1228.etc Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

((Alright, I've wanted to do this for a while...))

A grog walks into a bar ( :laughing: ) favored by Mons Electi grogs. In well spoken Latin, "I'm one of Cumhachd's grogs. She asked me to find out which one of you can throw a punch like a man. Any takers?" He shakes a small purse of coins that jingles. "That purse belongs to the man who can take me down. Fists and wrestling, no weapons. Who's first to try?" He repeats the same in French.

((Haha, I've got four grog characters who would be into this! Rolling at random:))

At the bar, Falko had been singing an improvised ballad to the serving maid on a dare from Gaston Lainnier, who was perfectly happy with any plan that kept the maid's ample cleavage in front of them. Just as Falko was about to change keys (intentionally), he gets distracted by the stranger's presence. "Eh? What did he say?" he asks, poking Gaston in the ribs; the older man is defenseless, having a mug of ale in each hand. "Something about a fight?" The two barely share a language, though, so Gaston shrugs and goes back to eying the barmaid.

Falko leaps off his stool and jogs three steps towards the grog, finishing with his arms wide in a "look at me" pose. "Begging your pardon, fellow," he says in passable Latin, "but did you say you wanted to trade punches with a real man? My name's Falko, and I'll take your challenge!" He has a big smile on his face, in the manner of someone who is about to kick the crap out of a new drinking buddy.

The man who issued the challenge is slight of build, almost effeminate, but his tight leggings and short display his twig and berries. He's dressed more like a jongleur, like that magus Stultus, than someone who can handle himself in a fight.
"Tell you what. I'm feeling generous. I'll give you the first punch for free, Falko" He smiles up at Falko.

((Go ahead and do intiative and attack for round one, and then attack and defense for round 2. I think I'll split this out into it's own thread in just a bit... And give me a crib sheet on his relevant combat stats, too, please!))

Miroslav and some J. Random Covenfolk Personage Who Sorta Speaks Russian are sitting in the back of the bar.
"What he say?"
"I think he say he looking for real man to fist him."
"Oh. Tell him, this wrong kind of bar."

((cunningrat earns a chortle :wink: ))
((I'm assuming neither Falko nor the stranger are in armor, if they're in the bar. The stats below reflect this. Let me know if I'm wrong))

Characteristics: Int 0, Sta +2, Str +2, Dex +1, Qik +4, Com 0, Prs 0, Per -3
Size: 0
Virtues: Custos, Great Quickness, Tough
Flaws: Compulsion (singing, especially when under stress), Judged Unfairly, Poor Hearing
Soak: +5
Dodge: Init +4, Defense +7
Fist: Init +4, Attack +4, Defense +7, Damage +2
Fisting: In it +4, Ride +2, Finesse +4, Penetration +7
Kick: Init +3, Attack +4, Defense +6, Damage +5
some Abilities: Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Brawl 3, Concentration 3 (defending)

Falko accepts at the specifics of the challenge without question; he slides his dagger out of his belt and tosses it on the ground towards the inattentive Gaston. He makes a show of measuring the distance from his right fist to Twigberries ((hey, if you're not going to name him, I will!)), then throws a left hook at his jaw.

Round 1: Init 8, Attack 13
Round 2 (plan is to punch again): Attack 10, Defense 10

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Does he go for the body/gut or the head? He's probably had a bit to drink that he not think too hard about it... He just stands there in a semi-ready position, but with his hands down to provide the clearest possible path to Falko's preferred target.

He goes for the jaw (looks like I already decided!).
Second round: if he hit the jaw, he'll try again. If he misses, he'll switch to the gut. Real genius, Falko is.

I suppose I should read the post in full, rather than looking at the crib notes, and die rolls... :stuck_out_tongue: to me.

Alright, he hits Twigberries full on the jaw. Twigberries head turns slightly, while Falko's hand follows through. It's a solid hit, and Falko certainly felt it, since it felt like was punching a slab of granite. Twigberries smiles. There's no sign of blood, and usually, when Falko has had the drop on someone like that in the past, there's some blood or something from where the teeth cut the inside of the cheek. There's nothing this time, no blood, no spitting, just Twigberries smiling face and pearly whites. "Not bad. But you really don't know how to fight unarmed, do you?"

Twigberries turns his head and looks at the assorted room, and while Falko's fist is now going towards the back of Twigberries head, Twigberries says, uninterrupted by the punch as it lands, "Does anyone here, now how to fight unarmed?"

Round 3, Twigberries fights back...

All right, Falko isn't super bright, but he realizes that repeated punches to the head aren't going to cut it. He'll try to trip Twigberries instead: He throws out his left leg to the side of TB's feet and tries to muscle him over the outstretched leg. "Nothin' in his head needs protecting ... down he goes!" Falko sings optimistically.

((Just unmodified Brawl stats for that? - i.e., same as Fist?))
((Round 3: Attack = weak 6, Defense = 14))

Johan VanHalen Junior is drinking at the bar with Carlos. Johan speaks no Latin or French, but Carlos does and he explains what is going on.

Junior has a huge smile on his face, and stands in line to fight next :smiley:

TB's totals before the die are:

Twiggberry's initiative total is 12/13 ish, he's very fast.

TB's attack total of 22 vs Falko's defense of 14, AA of 8 vs a soak of 5, Falko loses a fatigue level.
Defense total of 22 vs an attack of 6, no effect.

TB jabs Falko gently with his left fist, getting his attention, and deftly steps over Falko's outstretched leg, and chuckles.

Marko, go ahead and start up your fight with Twigberry. We can either retcon it to be another night, if things go south, or treat it as happening immediately after Falko's 'bout.

Junior wagers with Carlos, two pennies on Twigberry :slight_smile:

Then he turns his full smiling attention to the match at hand :smiley:
[color=green]This is friggin' awesome!

Shall do :slight_smile:

Junior's Initiative: 1d10+1=8

Falko's been hit in fights before, and worse than this one; but he definitely felt the punch. He shakes his head, not smiling quite as wide any more. He's used to being the quicker one in a fight, but this little beanstalk is hard to pin down. Falko decides to bull rush TB, with as much energy as he can muster, and try to wrap him up in his arms, hoping to gain an advantage that way.

((Grapple attack, exerting himself (loses a second Fatigue level). Attack = 13, Defense = 16))

I just checked out Junior's stats, and I screwed up by transposing Dex & Quick. I corrected the sheet here on the Forum, but left the verion on Obsidian Portl version unchanged for now, so you can see my error.

((I actually did something wrong the first, round, I took AA of 8-5 for damage of 3, but it should have been 8+5-5, meaning loses two levels of fatigue. We'll say he pulled his punch)
Twiggberry punches, but this time he means it... :smiley:
Attack total of 17 vs Falko's 16 1 AA + 5 damage vs a 5 soak, is damage of 1, Falko loses another fatigue level.
Twiggberry dodges Falkos bullrush easily, with his defense total of 22 (again!) vs Falko's 13.

Falko is down to Tired and is at a -3 for all actions.

Falko feels Twigberry's left jab again, this time it feels a bit more forceful, though it barely seemed to connect with his jaw. Falko never thought he had a glass jaw before, now he's not so sure. "Whoa there, son. You're going to hurt yourself. Unless you're trying to run out the door that is." Twigberry says as he deftly sidesteps Falko's bullrush. He breaths on his nails and buffs them against his tunic as he turns to face Falko, while Falko collects himself.

No biggie, if it's not too much trouble, can you do the cribsheet like gerg did? Go ahead and do your attack and defense rolls, too.

Junior employs Exertion, spending a Fatigue level to add his ability score to his Attack. He halso has barfighting as his specialization :slight_smile:
Attack 1d10+11+9=25
Defense 1d10+10=17