1228.2 The Alabaster Lioness

Meow :mrgreen:
Well, Junior was feeling lonely and I wuz drinking with him, and we wuz thinkin' that if we made a sail we could pilot the boat on our own. So I gabbed a hunk'a bedsheets, Junior made a sail, then I dunno what happened.

"Oh, you know what happened. And the only thing that can be mistaken for a sheet on this vessel is my underwater sail. I wish your man well, Roberto, but he won't be coming back for a while. It's cursed, in a manner of speaking." Aeolus says the first part to Cid and the second part to Roberto.

A cursed underwater sail? Why do you even have that on your ship? And how did that cat get a hold of it? Cidito! You have some 'splaining to do!!!

"In the event I need to visit Poseidon. It's a long story. Again, I wish your man well. But then some people ought not steal from others."

Roberto glares at Cidito
Hey, I didn't mean to steal nuthin'! I wuz figgurin' we each get a bed with a sheet, right? Well, Johan wanted to use his, and you guys forgot to give him a bed or a blanket or anything. I wuz just fixin' yer mistake :mrgreen:

Roberto shakes his head rubbing his brow
[size=50]...pinche gato estupido...[/size]
I Apologize about the sail, and I will make sure to try to get it back to you as soon as possible. Tell me more about this underwater sail. Is Johan safe under the sea? I mean so far as much as is he able to breath? Not withstanding giant squids and sea monsters and such. I can send my familiar to go check up on him...

"He should last until he reaches Poseidon's palace, and then once there he can barter for more air with him.but maybe you should send your familiar, since he was equally culpable in the misadventure."

Roberto grimaces at Cidito, staring at him with one eye closed.
I want you to check in on Junior periodically, and report back to me. If he needs assistance, come get me. I am interested in meeting King Neptune. Bring me an Arcane Connection to him. Carlos! Collect Arcane Connections from everyone, just to be safe!

"So, let me understand this. Your man and familiar conspire to steal my property, and you think you should be able to get an arcane connection to Poseidon? Give me one good reason why I don't throw you off my ship here and now.. Aeolus is offended at Roberto's suggestion, and it appears that there might be something to his relationship to Poseidon.

Roberto gives a bemused smirk, wanting to respond to the challenge with machismo, but knowing the challenge comes from a place of misunderstanding, and Roberto himself having respect for the man's aggression.
You misunderstand. (smiles at the captain then turns back to the cat) Ciditio, I want you to obtain a connection to Johan, so that I might be able to leap to his location if he needs me. And you are the one to tell me when he needs my help.

((I recognized what you were saying as the SG, but the way it was written, it could have easily sounded like "I am interested in meeting King Neptune, bring me an Arcane Connection to him.))

After the clarification Aeolus seems satisfied, "Poseidon's realm is not reachable by conventional Rego Corpus transport spells. Having an Arcane Connection to your man will do you little good in traveling to meet him, unless you leave now and stay with him. You have a choice to make; send your familiar to be with Junior and stay with him until released, or let Junior face the task alone. "
Just as Aeolus begins to speak, Feló comes on deck and after Aeolus has spoken, "My lord, you need to let this Johan meet his fate." He waves Roberto over closer to him, and Aeolus goes about tending to his ship. Feló whispers to Roberto "Are you aware of the relationship of Aeolus and Poseidon in Greek myth?"

I am more familiar with the Aeolus that hung out with Hercules (on TV :mrgreen: ). Perhaps you could enlighten me?
Just sounds like Johan is on a grand adventure, so maybe I am envious :smiley:. That was a stupid stunt! But you gotta admit, the kid has cajones. Quite the capable young man. Might make a consor out of him one day.

"Aeolus is or believes he is Poseidon's son. There is some evidence to support his belief. His faerie heritages is not pronounced or noticeable unlike some others with fae blood. Do you know what happened, why he's speaking of Poseidon? He almost never mentions him, so I am concerned." Feló looks inquiringly at Roberto to fill in the gaps he's missing.

Roberto's mind wanders back to the ramblings of his pater Joel, who once commented that "The only good faerie is..." ...muttermutter...
My henchman Johan, somehow he got hold of a cursed underwater sail and rigged it up on the skiff we were towing. Aeolus claims he is diving into the realm of Neptune as we speak.

The cat can translate for you, and Roberto will sympathize with the expression on your face.
He turns to Aeolus You say that the Real of Posideon is unreachable using conventional magical transportation spells. But there is still time. Might I suggest we transport ourselves to Johan before he crosses whatever mystical boundary, you and I can participate in this grand adventure sodale :slight_smile:

((OOC: This is probably not where you were headed. Or maybe it is, I have played some severe mission creep twists before. But if desired, we can easilly discourage Roberto by saying it is already too late for Johan already crossed said boundary by now.

Feló swears in Castillian when Roberto tells him about the sail and Johan.

Aeolus just glares at Roberto and wanders off muttering in Greek, as if he's crazy.

Feló continues in Castillian, after Aeolus wanders off, "You mean to tell me that your men abused Aeolus's hospitality, stole from him in his own home? If I might, no disregard that, i'm not asking permission. I don't know if you apologized or not, but your attitude doesn't show any sense of contrition, in fact it seems as if you are trying to take advantage of the situation for your own personal gain, and not to repair the damage that has been done. And then there is the matter of our mission. If you depart, how do you know if and when you'll return. I would expect a Magus to understand a gateway to Arcadia when one is described."

((If Roberto goes with Johan, he'll fail the mission, I'm telling you the player, but now that it has been described as the Faerie Realm, Roberto should have some sense that time flows at an unpredictable pace when compared to the real world, and so he may reasonably suspect that he will lose his chance to stop Leolinus from acquiring the Alabaster Lioness, he'll disappoint and damage Mons Electi's relationship with Valnastium and Andru, and he'll likely anger the council. Just how reckless is Roberto?
Johan, on the other hand, as soon as he sailed with a woman, his fate was sealed. Something bad was going to happen, to him, if not the entire ship. I thought I said this earlier, I'm splitting Johan off from the story, it wasn't my intention that Roberto goes, because I don't think he's that reckless. Whether you want to send Cid with Johan, is up to you/Roberto.))

That is what I was looking for. Johan is off on his own then :smiley:
(but do you think I should send Cidito to help him?)
hurm.... I thought I apologized. But anyway, I was not looking out for my benefit. I was seeing this as an opportunity for Aeolus to meet his anscestor, if such is true, and providing the backup muscle if he needs it. I am reckless, but I'm not insensitive.
Roberto seeks out Aeolus to explain this to him, Johan is under the sea, and we continue sailing away towards Egypt.

((I'm not going to force one of your characters to do something, only you can do that. Now I can ask, would Roberto, if he thinks Cid has some responsibility for this, require it?))

"Roberto, you presume that he hasn't met his father, ancestor or whatever it is." And Roberto is reminded that Aeolus said it's a long story in response to why he would have a cursed underwater sail on his ship....

Roberto stares hard at Cidito.
¡Quítate! Vaya ayudan a Johan!
(Get out of here! Go help Johan!)

Roberto calls up Wen from the ranks. Without Cidito as a translator, he will have to rely upon his poor French.
I need you to temporarilly replace Johan. I am promoting you to Specialist. Now, I don't expect you to learn much about sailing in the next two days, just pick up what you can. I am parring you wil Allen, one of my personal soldiers. He speaks French and also speaks Latin. Follow his orders and you will do allright.

Wen throws up a pretty sloppy salute. "Oui, mon capitan!" she says with a grin. She then goes skipping off to find Allen.

"Allen! Magus Roberto says I'm yours for the next few days!"

Allen totally misinterprets what she says :mrgreen:
You are a little too young for me. And your father is aboard.