1228.2 The Alabaster Lioness

Yet here we are, on a sea adventure :mrgreen:
Roberto likes to have a diversity of skills, and is developing a taste for the sea perhaps :wink:

Conjure the skiff, I will make it float in the air for smoother towing.

((Go ahead and do it, because his spell is formulaic.))

Roberto is attempting ReHe15, using Ceremonial Spontaneous Magic
(base 3, +1 touch, +3 moon)
Sta +1, Artes Liberales 1, Philosophiae 1 (ceremonial casting), Rego 8, Herbam 3, Loud Voice, Exaggerated Gestures: 17
then 45 minutes...
dunno how many botch dice, so I am rolling 3 for now
3d10 → [4,2,7] = (13)
so, then Roberto tries again :slight_smile:
1d10=4, 1d10=10, 1d10=6
1 point of Warping
and he is stubborn, reckless, and overconfident...
Third's the charm. Spending two points of confidence, he totals 31, divided by 2 equals 15 :smiley:
Took him 2 hours & 15 minutes, cost two fatigue & incurred a point of Warping. But he did it 8)

(( There's a bit of a problem with that. How do you know whether the spell takes effect? A strong enough demon can be hurt by DEO yet intentionally show no sign of having been hurt.))

Or he could be powerful enough to resist alltogether. It is not a perfect test, and Apromor's time was hundreds of years ago. But still, it is a good place to start and makes for interesting background history :slight_smile:

But now for comments on making a ship fly...
And how Roberto was so reckless he was willing to risk Twilight just to get the damn thing in the air!

Wen's starting to rub off on him? :smiley:

She's starting to sulk, over by the rails now. She's pretty annoyed that she didn't get to see a kraken or an giant octopus or anything!

Post was eaten.
"I can't believe you actually fell for that." When the first casting of Roberto's spell fails. Aeolus has a Brutal Artist reputation, and his Art is practical jokes, so among the members of his House. He then casts a spell to levitate the boat, but not make it fly.

Then am I to presume that Roberto does not incur a point of Warping nor has to spend Confidence points?
Yes, just making it hover is good enough. We can put the skiff in tow. That is exactky the sort of spell I would like to acquire from you.


Aeolus notices the scowl, "It's not something I'm inclined to share, easily. And my needs for spells are presently few, so it would all depend on what you have to offer."

Roberto directs the men to bring the hovering boat alongside Aelous's ship, and once that's done they put Junior aboard. Once he's aboard, Aelous invokes the ship's ability to fly, which is successful this time.
"What are you going to do when your man wakes up in a few hours?"

((And yes, you didn't spend Confidence, and Roberto didn't receive a warping point.))

It is a take-it-or-leave-it offer, a season for a season. If you are not interested in a grimoire of spells, then I guess your wizardly priorities are different than mine. If you have annother suggestion, I am all ears.
No matter
As for Johan...
That's the kids name. He goes by Junior because his pops was also Johan. Johan VanHalen. Famous drunken sailor from up north.
Anyway, as for Johan, when he wakes up, let him scream and shout. I told him that if we have to take a woman on board, I'd put him in tow. We can dose him with the wand again, I can Wizard Leap on over there and handle him, or maybe he and Wen can take shifts on the skiff.

"Every magus is unique like a grain of sand. There's some Tytalus wench up north from Rome, originally, spent time with Memnos in Thebes. She's interested in sailing and shipbuilding, Memnos is interested only in shipbuilding, and I'm only interested in sailing, yet we all have a magical focus in ships. There might be others who have a focus in ships, but I haven't heard of 'em. As to your Grimoire, I have no idea what it is, so I can't tell you if I'm interested, now can I? All I can do is judge by your sense of humor."

In reference to your coterie, he says simply, "They're your men and women. Are your quarters satisfactory, by the way?" When Roberto came aboard, he was given private quarters, almost lavish in size. The ship is quite big, even with all of Roberto's men aboard, there's still plenty of room.

Everything is sufficient. I compliment you on a fine ship.
I am interested in all sorts of spells, for myself and for my covenant. I don't know how much of what you know may be useful to me, so I am taking a gamble myself. I am mainly interested in your ability to make ships fly. Things I know that may interest you...., well I have learned short and long ranged teleportation, a ward against flames that may be useful to you, what else...?
pilium of fire, touch of cold, ...
Spells I have invented, such as Twarting the Thaumaturgical Threat! An all purpose low level counterspell. And the Incantation of Paralyzation.

Junior VanHalen is starting to come to, and in his haze he sees a fat one-eyed tomcat sitting on his chest.
WTF?!? What happened?
They knocked you out. Here, I brought a bottle of wine for us to share. Swiped it from the captin's reserve after I peed in his cabinet.
Errr...thanx? glug-glug-glug So what happened? Why'd they knock me out?
You were hysterical that they were bringing the girl along after all, so Roberto used magic to put you to sleep. Then the guys ship wouldn't fly, and Roberto started believing you were cursed after all. They conuured this skiff, set it in flight, and the big ship finally lifted off.
Johan stands up to take a look.
This is pretty cool, but I am still p!$$ed off about it. I should be over there, I am the seaman specialist. he sould make that girl sit over here instead!
He was talking about maybe making you guys take turns. I'll talk to him about it. Later. Gimme that bottle, it's my turn!

"I've never bothered to translate any of my lab texts, and most Corpus spells are beyond my reach, so I have little interest in them. My travels don't normally see me engaging in battle with other magi, and the only times that happens is when I carry another magus aboard." The sun is getting low in the sky, and the ship is sailing through the air at a really good clip (~40 mph). Aelous yawns, "I'm going to my sanctum, you're welcome to stay above decks as long as you like. At present speed, we should be in range of Alexandria in a couple of days."
Just as he says this, the sun slips below the horizon, and the ship begins to gently glide towards the water, and slows a bit, before resuming normal speed and altitude.

Hey, is something wrong with your ship? Do you gotta restart it every turn of the sun? Anwaya, while we are on the surface, let us switch the kid and the girl. It is only fair tho make them take turns.

Where is Cidito?...

((The boat never reached the surface, it just slowed and dropped in altitude for a moment, and then resumed normal altitude and speed. Edit: If the curse is real, any sort of transfer is likely to be fraught with problems. Like the tow lines snapping when both are aboard, or something equally bad.))

Edit: changed service to surface (dang you autocorrect!)

That is the humorous part. I the player know it is real, I designed the character. You the SG know it is as real as you interpret it to be. But Roberto has doubts. He is not dismissing the possibility, but people do come up sith crazy paranormal theories, and sailors are a superstitious lot, and Aeorix made a good point.
Oh, this is fun :smiley:

Thing is, I cannot think of an easy way to make the transfer. Remind me to invent a Touch range short-distance teleport spell someday :mrgreen:

Well, you can have the men pull it in. Despite it being in the air, and magically levitated, it still has weight, and it won't be easy to pull it in closer to the ship. Aelous isn't particularly interested in helping in this endeavor...
Or leave him on the boat for two days howling and yammering at the lot of you; Wen gets this treatment on the return trip?

Yeah, let him yell. And fair is fair, Wen rides the caboose on the way back. Cidito can transport provisions over to him, or Roberto can Wizard Leap if need be.


Junior is doing some calculating...
Hey, kat, tell me what you think. This boat floats in the air naturally, right? Well, not naturally, but you know what I mean. The magic that makes it fly is a seperate magic than the one on the ship over there, right? That's what I figure from what you said. So this boat wil stay aloft even if the cable tow is cut, right? So all this thing lacks is a means of propulsion. I'm thinking that, if I rig a sail, I can fly this thing on my own and outrace those guys.
Whaddaya think?


So, the question is, what does Cidito think of that idea? Is this skiff equipped with a sail? Or at least a mast? Cidito could swipe some sheets and bring them over to make a sail maybe. Cidito is sligtly smarter, but just as reckless. And if they pull it off, Roberto will be too impressed to get p$d off about it :slight_smile:

Make some rolls. Searching for finding the materials.
Also how to get the sail over, I normally don't enforce requisites for transport, but a sail is pretty big, and so it would need to be moved over to the boat somehow, Cid can't poof it over unless he has some way of poofing herbam. :smiley:

Outracing the ship is goign to be difficult, since it's basically moving at 40 knots, which is why the trip is only going to take a couple of days, as opposed to a couple of weeks.

Cidito will use a different skill. He wil enlarge his size, fold the sail up, tuckit under his arm, then make a jump for it. He has the power to "always land safely" :mrgreen:
Presuming that the distance is reasonable enough to attempt. Cats jump pretty far and giant cats jump further.