1228 Elia Ex Misc

For the discusiion, creation and advancement of the aforementioned character

From what you have on the wiki- you have a native language of Greek but a hermetic language of Latin: this requires some explanation.

She grew up in Crete, so she grew up speaking Greek. And as far as i know, every magus has to have Latin 4 to become a Magus.

Not in the Theban tribunal- they learn Ancient Greek there instead.

Ok, so I should change Latin to Ancient Greek. Anything else?

That is the only thing so far, though you should be aware of how apprentices are handled in Thebes- they are found, bundled off to an island school until the next tribunal, and then there is bidding to recruit from the available apprentices to be, and students are generally gauntleted at a tribunal 14 years later. This did not occur in 1207 due to the 4th crusade, so your gauntlet would need to be in 1214, 1207, 1200 or 1193...

Since I wanted her about 40 years post gauntlet as of game start, that means she was gauntleted at either the 1193 or 1186.

That would be fine, you should also be aware that the covenant in Crete in Thebes is a Merinita dominated underwater covenant, so while your character may have been born on Crete she likely apprenticed elsewhere.

Am not sure where it appears, but the Redcap websites lists Didyma as an Ex Misc covenant that deals with healing in the Theban Tribunal.

Though it is possible that she was taken to Galla Ex Misc in Epidaurus to be apprenticed (Galla appears in p. 64 of The Sundered Eagle)

Galla is 78 in 1220, in 1172 or 1179 when you began apprenticeship she would have been 30 or 37, just a short ways beyond the gauntlet herself. If your character is that old it might be better to be a sibling rather than filia of Galla.

Ok, then we can add another Magus of the tradition to Epidaurus, that was both their parens

One who is likely no longer around...

Makes sense

Does this mean that the character is approved? or so i need to provide a name for her parens? (if so, Id go with Branimir Ex Misc)

To gauntlet yes, she is approved.

Interesting that her major story flaw is pagan. That'll still be seen odd in the area right?

Switzerland had many pagan communities as well as communities which mixed pagan and christian beliefs, in large part due to the secluded nature of many settlements.

Neat! Looking forward to seeing this character in action.

There's one virtue i'd like to initiate, if possible: Voice of the Forest (RoP:M, p. 47).

For a Familiar, I was thinking of a Mandrake, using Herbam and possibly Rego, unless you have another Technique you think works better.

I know it exists but would like a page reference for the mandrake familiar.
How would she proceed in seeking out that initiation? It isn't like initiations (especially ones outside of the mysteries) are menu items you can order... at gauntlet at least the character would not have heard of any group capable of initiating such a mystery.