1227.2t The Certamen Tournament

Magi battle to the pain in Certamen. :smiley:

Tranquillina is willing to join the Certamen tournament, although with no particular hopes of doing well.

Any discussions regarding who's doing what event, and who is comprising Mons Electi's team of champions should go into the Tribunal preparations thread.

Korvin and Tranquillina can both do the Certamen tournament, and Korvin can also do the Dimicatio, if he'd like.

Let's do one at a time, just like the Dimicatio.

I need a roll for the ladder to place Korvin and Tranquillina in. A botch by one will pit them against Maris right away. If both botch the competitor roll, they face off against each other and then Maris. :smiley: Higher rolls are good, putting you into an easier bracket. A low roll may put you in Maris's bracket, but position you to face her later in the process...

Korvin rolls 1d10=8

Tranquillina rolls stress die 3.
I see how this is going....

Tranquillina lands in Maris's bracket, and it is pretty heavy with Tremere. Her competitor is brand new to the Tribunal, and the Order, but is familiar to Tranquillina. Rose was presented as a gauntleted Magus, keeping her name. There were murmurings that Rose rushed her apprenticeship, as she is quite young (20-21).

Determining the form will be based on a die roll: Odds Technique, Even Form, roll for which one to pick then pick, and then I'll pick the other Art for the contest.

I'll pick up Korvin's bracket after Tranquillina's fnished. She'll meet Maris by round 3. :smiling_imp:

DESTINED FOR GLORY: The Tranquillina Certamen Story :unamused:

Question: in this Tournament Certamen, are vetos of initial Arts allowed?
Standard procedure for me is to do an OoH Lore roll to see what I know about the Arts of my opponent. I'll do that here, although I have my suspicions already :mrgreen: ((Int 3 + OoH Lore 1 + stress die 4 = 8.))
Odd/even roll is 4: Tranquillina is designated the "defender" and will choose the Form. If vetos aren't allowed, I'll pick Corpus of course; if vetos are in, I'll consider my options.

Vetos are not allowed and vis is not allowed.
Well, she can suspect that Maris, and by extension Rose are gifted with Rego, given what she knows about Apollodorus. It's a bit of deduction, but not hard to get to. About the time she works it out.
"I choose Rego, Tranquillina.

Roll for initiative, attack and defense. Pick your arts for attacking and defending, and much like the Certamen with Roberto, I'll roll randomly to determine what Art Rose will use to attack with, so I'm not acting with perfect knowledge.

Before the duel begins: "Welcome to our Tribunal meeting, Rose, and congratulations on passing your Gauntlet! I hope you have an enjoyable and satisfying meeting ... other than the next few minutes, of course."

Tranquillina is very unsurprised to hear Rose choose Rego; it's not a terrible Technique from her own perspective. As long as there's no Soldier's Hearth here, she says wryly to herself.

She takes a deep breath and enters the Certamen trance (probably she's done this at most a dozen times before in her life, other than learning it from Cumhachd - an unpleasant memory...). She conjures up a large phantasm of an extremely lithe man with impeccable posture, dressed formally for a ball; his left arm is straight out to his side, while his right arm is held in a semicircle at shoulder height, inviting a partner to join him. He wears a rose in his lapel.

Weakening Total modifier: Int 3 + Penetration 2 = 5.
Resistance Total: Sta -3 + Parma Magica 4 = 1.
Initiative: Qik -1 + Finesse 2 + stress die 6 = 7.

Tranquillina's Pre and Per are both +2, so she can allocate totals of 2 + Co 28 = 30 and 2 + Re 9 = 11 back and forth. For the first round, she'll be conservative and stack up on defense.
Attack, round 1: 11 + stress die 9 = 20.
Defense, round 1: 30 + stress die 7 = 37.

Rose responds...
She conjures a giant phantasm to smash at Tranquillina's phantasms...


Her Weakening Total is 3
Resistance Total is 3
Initiative is a roll of 9 above + 2=11
Rego is 10, Corpus is 8.

Attack Round 1

Attack Art is 10, even, so Corpus

She got an exploder on the attack roll above, and follows it up with a whopping 2
Attack is: 4 (die above) + 8 Art +8 Focus=20
Defense is 8 (die above) + 10 Art=18
Tranquillina has a 2 point AA, which translates into a 7 Weakening Total, versus a 3 Resistance Total, which means Rose loses a fatigue level

You didn't forget to add her Pre and Per, did you? Maybe they're both 0.

The male phantasm turns his right shoulder to meet the onrushing ogre, cushioning its blow easily by bending at the knees. Hmph ... no nuance, Rose, Tranquillina disapproves. She controls her dancer to spin away from the ogre, extending his leg to trip it slightly on the second twirl.

For the time being, she keeps the dancer's steps in a circle around the ogre, daring it to charge clumsily again and waiting for an opening. (same Art assignment; now writing Defense first since Rose won Initiative)
Defense, round 2: 30 + stress die 1 / exploder 7 = 44. Feelin pretty safe this time....
Attack, round 2: 11 + stress die 8 = 19.

I did...
I suck.
It doesn't matter, though, she'd still lose a fatigue level and fail to overcome Tranquillina's defense.
Rose is an amuse bouche to the buffet of Certamen competitors. She knows it. :smiley:


So the Art rose is attacking with is a 1, there fore Rego
Her Pre and Per are +2 and +1, respectively

Rose's giant is surprisingly fast and he attacks with a sudden, if impotent fury.

Round 2:
Attack: 2+10+6 (exploder die was a wapping 3 above)=18
Defense: 1 +8+8+2=19

Which is a push.
Round 3...

If Rose is an amuse bouche, Tranquillina is still just an hors d'oeuvre :confused:

Tranquillina has felt out Rose's phantasm a bit now. While it is certainly nimble enough to be wary of, she suspects that Rose chose its apparently imposing form to disguise the fact that its solidity is far from a match for Tranquillina's deceptive dancer. (She swallows hard briefly: maybe someone carrying a lot of vis chanced to walk by the bout just then.) Indeed, his ability to sustain the initial blows without tiring Tranquillina is encouraging. She decides to go on the offensive.

Tranquillina interrupts her dancer's weaving, reversing him into a high jump and spin. For a brief moment in the air, he might be vulnerable to another charge by the ogre; however, once he touches down, she will pivot him straight at the ogre, meeting it body to body, and hope to use her momentum to force it into a seemingly back-breaking dip, like what's all the rage in Iberia.

(Exchanging Arts:)
Defense, round 3: 11 + stress die 0 (no botch) = 11. Bah, hoping to survive until....
Attack, round 3: 30 + stress die 1 / exploder 6 = 42.
Clearly the dice agree that this round shall see some carnage :smiling_imp:

Rose responds...
Defense exploder die of 9

Attack is with Corpus

Attack is : 8 + 8 + 2 + 2=20
Defense is 10 +18 +1=29

Roses's giant lands a glancing blow on the nimble dancer (glancing like George Foreman!)
Rose's AA 20-11=9
Rose's Weaking is 9+3=12 vs Tranquillina's resistance of 1, is 11, Tranquillina loses 3 more levels of fatigue

Tranquillia's dancer kicks nimbly at the giant, seeming to float up the height of the giant, kicking it all the way up to its head
AA= 42 -29=13
Weaking of 13 + 5 =18 vs a Resistance of 3, for 3 levels of fatigue lost.

Tranquillina is down to Dazed (-5) and Rose is down to Tired (-3)

Carnage indeed!

aw man. Nice defense roll Rose :astonished:
hey hold on ...
I thought Tranquillina was still at full Fatigue - it was Rose who had lost a level already?
if so, and Rose is at Dazed, does she yield?

Quoting the hidden post. Yes, you're right, I'm wrong, I suck more. :smiley:

Yield? That's for losers. She's at -5, Tranquillina is at -3.

((yeah - what's up with random hidden post?))

Tranquillina is a generally delicate person, but even she can't remember the last time she got so tired, so quickly, from a single moment of magic use. She struggles to keep her dancing phantasm under rigid control. Fortunately, she sees that Rose's ogre is listing to the side, and even occasionally flickering out briefly ... but not stopping - it seems that the young maga's attitude is that yielding is (almost by definition) for losers. She'll make a mistake soon, Tranquillina assures herself - don't do anything foolish. She shifts the dance into a staid waltz, with arms held to frame his upper body - an energy-saving dance that should allow a good eye to be kept on the opposing phantasm.

(Exchanging Arts back - defensive mode)
Defense, round 4: 30 - 3 + stress die 3 = 30.
Attack, round 4: 11 - 3 + stress die 7 = 15.


Attack is with Corpus.

Attack: 9+8+8+2-5=22; ineffective against Tranquillina's defense.
Defense: is 10+0+1-5=6

Rose is out. Tranquillina advances to the next round... She'll be able to rest and be fresh before the next match.

Go ahead and do a competitor roll; it will determine whether the weaker or stronger of the opponents advances in your bracket.
Also go ahead and and do a roll to determine whether you select you the Technique or Form.

  1. :exclamation:
    Tranquillina would like a quick word with Rose today, actually. But at the moment she's literally unconscious, yes?

Competitor roll: 2. I'm guessing that means I'm up against someone a little more powerful than Rose....
Art roll: 5, odd, so I'm the "challenger" and choose Technique.

Once I know who the competitor is, I'll see what I know about their Arts, particularly their Techniques: Int 3 + OoH Lore 1 + stress die 4 = 8, +1 for lineages.