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I have a commencement robe that could easily be a Hogwarts uniform. I've already got the wire rimmed glasses and the messy black hair, so with the addition of my Gryffindor scarf, I'm totally gonna be Harry.


My internet at home went down on Friday evening which is why I haven't posted over the weekend. Hopefully it's getting fixed today.

OK, maybe Halie will gravitate more towards Hermione. Harry would be a Hoplite, anyhow.


"Um...what house elves?" scootches in front of the laundry chute

Although...either house elves have a heinous MM to not be affected by Hogwarts's Aegis, or they all have casting tokens - but you have to be careful with the form of the tokens to be sure you don't accidentally give them clothing. Hmmmmm....

(p.s. - there was a ponified Potter cameo in this week's MLP episode, during the Massive Epic Battle Scene.)

I've glanced at the rules in RoP:M for aura modification (especially the vis-extraction-scuppers-up-your-aura one :unamused: ), and don't plan on using them.

You may change your mind when some jackass takes Hermetic Alchemy and starts chugging out 30+ pawns of Terram every year... Automatically.

(Happened to me. Hated it.)

The thing that caught my eye was that, if I'm reading the rules on vis extraction affecting the aura correctly, is that it doesn't matter how much you extract, but how often. So, the Hermetic Alchemist who can extract 12 pawns of Vis in one season from the covenant's Aura actually does less damage to it then the novice who pulls three pawns a season for a year, even though they're pulling the same amount. I would think that, if they weren't equal, the former would be worse because you're pulling more, faster.

Is the aura +6 bacause there is something on the island anchoring the higher aura or because it is regio with something in the regio.

You don't really expect me to answer that this early, do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Try playing a character believably and reasonably some time, and you may get much better results. When you have the same problem over and over again, the problem is you.

Seriously. It would be really great if, just this once, you could play in a PBP saga without going out of your way to make things less fun for everyone else who's trying really hard to tolerate you.

Okay, so it looks like, for the summer, we're wanting to:

  • Investigate Eilean Chon and the Common Lab, to determine the extent of the buff aura. (Halie and Aodhan?)
  • Look into the feasability building a new structure on Eilean Chon capable of housing multiple labs.
  • Look for vis sources. (Siobhan and Talia?)

Plus, there are labs to be (re)built. I've had some express an interest in finding someone to cast The Ambulatory Laboratory for them, but nothing since.

What does Trimalchio plan on doing for the summer?

Are the covenfolk informed to not shoot at birds? Now?

Yep, birds, beaver, and deer are pretty much off limits.

But what about the new people... :smiling_imp:

They are welcome to shoot at the giant gryffin. They get one shot for free, and after that they're dinner. :stuck_out_tongue:

((moved the Eilean Chon exploration to a new thread.))

If we're handing out assignments, Aodhan will be happy to help set up labs as needed.

Trimalchio's first two seasons will be spent speaking to the covenfolk, trying to learn the strange tongue of the locals. I need to try and pick up Scots Gaelic so I can go out exploring in future years and speak to local hedge wizards. Does speaking Welsh/Cymric give me any advantage?

Not really, no.

So, he'll be spending Summer and Fall Practicing Scots Gaelic, then.