1228-1229 OOC

The drama in this story is reaching epic proportions. :laughing:

I have an all-day work marathon tomorrow, so my posting might be a bit slow for a few days. See you on the other side :wink:

I'm having a broken wisdom tooth extracted Wednesday and the other one on that same side is coming out, too. I have no idea what I'll be like after Wednesday, myself.

I'm still here.

NEXT week, however, I'll be in Dallas all week for a class, and then visiting some friends in Austin that weekend. Will have time to post in the evenings, but may not have the brainpower to do so... class promises to be EXTREMELY exhausting.

This made me chuckle...

and this dang near made me choke on my ham-and-cheese sammich :laughing:
You are too awesome, mon ami.

Carlos tells two three other grogs to spread the word. Roberto is calling for a council meeting, and is recruiting assistance for a grand adventure.

Why thank you. Warms the cockles of my heart, it does. :smiley:

Is anyone not okay with the following thing happening? As proposed vaguely earler (and improved soon thereafter), Tranquillina will pay a Redcap 3 pawns of vis (out of her personal allotment) in exchange for the Redcap locating, procuring, and delivering the following two books:

  • Causae et Cura, by Hildegard of Bingen. Summa on Medicine (Level 3, Quality 13) and summa on Philosophiae/natural philosophy (Level 2, Quality 13).
  • Practica Chirurgiae, by Rogerius Salernitanus. Summa on Chirurgy (Level 3, Quality 10).

The former is canon (GotF page 121); I WAGged stats for the latter. The books would be in the Mons Electi library as of 1229.1.

I think that is very inexpensive, but I do not know the going rates around here.

Hah! NOW it makes sense. Doesn't take me all day...

Nope, just a week.


I got one thing to say to you, JL.
I repeat, in case you misheard: thbphhhhhhhhhhhht.

Is Cumhachd a Calliclean or a Hippian? I see her as more of a Calliclean, for some reason, but that's just an opinion.

Has she got a familiar, as far as Stultus knows?

You will have a day of floating numbness and then a day or two of crabby ouchyness.

How old were you when they came out? I'm 42 (What do you get when you multiply 6 by 9? Only like two people got the joke when I posted it on my birthday.) and was told to expect some rather severe pain on the second day and expect to be worthless and take the day off.

When I was 17, I had them removed on my left side (one was cut out) and went out drinking the next night. Ahh, those were the days... :smiley:

I was about 24 when I got all 4 removed. I had none of them come in and 2 of them turned sideways. All of them were cut out. The worst/most interesting part is that they split them in four pieces to remove.

I would agree with the assessment of the day 2. you will have codeine or vicodin. Take them.


Woot! hydrocodone!

I think you made that quote up, well the message boards part of it.

I was thinking of awarding the prize pawns tomorrow. :laughing:

And of course, running Stultus's and Fiona's infernal combat. :smiling_imp:

Cumhachd and Tranquillina might be fun, too. Be prepared for some funky stuff to go down. :open_mouth:

Since the player playing Rose disappeared, I am relocating her to another covenant until she and Ulrich can be re-united, if it is meant to be. :smiley: Say sometime before the winter of 1227, she sends a note that she's been directed by her House to join a covenant in another Tribunal. :unamused: