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Talia's ship is, I believe, now located within the pier, someplace. Or that was an idea, now that we have, or will soon have another boat for travel on the Loch.

That map looks so much spiffier than mine. Thank you.

At a glance, I'd day Rabbi Jonathan is long gone - he didn't stay long after he arrived, and that whole kerfuffle about him being inside an aegis and what not, so he went on to Edinburgh.

I have the Whoa Buoy docked between Eilin Chon and the eastern pier. After about 30 minutes of research, I found that a cog is usually about 20m x 15m, which makes it as wide as the island and about half as wide in the other direction.

[strike]Alright. I meant to add the other Specialists too, but got sidetracked.[/strike] He's the only teacher that I can find, though I saw something about a Single Weapon instructor and an Archery Instructor.

Ahh, I see it now. I had it up on one of my portrait monitors and the image was just truncated. Moving it over to one of my landscape monitors made it visible.

The Single Weapon instructor is Buttercup, who has a Single Weapon of 9, Com 1, and a Teaching score of 2 (with a specialization in Single Weapon), so she can teach up to 15 at a time. I haven't statted out the Archery instructor yet. I'll give them both at least entries on the wiki, if not actual stub pages, sometime.

Aodhan brought a teacher with his build points. He's not statted out, IIRC.
Edit: Ahh, qcipher detailed him in this post

There's a wiki? Link me, Amadeus?

Magister Vermicello Rolenti is nominally here under the protection of Aodhan. Should I move him next door to Aodhan's sanctum, or shall I keep him near the Revel Hall where I had the Rabbi previously?

Does anybody want me to move their sanctum to somewhere else?

Tangent: Under Covenant Description, you mention two creeks east and west of the covenant, briefly parallel to the road, and a forest to the north, which I added to the map. You can see that this actually makes the crushed gravel path hermetically redundant.

Edit the 2nd: On Google Maps, there Loch-side glade with creeks in the appropriate place, about a 1/4 mile north of the islands. If you're willing to fudge the landscape details a bit, I could turn that into a really lovely bit of covenant map.

I thought I mentioned the wiki somewhere here. Ah well.

Works for me.

So the boundary would be, say, "East end of the Pier, along the pier to the West End, along the coast to the creek, up the creek to the forest's edge, skirting the forest to the creek on the east, down the creek to the shore, and then back to the foot of the pier"? That works, and it still fits within the boundary's added size.

Sure, why not.

Click for full size image, which is super huge. Check that you're viewing it at 100% resolution.

Glowing orange names mean abandoned sanctums. Again, feel free to ask me if you want to put yours sanctum anywhere. I can even move the buildings themselves.

I added a small fountain/pond/thing by Doineann's place, so Thomas can turn it into a communal scrying pond later.

As there is not a whole lot currently on the wiki, I'd like to suggest that we move over to a more traditional wiki site, like Via Experimenta's wiki on Referata. My argument for its superiority can be seen here. This is a far more usable library page than anything we can build on OP.

As long as it's simple enough for me to make pages and format the text the way I want (I like the tables, and I like being able to underline section headers - it still annoys me that I can't underline in OP), I'm okay with it. Does anyone else have an opinion/preference?

Well, when my paid subscription is up, I'll probably let it lapse and move stuff for Bibracte over there (eventually), if that helps. :smiley:

To Referata? So, that's, like an overwhelming majority in favor...which is pretty sad, when you think about it :laughing:

Yeah, sorry. That could have been a bit clearer.

Should we seek new blood?

Probably. We have you, JL, and qcipher; darkwing hasn't been on the forums in about two weeks, so I'm not sure if he's still in or not. And the people who had previously replied have disappeared.

I'll put a "looking for new players" on the recruitment thread sometime today.

There have been two posts by forum novices. In the Players looking for games forum.

I've at least got a site on the Refarate for the wiki, at

It's butt naked, but at least I have site so I can start transferring/organizing stuff, and trying to figure out how to do stuff. anybody want to join my introduction thread?

I was waiting to see if any (either?) of the other players wanted to jump in before I dragged in one of the Elders.