1223.1: A Curious Occurance (Caiomhe)

One bright and early morning in the first few days of Spring, Caiomhe cuts her way through the water in her seal form back home from another rendezvous with Godiva. She passes under the eastern leg of the pier with no trouble. As she climbs onto the shore of Eilean Chon and removes her skin, she notices that the big wooden building that's supposed to be there, isn't. As she looks around, she sees that the pier is gone, the dock on the far side of the island is gone, and she can't see any sign of people on the shore.

"What the bloody blazes," she mutters.

She walks to the spot where the house is supposed to be, with arms extended, fully expecting to run into an invisible building.

When she finds nothing, and sees the bridge is gone, she puts back on her skin and swims for the shore, where people are supposed to be. "HALLOOOO?" she calls out, as loudly as her damn fine lungs can manage.

She doesn't run into anything. In fact, the ground where the lab building would be is still uneven.

(I'm assuming that she hits the water closest to shore?)

There's absolutely no sign that there have ever been people here. The gravel paths are gone, there are no houses. The only signs of life are the flies buzzing around, and a deer that was grazing on the shore but looked up and took off when she hollered.


Caoimhe puts her skin back on and swims up the loch, to see if her girlfriend's home has disappeared too.

((Are you to where you can make an Awareness check for her, or do you want me to?))

((Nope, chiselling boxes of reagents out of a freezer that iced over.))

((Boy, that sounds like fun. :unamused: ))

Caiomhe's Per 0 + Awareness 2 + die roll of 2 = 4.

((Is she sliding into the water from the mainland shore?))

She swims to where Orientali Litori should be, climbs onto shore, and finds that the forest that lines the lakeshore is now impenetrable, a solid wall of tree trunk.

I could burn it all down, she considers, but then thinks better of it.

She goes back to where the covenant should be, crosses herself, recites the entire rosary, turns three times widdershins with her eyes closed, utters one more Ave Maria, then suspiciously opens one eye. Seeing that she hasn't managed to bluff God into thinking she's actually devout enough that he should perform any miracles for her, she scowls and puts her skin back on.

She swims back to the island, stands on the shore where she first noticed everything disappearing, and tries to backtrack-- literally. (She walks backwards off the island, swims backwards in the direction she came from, and surfaces onto the mainland backwards, too.)

(Assuming she exited the regio properly...)

Relieved to see reality restored to itself, she goes straight to the Whoa Buoy and bursts into Talia's room (without knocking). "Do you think that was funny?!?!?" she shouts. "You crazy bint! Play a trick like that on me again and you'll find yourself locked in a convent for the rest of your life!"

Predictably, Talia is in flagrante delicto. She is astride Sal's head, "What-uh-are-uh-you talking-ooo, right there, Sal, yes! yes! Talia screams out and after a few moments she regains her composure, but hasn't moved and Sal hasn't stopped, "What did you want?" Sal's tongue is rather long and extremely thick, reminiscent of an elaborate dagger pommel.

Caoimhe grabs some piece of lab equipment and throws it against the wall, before storming off the ship.

She'll seek out Drystan, since he seems like, old, and thus probably "in charge."

"Sal, I need to go, we'll get together later." Talia will chase after Caoimhe, at least not being clothed makes it easy...
"Caoimhe, calm down and talk to me. You know better than to barge into a maga's quarters, I could've burned you to a crisp if I had been doing something dangerous. Luckily, I was just doing Sal during a study break. What's going on? You have a fight with Godiva?"

Caoimhe's eyes narrow to slits. "You know exactly what you did, and playing dumb isn't going to fool me. I'm going to your authorities to lodge a formal complaint about your petty little stunt. Just can't stand to see anyone else happy, can you? Well. Abuse magic on some other muggle! I've had enough! We'll see what Drystan has to say about it."

She pounds on Drystan's door, frantically enough that he might think it's a police raid :stuck_out_tongue:

As she stands on the island and prepares to walk backwards into the water, she realizes (Int -3 + die roll of 9 = 6) that, as she looks down, her shadow is directly before her, and that when she noticed everything was gone, that the sun was directly at her back. Thinking, she can't remember having come onto the island with the sun directly at her back before. So, she decides to try swimming directly into the sun. Once she gets out a short ways from the island, she surfaces and looks back, and everything is the way it should be.

"I don't know what you're talking about! I've been with Sal for about, she looks at the sky and notices the sun has gone down, does some figuring in her head, "four hours now. Damn, I'm going to have to stay up late tonight studying." She digresses a bit and returns back to the topic,"Ask any of my crew, you know they won't lie to you. Tell me what happened, I promise I didn't do or say anything to Robin or Godiva that would hurt you."

((Just fyi, this is just under hour after sunrise.))

"Right, because you totally couldn't get them to corroborate your story. You probably muddled with their memories just to make your prank more believable. MISTER DRYSTAN! TALIA IS USING MAGIC ON ME! I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!," she shouts at the top of her lungs, pounding on his door as hard as she can.

"I don't even know any Mentem magics. If I did we wouldn't be standing her with you acting all hysterical, now. Would we?". She gives a stern look. "WOULD WE?!"

Drystan opens the door and looks at the two women on his front stoop. "This isn't a social call, is it?" he says, then opens the door for them. (There's not a sanctum marker on his cottage door).

"What seems to be the problem?" He looks directly at Caiomhe, but fails in his efforts to keep his eyes up here. ((I'm assuming that Caiomhe never dressed, since she went straight to Talia's cabin, and that Talia is dressed in her normal phantasmal garb.))

(She's probably grabbed a shift or a robe.)

"Talia made everything on the island and shore disappear. They weren't just invisible-- I walked up to where that lab building should have been, and it was not there-- the ground was uneven too, like there had never been any building there. The shore was bare too-- everything was like it had never existed. I swam to the other end of the loch, and the castle there wasn't just gone, but all the trees had grown together in a big wall, until I came back to the island where she'd first cast her spells, and I retraced all my steps backwards and finally managed to undo the magic. She'd even noved my shadow for Pete's sake! Wizards can't just use magic on anyone just to make us think we're crazy, can they? It's not right! And I won't stand for it!!"