1228.2 The Alabaster Lioness

I want to see some athletics roll or something, even still. It's a huge jump, unless Cid can convince some of the grogs to bring the boat closer to the ship.

Giving a good running jump at full size...
Dex? +2, Athletics 3 (Jumping), +3 Good Jumper, equals +9,
then the die roll...
for a total of 15 (18 with one point of Confidence, or 21 by spending two)

Mainly checking for a botch. So, now there's a sail on the boat. It's a bit oversized.

((OOC: I realize that this is all tangential and unrealted to the mission at hand. I am just sorta having fun with these characters (which is sorta the whole point to a good game), and trying to be true to the persona of Johan VanHalen Junior :smiley: ))

So, using his knife, Junior will attempt to trim the cloth and rig a sail...
Dex +2, Profession Seaman 4, die roll 1d10=1 then 1d10=5, for a total 16

((Oh, I realize it. I hope you realize that there are consquences...
I don't see anything on Cid's sheet that indicates a method for detecting whether anything is magical...))

Junior cuts the sheet down to size, and hoists the sale. Almost as soon as it is hosted, the sail is filled with a powerful wind, taking the boat directly into Aeolus's ship.

Junior needs to make another sailing roll against an EF of 12 to avoid crashing into Aeolus's ship.

No more or less than anyone else :slight_smile:
Question: wouldn't shredding it up and cutting it to size ruin it's effectivness as an enchanted item? Hence, the Verditius mystery of Reforging.

but anyway...
Dex +2, Profession Seaman 4, die roll 1d10=6
equals 12. His specialization is Dangerous Waters. Now, this is the air and not the water, but this is pretty dangerous sailing indeed!
While Johan steers, Cidito will try to cut the tow cable as to avoid further disaster. See, we didn't plan on the thing taking off so quickly. We were gonna cut the cable first, then hoist the sail and steer off on our own. Cidito has supra sharp claws, or he can use Junior's knife. Need some advice on this one because I am not entirely clear on the tactical situation.
I still think shredding the sail ruins it as a magic item. However, I propose we handwave all of that. It is a Greater Invested item, and one of its enchantments is that it shrinks (or grows) to fit whatever mast it is hung on. Therefore, no shredding need ever taken place. Like, Junior attatched the top part to see how much length he would have to cut, and the thing shrunk to fit. Which I suppose would give us a clue but we are both reckles :mrgreen:
So then we cut the cable tow, hoist up the sail in full, and take off like a rocket.

Who said it was a Hermetic effect...? Aeolus was a character I'd been working with for a long period of time.

Johan manages to avoid hitting the ship, and dives below Aeolus's vessel. The sudden speed and force of Johan's boat tugging on Aeolus's ship causes everyone aboard to make a size+str roll of 6 to remain upright.

You can ask for advice from the troupe, if you'd like, but if the intent is just to cut the rope regardless, there's really not any need to do so.

Cid does manage to cut the cable, and the sail is shooting them off like a rocket, alright. Straight into the ocean...

Anyway to steer us upright? I presume that with a ship as small as this, a lot of steerage can come from the sail alone. But Marko Markoko is not a sailor.
But Johan VanHalen Junior is a sailor!
I had thought this skiff was ensorcelled to levitate on it's own. If so, can Johan steer to keep us airborn? If not, or if the velocity and trajectory make this impossible, is it possible to steer in such a way as to land on the water and keep sailing?
If Johan cannot steer with the sail, he will attempt to cut the sail free.
Cidito will always land safely, such is his magical nature. He can leap straight up and land on some floating wreckage. Or some driftwood. Or a surfacing whale :laughing:
Johan, on the other hand, is in trouble. If all else fails, he will make a last minute dive into the water trying to thow himself as far from the wreck as possible.

See! This is what happens when you let women sail on ships!!!
(completly ignoring the fact that this has been a self fufilling prophecy through and through. Nicely done! :smiley:

((Wouldn't a cat's instinct when things go south be to run and hide? I see this all the time with our cats, if they don't make a jump they run off, as if they are embarrassed they couldn't do it. I think Cid would leap (magically) back to the ship, and abandon Johan. And thanks, I just give characters enough rope to hang themselves... :laughing: ))

Despite whatever Johan does to change course, the boat seems to be deliberately aimed at plunging into the ocean. Go ahead and make a roll to do something, either staying with the boat, or diving into the ocean, and avoiding the boat (this is really hard, by the way, he probably knows better to brace for impact).

hehe. Good luck. Wen's roll is Size -1 + Str -1 + die roll of 7 = 5. She almost pulled it off.

Roberto rolls 1d10=7, +2 Stength, equals 9.

Cidito is much bolder than other cats (Timid -1 as opposed to +1). But he is a cat, and it is a natural instinct of preservation rather than fear. However, he cannot use his teleportation power while being observed. But then again, with the current chaos, it is easy ti scamper around behind Johan then rub up against Roberto's leg from behind.

And though it seems counter intuitive, based upn SG advice, Joan shall brace for impact. If a roll is needed for whatever, it shal be...

Junior braces for impact and the boat travels into the water. A pocket of air surrounds the ship, and it keeps diving... I'll continue this in another thread after a bit, it's not going to take a lot of time in a vignette as Roberto's main story nears completion. Don't let me forget it about it.

Back aboard the ship there's some 'splaining to do...

Man Overboard!!!, Cidito shouts as he runs around looking for a rope.
Roberto sans the sea for any signs of Junior or the ship, and seeing none, he is quite curious as to what just happened.

These are your characters, you have a chance to explain this to Roberto and Aeolus. Aeolus comes on deck, What the deuce is going on?

(Roberto has no idea what is going on, and he doesn't know Cidito was involved, unless someone spotted the cat leaping with the sail and/or observed them hoisting it)

Up to you, and or PB, just your characters. Miroslav is there, too, but CR is away. So it all depends on whether you want any of your characters to observe what's gone on, and if Cid wants to come clean.

Wen is busy trying in vain not to fall down when the boat plays crack-the-whip with the ship, but she is good at looking. So: Per 1 + Awareness 3 + Keen Vision 3 + die roll of 8 = 15.


Wen probably saw Cid jump to the boat and then a sail being raised, and then all heck broke loose.

((If Wen saw what Cid did, with the enlarging and the tucking and the glayvin, that would explain why she lost her footing :laughing: )) "That...was...awesome!" she starts to say in Welch, before the diving skiff yanks the larger boat and throws her off her feet.