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Well, my commentary was more about not skeeving anyone out. If I make it sound like a bout sloshing along the dock does her focus apply? :smiley:

((I so want to make a tacky oral sex joke here, but I'd better not.))

Is this in the right place (Intercharacter Goodness), or should I move it to the other thread?

I was thinking Talia was done in that thread with Halie taking over.

Don't mind Caoimhe, she's just having an epileptic seizure. It happens all the time.

I was hoping I could have gotten some discussion in before your fit, to be honest.

And next time we need to work out a signal before Caoimhe pulls off a stunt. :stuck_out_tongue: Talia doesn't mind it, but right now she was really interested trying to get to the bottom of what this new covenant is doing here thankyouverymuch!

Unless Talia has an amazing Folk Ken check, she has no reason to think it's a stunt.

That's true, but again, I was operating under the impression that I'd have time to do some chatting before something like this happens. I'll respond to it, but she says takes a sip of wine, not takes her very first sip of wine, so I just kind of thought that there was time between everyone being introduced people chatting and talking about things and then she has a seizure.
Was the sip the very first sip of wine, so Talia would have no chance of talking?

It's the first sip of wine. She wants Talia to have reason not to taste any food or drink here.

She's Orcadian and they're highly superstitious. She doesn't have any actual knowledge about what faeries REALLY do, but she thinks that if we eat their food we will be stuck feasting here for eternity.

Ah. And here I was, going "dafuq just happened?" :laughing:

I would've been fine if you said it's the first sip. :smiley:

Caoimhe makes a mental note to invest in some Weasley products.

Intellego Corpus, indeed.

Do not mess in the affairs of wizards, because you are crunch and taste good with ketchup.

Try Creo Imaginem.

I'm actually having a hard time following the "deprivation of magical power" argument, myself. If it were, say, a case of one magus stealing vis from another, or a magus embezzling vis from the covenant's stores, I can see that as being deprivation.

What I'm seeing here, though, is the council voting to use vis for a specific purpose (to wit, wages for Ysebrand). The charter specifically says that the members will abide by the decisions of the council. If, for example, the Council voted not to distribute the surplus one year (for whatever reason), would that also be a case for deprivation of magical power?

Keep in mind, also (and yes, this is metagaming) that there are still some vis sources out there that Siobhan rediscovered over the summer. She hasn't said anything to anyone yet (the Secretive flaw and all), but when she leaves come Christmas, she will leave a list of vis sources somewhere. If she finds out about them all (I haven't rolled yet), that could be another 26 pawns per year.

Halie can prosecute a case of Deprivation of Magical Power against whoever votes for the covenant to support Ysebrand if she wants. She may even be able to persuade people to vote in her favor at Tribunal in two years. But based on my understanding of the Code, it really doesn't look like a strong case.

The Pact of Crun Clach specifically says that "the resources of a covenant do not contribute to the magical power of a member of the Order of Hermes. Should I lose such resources to another magus, I have no recourse within the Peripheral Code of the Loch Leglean Tribunal."

It also says that "Items taken from a covenant as spoils of war henceforth belong to the taker. Magi may make reasonable requests for the return of certain individual items, and if complaint is found, I agree that the Loch Leglean Tribunal is the correct forum for redress."

So, like Normandy, in a way, but taken to a whole other level.

Right now, the covenant knows of 51 pawns of vis a year.

Know what? Sounds like it's time to bring back the wet tunic contest! :smiley:

Haile is naked most of the time, as is Talia now. So wouldn't have quite the same effect. Of course, can't tall Talia's naked...

I've advanced Talia to Autumn 1223. She can add 11 to the LR total.
Is anyone using Ysebrand or plans to use him in the lab? I still have to have him write a mess of letters, which seems more of a chore to me right now...
And I'm on the fence as to whether he might be inclined to do this. I'm trying to work it out internally how Talia might convince him to help out.

Awesome! :laughing: Take a giggle point.

That whole letter is awesome. I'm trying to play Talia as if she vacillates between Callicclean and Hippian views. She used to take what she wanted, but that wasn't all that much fun...