My interpretation of the PC, as it relates to apprentices is that the season of teaching must be from a magus. It can be any magus, which opens up fostering possibilities. A familiar is not a magus.

Also, going to the letter Fiona wrote, Duncan was never part of the Order, as apprentices don't take an Oath, or at least don't take an Oath as a magus, so he has no rights within the Order. He may be hunted, but House Guernicus has other matters currently occupying the bulk of their attention, or at least will shortly...

So Ulrich can be taught by Theraphosa in Winter, but he'll still need to be taught by an ordained Magus/Maga sometime during the year, then? Any volunteers? :smiley:

I can tell you who it won't be... :laughing:

Except (and correct me if I'm wrong) my understanding, based on the Magic Resistance examples on pp. 85-86, whether Ulrich uses Rego to pick up a chunk of wood, move it over to the magus, and go bambino upside his head or whether he picks it up and hurls it at him, either way it has to penetrate. The example bridging pages 85 and 86, about a "normal rock thrown by magic stops at her skin or clothes" seems to indicate that either way, he has to get a pretty hefty Penetration.

Now, if he were to move a block of wood over the magus's head and let go, then Magic Resistance is irrelevant (Aiming, p. 86), but he would have to make an aiming roll for that, too.

HOh:Societas introduced spells that are Rego based and don't require penetration. Invisible Sling of Vilano is one such spell. Not having finesse makes it risky. Of course he knows enough that he won't easily penetrate.

This did not occur to me as I was thinking of the Harco Map in the Rome Tribunal which had all of the Mercere Portals in the basement of Harco. Not in the village with the warehouses. Just different visions of what the Covenant looks like.

That was from 3rd edition where everything was Hermes Portals. Mercere Portals have a bit more permanence about them and are a bit large, in my mind. I'd say small carts could go through them easily.

I think you mean multi-cast.

No, you can fast cast more than one spell, but it has to be involved with a response to something. Multi-casting he couldn't attempt. if he had that, perhaps he could teleport more than once in this siuation.

Fast cast is ONLY a defensive action (pg83 ArM5). You would want Multi cast to cast something multiple times

IIRC, fast-cast is responding by casting a (single) spell, whereas multi-cast is casting multiple spells. In order to fast cast in response to several incoming things, I thought you needed both.

The rules for fastcasting are pretty clear.
Fastcasting is a response to something, always have a chance to respond. The ease factor, in combat, is Quickness +Finesse + Stress Die against the initiative point. Each spell after the first takes a cumulative -6 for fast casting.

We'll take Marcus, since I designed him to be a fastcast son of a gun.

His Quickness is 4, Finesse is 3 (Ignem specialty), and we'll presume an average die roll of 5, for a total of 12 for his fast cast speed. That means, he can fast cast defend against someone at initiative point 12. Let's say someone also acts against him, but at initiative point 6, he takes the -6 penalty and he can still respond. He could also respond to someone at initiative point 0 or lower. Now, this is presuming that all the stress die rolls are 5 or greater. He can keep fastcasting until he fails the speed roll.

Each fast cast spell must be either spontaneous (with firm voice and bold gestures, so no extra bonuses), or mastered for fast casting. Fast casting is a "spontaneous" reaction to some incoming threat.

Marcus can reasonably respond to two normal magi (they will typically be 5 or lower, given most magi don't put charactersitic points into quickness).

Marcus is also effective as a first strike vehicle. His initiative starts at 7, (Quickness 4 + Fast Caster 3) On average, he's acting at initiative point 12. If he's launching PoF, it's at 14, because he has Quick Casting x2. In the above example, presuming that Marcus is responding with PoFs (imagine this is what happened at Thera) he can cast 18[1] PoFs in a round at initiative points 14, again at 8, and again at 2, on average. Marcus is kinda my munchkin player. I wanted to see how over the top he could be. He was purposely designed to beat the Flambeau at one of their contests. However, he could only do it in Normandy, since to compete in the Dimicatio at the Flambeau Tournament, you have to place well in the Certamen tournament (not sure I see the wisdom of that as they measure vastly different skills/Arts, but something for another discussion).

[1]Since initiative points can be negative, it is conceivable that he could act again at initiative point -2, but...

You know, across every rpg I've ever played, I hate combat.

Jus' sayin'.

It's almost over. Part of this is working out the kinks in handling more than one person at a time.

Not sure I like it in PbP. And looking back on my RPGs in F2F, combat doesn't stand out.

Have to disagree. But it is more difficult on Pbp, no doubt.

Oh, and I've scaled down the combat quite a bit for the Lost Boy's thread. Circumstances have necessitated I keep it as short as I can.

And honestly, we have a couple of players who've designed characters for combat, so I would be remiss in not providing them some. It's is very much a story flaw for players to spend XPs on their characters. That's a big indication to me that they want some combat.

Take Isen and his Parma 10. He wants someone to fight. That's a huge XP sink!

Oh, I fully understand that I am rare in this preference.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go beat my head against a brick wall and wonder why I ever started dating again. I may be offline for a while.

My condolences?

I thought I posted this in fall of night thread, but I'll put it here so as not to clutter it.

Alexei is 40 paces away, he'll tp in front of the magus and try to spear him.

That's for the second part. I had to click submit because my boss walked in...

In any event, I like to think I provide a healthy mix of "conflict" ranging from political intrigue to actual physical conflict. In this case, the two combine. We can also begin exploring the realm of Verditian conflict, selling items, secret sales to nobles. Evading the quaesitores snooping about (ha!).