All this name-talking is making my eyes bleed

Hum... I'm thinking, since you use Rego to cut this, this must be Rego craft, isn't it? Doing a skilled artisan's work in a moment and all that.

In which case, since your arts scores are so similar, shouldn't you instead to this as PeTe effect?
Based on "Gleam of the Freshly-Polished Glass", you don't even need a free creo requisite :unamused:
This'd be Base 5, +1 touch, +1 Part. Add maybe a + 1 for precision if you want fine cut, this must be the same level if I'm right. But you won't need any finesse roll at all :smiley:

Just my 2 cents, of course.

Why don't you call him Peter?

I based it off of Rego because of the precision and the tendency for Perdo to only make things worse, so I kept it simple, plus he gets a bonus for the TeFo for similar effect. My hope is to incorporate the item into the lab for some overall bonuses on labwork using the Covenants guidelines. I need to come up with some more effects for this though.

Oh that's it! Certamen!

Agree on perdo, which is why I was all :unamused: about "Gleam of the Freshly-Polished Glass", which is a pretty similar effect.
What worries me is that, as this is craft magic, the ease factor would probably be pretty high, so I sought other solutions...

Agree about Perdo, which is why I was all :unamused: about "Gleam of the Freshly-Polished Glass" :wink:
Seems that, more than once, Legacy trumps Arts redefining... :confused:

What worried me is that, as you're actually doing a craftman's work through Rego, you'd have to face a pretty high ease factor, so I sought solutions to that...
Now, if all you care about is the lab bonus, who cares if all these gems are badly cut! :laughing: This should work all the same :smiley:

EDIT: OTOH, you could take my effect, and add a Creo free requisite. This has the added benefit that further Pe or Cr effects would get bonuses.

There's a lot of assumed skill when it comes to Verditian craftsmanship. If they enchant an item from raw materials as it says in the book they can do things an ordinary craftsman couldn't, presumably that's done without either the Craft skill or Finesse being used, since they don't mention it.

But yes, the main application is to improve on the lab functions with efficiency and eve safety, as metals wouldn't need to be made hot to shape them. Still need a few more enchantments though, there's like 90 levels of effects he can still add.

Maybe a CrIg effect to smelt metals? Or a MuTe one to make them supple and maleable?

I developed a CrIg application, but it seemed superfluous for metal work when he could use the Phantom Blacksmith. Plus he can still make a crucible and enchant it and get that as a feature as well. Destroying things might be a decent idea. Something like a strong Perdo Vim for destroying items maybe. But that might be wasteful. If he gets the reforging Mystery he can always render them down and collect the vis. I'll keep thinking of stuff for it. When it comes to improving the lab I'm a big fan of incorporating items.

Personal Build Points for Aodhan.

I'll be adding his personal contributions here. I'm figuring here is where we'll see why his Mater is so mad at him...

Vis source: Weeping Madonna
This carved statue is of the weeping Madonna, carved by monks trying to convert pagans in the lowlands near the Loch. Knowing that the locals would often gather at a 'Heathen Fane' with a prominent rock for their Spring festivals, the monks commissioned a sculptor who came and carved a beautiful and touching statue of the Madonna once the Spring Festival ended. Despite being tormented by fae the entire year, the monks protected the sculptor who managed to finish the statue the day before their festival. When the locals arrived they found the statue and the monks instead of their pagan stone. The monks were able to convert many of them, especially when the statue began weeping water in time with Good Friday at 3 in the afternoon. The Weeping Madonna is in a low level faerie regio throughout most of the year, but on the afternoon of Good friday until Easter Sunday a Divine Aura becomes dominant and the statue begins to weep. The water is Vim vis. The monks do not collect it as they are suspicious of the fact that the area is still faerie dominated most of the year. At the same time, they do not care too much for wizards to collect it for their use. Often a monk or monks can be found here during this time and must be dealt with to collect the water.

5 pawns of Vis 25 build points

The Crooked Path of Himinis (Verditian Cult Lore level 6 Quality 17) 35 Build Points
A book on Verditian Cult Lore, it is written in codes and runes that make it difficult to read if one is not a member of House Veriditius and initiated into some of the Cult's Mysteries (it requires deciphering as if the writer had the Incomprhensible flaw and a level 40 effect, or some other mechanic for deciphering if one is not a Veriditius with at least a 1 in Verditian Cult Lore). Those with the proper skill or patience can learn much of the secrets of the Verditian Cult and also earn the ire of the vengeful Confraternity of Himinis the Mad, as you have justified their paranoia by daring to learn their secrets without trying to join their brotherhood. Currently Aodhan is in possesion of the book but swears that his Pater gave him the copy.

Magister Vermicello Rolenti (Teacher 13 build points)
The Magister is a somewhat young man, but considered to be quite brilliant and charming. He's also run afoul of something that House Verditius is quite familiar with; Vengeful Corsicans. Members of House Veriditius have agreed to protect him in return for tutoring in the finer points of Latin and Philosophaie as well as Instruction techniques. Aodhan is protecting him now since Scotland is very far away (he hopes) from the Corsiacan family he offended.
Comm +3, Teaching +5, Philosophaie +5, Artes Liberales +5, Latin +5

Silver stocks 2 Build Points
Aodhan sold some of his apprentice works for a modest sum of 20 pounds of silver.


You could also enchant your anvil with various effects that turn one substance into iron while the device concentrates, allowing you to use your Craft:Smith totals on different material.

Then there's always the Magical Lighting/Heating enchantments, and after that you may want to think about enchanting it with protective spells, cuz it's a pretty impressive item by that point.

flees before anyone complains

Why do you have 2 (Max) for the Shape and Material bonus? Wouldn't it depend on what the effect is? Aodhan's Magic Theory is high enough that the S&M isn't capped by his MT. So, if it's "+4 Metals, +2 Destroy," then it would be +4 for some of these effects. So his lab total would be 35 + S&M, right?

Isn't it +4 for similar spell? (The Phantom Blacksmith is Level 20, which is 4 magnitudes). So, it's LT 35 + 4 for S&M (Metals) + 4 similar spell bonus = 43, which is 18 points.

As above. 3 pawns + 10 for opening the item is 13 pawns, well within the 5xMT limit for annual vis use in character creation.

I would call it Base 2 for "slightly unnatural" at most, since cutting gemstones is opposed to making them stretch out to fill a windowpane or some such. Which would make the spell effect Level 15, and the total item effect 20.

Lab Total is 35 + S&M Bonus 2 for "Destroy" (and I had to think about that for a second) + 1 for matching TeFo = 38, so 18 points toward Item Creation. If you were feeling adventurous, you could Experiment and finish it in one season.

If not...



This effect is basically The Trackless Step with requisites for snow (Aquam) and vegetation (Herbam) and increased duration, right? Which would make the level 20. Which would require a season for opening the item and another for the second season of enchantment. Although the base level they use for The Trackless Stepisn't on the chart. It's not in the errata, either. Hmm. rereads the guidelines Although Base 2 does seem to make sense...which would make The Trackless Step cost wrong. Urf. Okay, let's go with what you got, and never mind my stream-of-consciousness meandering.

Isn't this exactly what Cloak of the Duck's Feathers does? ReAq 5. And his ReAq and MuCo lab totals seem to be the same. It would still only take a season to do, but only cost one pawn of vis instead of two.

The +2 Max represents the remainder after his Philosophiae gets added. 4 Philosophiae is 2 lower than his 6 Magic Theory, so even if the S&M offered +6 he could only get 2 out of it.

Yep, I just messed that up.

Nah, though I do want him to experiment on other stuff. This is meant to be a piece he's really proud of. This does save a pawn of vis though.

I'm surprised I missed the spell right there. But I have to agree, 2 seems to make more sense than 4. At 3 you're controlling dirt in a highly unnatural fashion. I wouldn't think preventing or erasing footprints is highly unnatural. Glad you agree!

Wow, missed that one too. Here I was thinking that it'd be difficult because I'd be Warding against water. My version perhaps provides more protection though as it specifically extends to everything worn and carried and doesn't dispell if immersed in water. If you're ok with that, I'll keep it as is and spend the extra vis for the enhanced effect.

This is a great idea. Think of what he could do with glass or other brittle materials! It would still be Muto Terram with perhaps an Animal and Herbam requisite to cover all kinds of materials. Or maybe even Corpus if I were to follow Jeanmichelle's lead...

"Ah, yes. This must be one of Aodhan's window panes. I'd recognize that Hammered Glass look anywhere."

Just giving this one more shout out if there's anything that must or should be changed. I'll be double checking it as well.

Aodhan as of Come Sail Away

Name: Aodhan Birth Name: Aodhan MacFhearghuis
House: Verditius Age: 30 Size 0 Confidence: 1/4 Warping: -/- Decrepitude: 0/0 Gender: Male Year Born: Race/Nationality: Scottish Place of Origin: Loch Leglan Tribunal Religion: Christian Title/Profession: Magus Height: 5’7” Weight: 165 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Handedness: Right

Int +5 Str +1 Pre 0 Dex +1
Per+1 Sta +2 Comm +1 Quick 0

Hermetic Magus Free
The Gift Free
Verditius Magic Free
Inventive Genius Minor
Puissant Craft Minor Smithing
Puissant Craft Minor Jeweler
Increased Characteristics x2 Minor
Great Characteristic x2 Minor
Method Caster Minor
Skilled Parens Minor
Puissant Magic Theory Minor

Difficult Spontaneous Magic Minor
Chaotic Magic Major
Tormenting Master Major
Infamous Master (Mystery of Himinis the Mad) Minor
Oversensitive (Slights against craftsmanship) Minor
Bound Casting Tools Minor

Native Language: Scots Gaelic 5 (Crafting terms)
Folk Ken 2 (Craftsmen)
Awareness 2 (Flaws in craftsmanship)
Brawl 2 (Punch)
Artes Liberales: 1 (Geometry)
Latin: 4 (Hermetic usage)
Magic Theory: 3+2/3 (Enchanting Items)
Parma: 1 (Mentem)
Bargain 3 (Magic Items)
Leadership 2 (Craftsmen)
Craft: Jewelry 3+2 (Gem setting)
Craft: Blacksmithing 3+2 (Weapons)
Philosophiae 3 (Verditius Runes)
Verditian Cult Lore 3/5 (Acting as Mystagogue)
Finesse 3 (Crafting with Magic)

Personality Traits:
Perfectionist +1
Eccentric +2
Brave +1

Magic Sigil: The smell of iron

Voting Sigil: Right triangle, engraved with runes

Cr 5/5 An 4 Ig 4
In 5/5 Aq 4 Im 4
Mu 5/5 Au 4 Me 4
Pe 5/5 Co 4 Te 4
Re 5/5 He 4 Vi 5/5

XP Break down per year:
1: 30 xp on Cult Lore
2: 10 xp on Im, 10 xp on Aq, 10 xp on Au
3: 30 xp on Finesse
4: 10 xp on Cr, 10 xp on In, 10 xp on Mu
5: 10 xp on Pe, 10 xp on Re, 10 xp on Vi

((Don't forget to update his Wiki page, too, when you get a chance. I'm more likely to look there if I have to check something than I am here.))

Should be done with the XP...I have to do some more updates, I'll get them later. He now has a Mystery as well as Hubris.