1227.2t The Joust

((That works))

Alexei salutes his opponent again grimly. The next pass would determine if he progressed or not and if someone was cheating...

1d10+13 → [8,13] = 21

1d10+13 → [7,13] = 20

He'll spend a Confidence on his Defense roll if he needs to, he can at least force another round.

Attack: Dex -2, Great Weapon 6, +3 Mounted, Wpn +4=11+Die Roll
Defense: Qik 2, Single Wpn 5, Heater 3=10 +Die Roll.


Attack total of 15.
Defense total of 17.

Artorius salutes, and at the signal they begin the charge. He fails to connect and Alexei lands another hit, and moves on to the next round, the Elite Eight.

Roberto is on hand to hold the lance :slight_smile:

Alexei gets off his horse and partakes of weak watered down wine to quench his thirst. He shakes hands with Artorius. "Well done Sodale, we shall surely have much competition from you in your no doubt long career. I hope you enjoy the rest of the Tribunal." Alexei is sincere in his well-wishes, but he is a bit distracted by the events. From there he looks for Roberto. The lance that he is entrusted with is obviously the staff that Alexei always carries. It is a well carved oaken staff and has a prominent Amber stone towards the top of it.

"Roberto. Thank you for safeguarding this. I would like to use it in the joust, but it is too easy to be used against me. The entire staff is magical and so shall be resisted by their Parma, the glove I put on allows me to strike with force with it. Someone...I don't think the competitor I faced, cast a spell on it, the glove. Either the spell made the glove magical or it loosed it enough so that the staff would strike and so deflect off his Parma. The first time I was in the tourney, I tilted against Rotgers and my Parma was tested multiple times. I believe it might have been him. Would you look out for him for me please? See if he is using anything but of course you must not scry. I have informed Ariel, but she would need some kind of proof." he takes a deep breath and wipes his face with a towel. "I would not have expected someone from Bonisagus to joust so well, my mistake, I should mever underestimate my opponent. Have you seen Fiona?"

At the end of the Joust, Arotrius' mount disappears with a flick of Artorius's wrist.

((What really happened is that Artorius has a good animal, herbam and Imaginem score. Alexei hit him with his leather covered lance in the first round, Artorious took the hit, sized Alexei up, and then deliberately killed his real horse and then conjured a phantasmal horse. He then warded himself against animal, which caused Alexei's lance to be pushed away at the last moment due to the animal ward. Such a tactic is useful against Rotgiers who is rumored to have a spell that changes his lance to bone...))

((Fiona went off to sulk, mope, get all emo after she got owned by Rotgiers in the certamen. Probably not that hard to find...pretty hard to hide a nine-foot-tall redhead.))

Alexei removes his helmet and gloves and leaves them and the horse in Michel's care as he sets out for Fiona. With Fiona's size and appearance she should be easy to find, but Alexei's eyes have been getting worse. Inevitably he does and sits in the ground beside her.

"Since when does the fair maid fight for the honour of the knight?" he asks after a moment and then makes slight laugh. "That was very brave and you conducted yourself with honour."

[color=blue]"Thank you, my friend," Fiona says with a slight catch in her voice, as she wipes the tears from her cheeks. [color=blue]"But I can't remember ever being that humiliated in my life."

Alexei nods his head. "My own Parens came from House Tremere, much like Rotgers, before joining Flambeau. They know secrets of Certamen that they are forbidden to share." he offers, knowing it can't do much to lessen the sting she felt. "I advance to the later rounds...with luck Rotgers and I shall meet across the field again. I don't intend to leave him on his horse or in full working order, last time I broke his arm...this time I'll crush him. That I promise you."

Fiona swallows the lump in her throat and hugs Alexei. She then casts a quick, spontaneous Creo Herbam to create a white scarf. ((Base 2, I think, to "create a processed plant product," +2 magnitudes for "treated and processed Herbam products", R: Touch (+1), D: Sun (+2), T: Individual, for a final target Level of 15. CT is Cr 6 + He 10 + Sta 3 + Aura 5 + die roll of 4 = 28, halved is 14. She's going to spend a Confidence Point to get it up to 31, halved is 16.))

She ties the scarf around his neck, then kisses him on one cheek. [color=blue]"For luck."

She kisses the other cheek, and says [color=blue]"For courage."

She finishes by kissing him on the lips, not a passionate kiss but not a quick peck either. [color=blue]"To ensure you come back unharmed," she says with a grin. [color=blue]"Now stop blushing and get back on the field, you have a joust to win!"

Alexei needs to make rolls...
Competitor, initiative, attack and defense for the third round in the elite eight.

Yeah, I had a post that got eaten yesterday, and now I'm at the office and can't make any rolls. With the holidays and all I might me able to make those rolls late tonight.

But if not, Merry Christmas to all!

That's fine, I thought I'd just get this moving again...

((And here I was thinking that Fiona's kiss broke Alexei's brain :laughing: ))

Alexei blushes after Fiona's kiss and then steps back and makes an elaborate bow and then stands up, giving the scarf a flourish as he wraps it about his neck once more.

"With this I cannot fail m'lady!" he turns to the field. "Michel! Helmut! I have a joust to win!" he calls to them as he marches to the field with a spring in his step.

Competitor roll:
1d10 → [9] = (9)

1d10+13 → [6,13] = (19)

1d10+13 → [2,13] = (15)

If a Confidence point would turn the block succesful he'll spend it.

Fiona watches Alexei leave with a smile and a slight chuckle, then follows him. When she gets to the stands, she will basically bull her way to the front, where she will watch the proceedings intently. (Unless, as hosts, we have like a Review Stand or something that has a great view right on the rail...basically, she wants ringside seats as close as possible.)

Alexei takes the field against Desiderius Tytali.

Attack: Dex 3, Great Weapon 6+2, +3 Mounted, Wpn +4=18+Die Roll
Defense: Qik 2, Single Wpn 4, Heater 3=7 +Die Roll.

Initative roll of 7, Attack roll of 5, Defense Roll of 9
Initiative or this round is 9
Attack total is 23 vs Alexei's defense of 15, 8 AA; I believe this is easily within your soak range, so no damage.
Defense total is 16 vs Alexei's Attack of 19, 3 AA; Desiderius soaks this damage.

Next round.

((So one to one right now? I'll make the rolls later tonight, I might be able to do one of them before my party starts. I host a small New Year's party every year with my geeky friends. Last year it was Fruit Ninja on the Xbox and those absurdly violent Japanese movies Dracula Girl meets Frankenstein Girl and also Tokyo Gore Police. No clue what will happen tonight))

Yup. He's pretty good.

Alexei acknowledges the hit and offers a quick salute before putting the spurs to his horse.

((One for the road :slight_smile:

1d10+13 → [2,13] = (15)
invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3846047/ ((Alexei might be having trouble with his lance :blush: ))

1d10+13 → [6,13] = (19)

Defense is more important here again, if a Confidence point will block his strike he'll spend it.))