1228-1229 OOC

I'm going to take a guess that it had something to do with his entrance at the Mistress story and he told the grogs to protect Tranquillana (don't bother correcting me, I know I spelled it wrong... :blush: ) and basically ignored Stultus.


Yeah...don't mention that to Alexei, he'd definitely pull an 'Archer' if he found out that was why you were insulted.

Well, another way Stultus could take it is interfering with his business between he and his mater... :smiley: Hey, you can't do that, only I can do that kind of thing exemplary of a Beloved Rivalry.
That and his familiar can probably be described as ape-$#!+ cray-cray. :smiley:

He should have taken this as a compliment: that Alexei felt unlike Tranquilina, Stultus didn't need to be protected from her.

I'm gathering that the point was that Stultus was already protecting Tranquillina. So it's not about Alexei saying Stultus needed protection - it's about Alexei saying Stultus can't protect someone. Mebbe?

I no get the reference.
I no get the reference from JL's cray-cray line either.
'Spain, please?

That makes more sense! :laughing:

Archer may be referencing the character from the eponymous series...

And cray-cray (link is probably NSFW) is slang for crazy. Did I recall seeing somewhere that English is not your native language, cunningrat1? I think I remember seeing that, but if I did, it's easy to forget since you write so well.

No, English isn't my first language, you are correct. I know English very well, but there are occasional gaps in cultural knowledge.

Yeah, Archer from the show. He's pretty much the most selfish/self-absorbed person on the planet while trying to be the epitome of super spy machismo, while being a kind of idot-savant about (he's accidentally effective might be a good way to put it). Something he might say about Stultus feeling insulted.

"Wait...you people have feelings?"

"What do you mean you people?!"

"You know...a Tytalus..."

We only have feeling when crushing you like a bug. :smiley:

That's okay, I don't think Alexei ever figured out that Fiona was a little cross with him for quite some time when they first met (or why), and I still don't think he's twigged to what Fiona's up to with him, either.

I have a problem with this scenario... I think Alexei has a spell that allows him to don armor quickly, say in a round. So, we will treat that as a given, whether it is or is not. Round 1, armor up, Round 2, Scales of the Knight, Round 3 Light Hauberk, Round 4, Hardnes of Admantine, Round 5 Tabard of Impenetrable Silk, Round 6 teleport to alarm bell. Unless Alaexie always walks around armored and enspelled, in which case, we need to up Alexei's Warping score a bit to account for all those spells being active on him all the time. Some weapons and a choice between being armored and some defensive spells are reasonable and possible, but not everything, as if he's prepared to Joust. The more Alexei does, the later he arrives to the party, and he would know this.))

((I agree, but I think he should be armoured all the time, but not be warped by it. The spells are not Personal range they are all Touch and all create or affect an item, not him. If he were to walk around with Endurance of the Berzerker and Gift of the Bear's Fortitude he'd be Warped, but these spells are on items, not him. He would definitely need more time to cast his various buff spells but the ones that last a day and are on his gear he would likely do every day.))

I'm confused. First you say you agree, and then contradict that that you think Alexei is armored all the time. That breaks my credulity a bit. And, very well, Alexei is not being affected by the spells, his armor is, and if it's always on, with the spells always cast on it, then there is some significant warping that needs to be applied to the armor...
So, I don't know what you're agreeing with, in fact, it sound like you're disagreeing with everything I've said.

((Then my work here is done... :mrgreen:

I agree that it would take a long time to buff himself and armour up and I also agree that if he went buffed all the time with Personal spells he'd be Warped more.

However he is not going around with Personal buffs such as Wards, Assume the Stature of the Giants of Eld, Gift of the Bear's Fortitude, etc (all buff spells that he has). He buffs his armour. And the Armour wouldn't be Warped either becuase he casts the spell Silvery Scales of the Knight which creates a new suit of armour every time and then buffs that with two more spells. His clothes could be Warped if he cast Impenetrable Silk on them all the time, but he'd either get new clothes or not always cast it.

So can we assume that his armour is buffed, he heard the alarm and then buffed his clothes, and then teleported to the scene? And I also have no problem with him needing to make Perception and Awareness rolls to hear/find the scene, as well as Finesse rolls to get there accurately, ether one could delay him))

Alright, fair point, I forgot about the Silver Scales of the Knight and what it did, so I went off half-cocked. Given, as I alluded to that he could be armored in a round, he's probably not armored all the time. I mean, I just have a problem with the idea that Alexei is working in his lab, armored for battle, and ready to go at a moment's notice. That's not reasonable. Even if they don't encumber him, the armor is in the way of actual lab work. Or reading, or something that is not associated with combat.

We can assume that Alexei heard the alarm, and casts his spell to don armor or make armor around himself, and then he can continue to buff, or he can engage. Each spell will take a round, because none of them are mastered for fast casting, as I recall. And as far as appearing, once the alarm is sounded, Alexei can appear on scene, as quickly as he can get there, which is governed by how buffed he wants to be when he arrives. By my last count, that was 6 spells, meaning he would be able to act in round 7.

I can concede that he's not always wearing his armour, if only that Alexei is getting old and it is not as light as clothes, it still has a load of 2 I believe. He doesn't actually have a spell that allows him to don armour quickly, but since the spell is Touch range, it's possible he could use Finesse so that the armour appears on him, right?

So round 1 hears alarm, round 2 creates armour, round 3 buffs armour, round 4 buffs armour again, round 5 buffs clothes, round 6 teleports. 5 Spells and he makes it on the 6th round assuming he casts the TP to the correct place in one shot.

That's fine with me, and for the other 5 rounds it's reasonable that it takes that long for Michel and Brionne to get on a horse and ride there.

There's no riding there, but they can probably be there or be close. Let's just go with one grog though.

I'll point out 6 rounds is a pretty long combat, and if the alarm sounds, that means there is danger already, not in a minute.