1224 OOC

I don't have any seasonal stories planned for the Spring of 1224. Summer of 1224 is going to be Tribunal, which starts on August 1 (Lùnastal, or Lammas). Needless to say, that's a season in which no one in Loch Leglean gets any lab activities done.

So, Spring is pretty much Free Time for everyone. Go ahead and do your seasonal plans, and participate in the Spring thread I'm fixing to do for whatever. i know there's going to be some Council Business that I'll post tomorrow.

I think Spring for Iolair is basically go to be the first season of him setting up his lab, he probably won't be doing much else.

I'll have to double check this, but I believe Aodhan can learn the Items of Quality Mystery in the season that he starts it in, but if he has to travel it will likely take him into this season as well to finish it off. If he can learn it in one season, then he'd make something with it for this season. Any requests?

I'm assuming this is for the whole year, rather than just spring...

I want a pony.
Actually, I don't know what I want now. I expect, given the foreshadowing that Fengheld is going to come down on Talia rather soon... It's put me in a bit of analysis paralysis.

Once Aodhan has the Mystery he'll be eager to try it out, if the covenant provides the 1 pawn of Vim vis, he'd be happy to churn out a bunch of those.

Regarding the ship, items of wood give a bonus on controlling dead wood, and I think a wheel or sail would help too right?

Well, if rowing were the primary propulsion method for the ships she can make with Conjuration of the Seaworthy Cog. I would agree with you about controlling wood. But, doing something to the tiller/wheel/rudder wouldn't, IMO make much a difference.

The sail on the other hand, does have bonuses to +4 Affect Winds and +7 Sailing. How's Aodhan's weaving? :smiley:

Not too great, but on the other hand I think he can make do without actually creating the item himself and just imbuing it if he gets a good sail. I'd assume the +7 Sailing would be the preferred bonus, it's pretty beefy. If it came down to it, he could spend a season learning how to, another season making it, and the last season imbuin it maybe. I have the book with me, I'll check it on my break.

Do you have an MT of 7? I wasn't sure you had gotten that far, yet...

Correction, Philosophae is the limit in this instance... so 4 is it.

Yeah, +4 would be the limit, plus he has to make a magic item in the first place, and then travel to the nearest Forge of Hephaestus, there isn't one on the British Isles I'm assuming?

So most likely Winter of 1223 and Spring of 1224 will be spent working and travelling to get these done.

So Summer of 1224 we can start making some Items of Quality. He'd be happy to make a few during the year. Need to get a better Philosophaie book, or rather get a book period.

For the Magic Item as part of the Initiation, he'll imbue a scale as a lesser enchanted item that casts Scales of the Magical Weight once a day, and then also make a nonmagical scale. It will cost a pawn of Intellego or Vim to make. Can he get the vis for that?

IIRC, the only Forge of Hephaestus is in Verdii, unless there is one in Lemnos, too, which would be reasonable. Either way, you're looking at a long, long journey. Might even need a ship or something. :smiley:

Indeed, the only other thing i can think of is if Tintavius has an AC, because he has to go with. But to be honest, he's such a miserable SOB, it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't have one. So maybe a boat trip is in order, I'll grab some Hermetic Dramamine.

Judging by the travel times from City and Guild Naval trade Tables, it's a season there and back again, by boat.
Edinburg to Brittany Junction: 13 Days
Brittany Junction to Gibralter Junction: 18 days
Gibralter Junction to Palermo (which is close enough to call it Verdii when starting from Gibralter, IMO):18 days
For a total of 49 days there. 49 back makes it 98 days...
Add in a couple of days each way for Inverness to Edinburgh...
Then there's the time spent there...
Dealing with travel issues like pirates, paying the tolls to cross through the Pillars of Hercules twice...

Depending on how this plays out, Talia might be interested in captaining the vessel for this voyage, or at least being on board, as she can be in her lab until there's an issue that requires her attention. That is, presuming we can get her ship up the river Ness again, Peregrine kinda made it a one way trip, and Talia's Arts aren't really capable of handling it otherwise. But, if Talia can have her lab, and her crew is paid, she'll take the Whoa Buoy. If not, can take the Go Get'em Buoys, and Talia will stay at home, and someone else can play captain. :smiley:

Umm, PG's original post says that the Tribunal is in the Summer, so no lab activities (or anything non-Tribunal related I'm guessing) during that time.

Details, schmetails... don't bother Qcipher... :laughing:

Yeah, between travel, the tribunal, and travel again, it's going to eat up any lab time you have. Of course, you can always decide not to go to Tribunal and either send your sigil with someone or just not have your vote counted. Which could be construed as "prudent" use, I guess.

And Talia's going to Tribunal... So Aodhan will have to deal with an unruly crew.

"The crew gets ta have sex wit' da captain whenever we want, when we's at sea. And since Talia ain't aboard, she done named you da captain. Which means..."

Not sure Aodhan's gonna go for that. :smiley:

shake my head.

How's his CrIm? :smiling_imp:

If there's one thing that you've learned about me :wink: