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If anyone's interested, I cobbled together a halfway decent representation of the covenant's Casting Token.

Not life-size. The actual token is about 1 inch/2.5 cm across, cast from iron, and is uncolored. The black is a relief. The green is just background to show it off. Pretend it's laying on a cloth or something.

I sure hope Talia's inspiring some chuckles...

When she said that about hoping the giants were handsome, I so wanted to paste in an "are you serious face", but I couldn't find one small enough.

Not sure what you're saying here. If there's a lab text, she learns it if her LT exceeds the level of the spell. She'd then use that as a springboard for the next spell and use a similar spell bonus. In any event, I was taking a -1 for the lab, but I wasn't checking the box for lab text, to include those bonuses. Once i did that her lab total jumps to 41. So she can easily learn that spell in a season.

Yeah, you're right...another brain fart. It's obviously bedtime :smiley: I don't know why I was thinking spell invention from scratch.

Oh good, because I was totally worried about the shortage of thieves and fences in the covenant.

Wasn't Talia just saying we need to diversify our economy?

And if we're going to pursue piracy as an income source, we need a lot of people in places to move that misbegotten cargo...

Never mind needing the thieves and fences for moving loot, we need them for when we get into creo magic and need to carefully dispose of magically created goods without arising suspicion. You know, 10,000 identical pearls of beauty requires skilful selling, whereas 1000 cubic paces of coal requires a lot of shifting (unless we all take excessively heated labs and use it for a cost saving).

Converting vis to silver is not something I'm all that keen on doing. Talia can almost do that on her own, with her Personal vis source of 8 pawns of Herbam. Conjuring the Seaworthy Cog is a 9th magnitude spell. Add a pawn of Creo vis and she can almost make a ship a year and sell it...

Considered responding to this:

"Are you talking to me?"

Complete with the Goodfellas accent? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you're probably thinking of the same actor I am, but that line came from Taxi Driver. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I hear that and I think The Goodfeathers

heh :smiley:

I keep seeing this thread as Halie Potter, with Talia Malfoy and Aodhan Weasley.

Now we just need a Hermione.

Trimalchio Granger? shrug I got nothin'.

great. Now I'm thinking Drystan Snape and Lord Volduncan. Professor MacGonEilid?

Siobhan the bonisagus as hermione. subtle, silent, effective. I can even manage to levitate a feather if I want to.


...So, funny story, when I moved up north I bought a Gryffindor house scarf. I posted a photo to Facebook of me wearing it, and immediately got a slew of comments: "Funny, I always pictured you as a Slytherin" "Sssss-thh-hisss ssssss" "Why would you break the Sorting hat?" "You're Ravenclaw at best, Slytherin at worst" "You look better in green and black" "Ditch the zeroes and get with the heroes" "Uhh, did Snape kick you out for backtalking?"

The last one is the funniest.

First cheque I get with my next job is going to a Ravenclaw robe, then a wand and a scarf, and maybe a hat.. Would have gotten one last year if it weren't for Her.

I figure it's high time I got into cosplay.