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No, A Nice Chianti takes place in early November, a couple of days after All Saints'.

Ahh, ok. Well, Talia will be available.

Although I suspect Nevin, or his owner, may be in Sanctuary, much like Haile's owner.

Halie is around, and has been putting out the word that mundane visitors should be directed to her.

That's a bit presumptive...
Talia has been putting the word out that noble visitors should be directed to her. :stuck_out_tongue:

You need signs on the pathway. One saying "Hot studs" with an arrow pointing to the Whoa Buoy, and one saying "All others" pointing to Halie's cottage.

I really thought about that.

Oh, and Talia wants to [strike]sink her clutches into[/strike] have a chat with the nice Redcap when Haile's done with him.
Ysebrand would, too.

Are you serious? Talia is going to try to screw over the covenant by having mundanes sent to her instead of the Gently Gifted one?

I wonder why I bother ever trying.

Did you see the raspberry? It's like a joke. But, in all seriousness, Talia will take a dim view of all mundanes being sent to Haile first, Gently Gifted or not. Just because she's not Gently gifted doesn't mean she can't interact with people. Yeah, she may creep them out for a while, but that's what extending Parma is for in a covenant setting. Yeah, people may get skeezed out but after a few minutes, they'll calm down and find she's not so bad. Oh hey, she's kinda hawt. I think she's making eyes at me. I think I want to bone her.
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Edit: changed 'come down' to 'calm down.' DYAC.

Speaking of...

Is Halie going to do anything further in that thread, or should we just move on?

Sorry, lost track of that one.

Good thing the Blizzard authentication servers are down.

I'm not quite sure if this is a bribe or a peace offering.

When a girl gets the "I'm into you vibe" and wants to head it off at the pass, she introduces him to someone he can sleep with. At best they'll hit it off and then it's No Longer My Problem. At worst he'll hit it and still hang around anyway, but you can demur about how awkward it would be for us to date "because my friend still has feelings for you" (even if she doesn't).

S'what I get for not using a smiley-face, I guess :smiley:

This presumes Talia is overly picky...

I really debated on how far I wanted to take this. But I figure that Talia is the kind of girl who thinks if one is good two or more are better. At once even. I dunno, I have to figure that lechery, for a woman, probably extends just a bit beyond looseness. That and she's kinda damaged from her pater. Sometimes that creates hungers that can't be sated, because of the psychological issues.
And of course, this has consequences, whether he's interest in sharing or not.

Seriously, i'm going to take this rope until I hang Talia or myself, so if anyone wants me to tone it down a bit, please holler. If not, your silence will be taken as tacit acceptance.

My vision for Talia is coalescing around a merging of characters from the movie Tombstone: Josephine and Doc. She looks more like Josephine, obviously. She combines their...hungers.

Edit: Homonym attack. Sheesh.

This is separate from the assistance-for-vis thing?

If it gets too out of hand, somebody will come make her invent a R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Room PeIm spell to keep the noise from leaving the room...which would be Level 25. Or MuIm to make sound like leaves rustling to anyone outside the room (Level 15). :smiley:

So, something like this (borderline sfw, not naked or anything, but it's kind of pinup-y) or this?

Well, it is Scotland, Talia's not going to be walking around in a basque.