1227.2t You Heard It Here, First

((General topic for stuff that doesn't quite fit elsewhere. An extended conversation between Wirth and Roberto... Anyone getting into trouble buying stuff. Whatever.))

General schedule is three days of Tribunal business followed by three days of the Tournament, and then a day of feasting and celebration closing it all up.

Enter the Kangaroo is the first part of the Tribunal business, and then it will go into other Tribunal matters. It might or might not take all three days, but three days is planned, and it will not take more than three days. The tournament events are below and noted for the day and time of day. Events are staggered, so that most competitors can be well rested between contests.

For example, if you win a Certamen or Dimicatio bout but are down to -3 Fatigue, you'll be able to rest enough before the next round so you're fresh (roughly an hour). -5 Fatigue will require a stamina roll to improve the fatigue (EF 9) to recover all of the fatigue, and you have to make it with the -5 Fatigue first, waiting an hour will get you to -3 Fatigue, and if you recover fatigue with the roll, you move up to -1... Failure doesn't do anything, a botch might knock you out.

Morning events

  1. Certamen Tournament
  2. Dimicatio
  3. The Joust

Afternoon events:

  1. Hastilidium
  2. The Melee
  3. Falcon Ball

Roberto scouts out the fair looking for Wirth :smiley:

Well, it will be difficult, given the people and turmoil, but they should be able to find each other :laughing: Especially as wirth is at times holding Edward on his shoulders, which makes him stand out in the crowd.

(I'd have liked Wirth to do a batman on roberto, but the family doesn't help :laughing: )

Easy. Wirth spots Roberto first and hands Edward off to Clara. Roberto sees them, joyfully approaches, and Wirth sneaks up on him from behind.
And to keep a lng story short, Roberto unloads everything on him. Amicus before "cabal". All his problems and frustrations and questions; Appollodorus, Duresca Scrolls, inactivity, banditry, kangaroo court, stupid tourney rules, stupid Marcos, stupid Flanders...
and so on.

Fiona will spend the bulk of the Tribunal basically socializing, glad-handing, making sure everyone's happy (she is Interpres, after all, as well as Deputy Vilicus). She makes sure that the servants know that if any of our esteemed guests have any questions or problems, they can send for her.

She also (in a slightly-related vein) has Moire casually spread the word that she is available and...doesn't exactly suffer from a crippling gender bias. (Although the outfit she made after Korvin's Certamen probably won't hurt. :smiley: )

And she keeps an ear open for anything useful, out of the ordinary, or that might catch her eye (or ear, or any other body part). While she won't go hunting down Whitburh, she will keep an eye out for her and will try to catch her if she can.

A couple of weeks before Tribunal, Praxiteles appears just outside of the gatehouse of the southern gate to Mons Electi. He tells the grog who he is and he is here to visit Fiona... And also, to request a robe he left here on his last visit.

((Does he appear, as in Leap of Homecoming or Seven-League Stride, or does he arrive? If the former, then...))
[color=blue]"Is he...clothed?" she asks.

Regardless, she retrieves the robe that was brought to her by one of the servants who was cleaning the room after Alips had left but had never gotten around to letting them know that she had.

She dresses in something relatively sexy and drapes his robe over hear arm, then goes to meet him at the gatehouse.

[color=blue]"Ah, Praxiteles, my friend. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

"No, he's naked. He appears to be winded, too." The page replies.

Of course, by the time Fiona arrives with the robes, Praxiteles appears to be recovered. He kisses Fiona warmly as a greeting, but immediately cuts to the chase, "I was hoping to impose on your hospitality, Fiona. If Alips and I might stay at Mons Electi during the upcoming Tribunal. I'm planning to attend, and Alips will arrive with Petronius and others from Laurus Argenti, but, despite her being used to the Gift, having so many different magi about can distress her. And she and I might be separated at times, and having a place far away from the activities of Tribunal would be relaxing for her. You don't even need to provide us a token, and I don't take that personally." He says the last with a look suggesting he knows why Fiona knows it might be a problem, and presumably everyone else at Mons Electi knows that, Valerian and Praxiteles are or were amicus.

Fiona (somewhat reluctantly) hands Praxiteles his robe, murmuring [color=blue]"It's almost a shame to cover up such a fine piece of art" as he dresses.

[color=blue]"My understanding is that the Tribunal will be casting an Aegis for the Tribunal, which would not overlap that of Mons Electi,so you would be needing to get one from them anyway."

[color=blue]"Would you want the same suites you had a couple of years ago? Or would you prefer something on the regio side, away from pretty much everything? I would love to have you and your wife stay with me during Tribunal, if you're willing. If not, I'll see if I can find someplace acceptable to you."

"I think it best that I not keep quarters within another maga's sanctum. So staying on the manor side is just fine, as long as we can be escorted to the Tribunal, oh and the Tournament as we may. I'm planning to compete in your Tournament. A bit of a dare really." He seems to be unaware of the gravity of the Tournament.

[color=blue]"I quite understand, I remember Alips saying something to that effect a couple years ago. I just thought I'd make the offer. Perhaps I can join you for dinner, if you have the time, while you're here. I believe the suite you had before is available, if that's fine with you."

She grows a little concerned at the last bit Praxiteles said. [color=blue]"Dare? Who dared you to enter the Hermetic Tourney, which is how many of the Tribunal's vis sources are allocated? And whom would you be competing for, if I may ask?"

"It's nothing to be concerned about, dear Fiona. My eyes have been opened, and my preternatural control of magic leaves me well equipped to handle the Dimicatio." Praxiteles is completely unconcerned about the nature of the event, and it's possible dangers. Although, Fiona is reminded of his handling of the spilled wine glass at their initial introduction a couple of years back, and her concerns are nominally allayed.
"And I'm competing for myself. Ceonobites are not uncommon in the Tournament, so I would be competing on my own, for my own... glory, if you will."

Fiona nods. At least he's not competing for one of the other covenants...that could get awkward, she thinks, and mentally goes over Mons Electi's competitors. Just Roberto, the newcomer, and she would have no real qualms cheering Praxiteles on for most of the tournament.

[color=blue]"I have no doubt that you will represent yourself very well...you always have."

She smiles at him. [color=blue]"I take it your luggage will be accompanying Alips and your sodales in a couple of weeks. Do you plan on Creo'ing clothing until then, or...?" She turns toward the manor house.

[color=blue]"Regardless, let's get you situated. I'm sure we have a lot of...catching up to do."

((This is weird....))
"Yes, my things will be coming later. I can beat these robes clean with a bit of effort." Praxiteles takes her hand and they go to his suite, and he makes it up to her. However, Fiona notices he never really finishes, although Fiona finishes rather often.

((Yes it is.))

When they're done (or close enough to it) and they're snuggling, Fiona continues to caress him. [color=blue]"Is everything all right?" she asks, a little worriedly.

"Yes, everything is fine. Were you satisfied? We can go again, if necessary?" Praxiteles seems distracted, but then finally comes clean."Abigail and I umm, well, chased each other a bit last time, but she always demurred, or came calling when I was in the midst of your Pegasus. Well, I received a letter not too long ago, but not from her. From a Merceris Maga in Iberia. She indicated that the stars would be in alignment, and that Abigail had requested I arrive now, and we well, tomorrow. She intends to get pregnant and apparently Azura will be working a ritual designed to increase the chances of that. Finally, I also received a letter from her father with his blessing. It's just so surreal. I've normally engaged in the chase, and have never been caught for a purpose such as this."

Fiona hmmms thoughtfully as she listens. Why would anyone want to become pregnant, let alone go to such lengths to ensure that it happens? she wonders, as she thinks back on her own childhood and her own [strike]reasons[/strike] excuses for not being more active when she was younger.

[color=blue]"Isn't she Jewish? I thought they put a lot of stock in family, and being married. I'm surprised that her father would encourage her having a child out of wedlock." She looks at him for a long moment.

She then kisses him tenderly. [color=blue]"You do want a child by her, don't you?"

"I don't have the patience to train an apprentice. So this is a surprising alternative, A child I don't have to be responsible for, and Alips doesn't have to be responsible for is perhaps the best of all possibilities. I've heard tell that Gifted individuals sometimes pass on some of their nature to their progeny, if they have progeny."

Fiona arches a brow and tries not to roll her eyes ((Com 2 + Guile (Hiding true feelings) 3 + die roll of 6 = 11.))

[color=blue]"A child you don't have to be responsible for?" she says.