1228.etc Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Falko can still stand up, but not 100% straight up. He knows when he's beat: he gave everything he had during the last rush, and he didn't even come close. "All right, all right," he says, holding his palms up to Twigberry. "You got the better of me. When you find yourself wanting your first drink, it's on me." Falko rubs his jaw, feeling the pain but still cheerful enough about having chosen to participate (would've been nice if those punches had at least fazed the guy, though..., he thinks).

Twigberry isn't giving anymore freebies.. :smiley:

Twigberry: Attack of 20 vs Defense of 17, AA of 3 + 5 damage -1 Soak for 7 total damage, effective Medium wound resolves to 2 fatigue levels lost
Junior: Attack of 25 vs Defense of 19, 6 AA + 2 dmg vs a soak of fuggeddaboudit.

As Junior was watching Twigberry against Falko he noticed how fast TB was, and reasonably presumed that a powerful attack was the only path to having a chance. And then Twigberry hit him. It looked like it was going to be a glancing blow, and it wasn't much, but the small tap to his abdomen had such force behind it that Junior lost his breath. Junior did manage to connect and land a blow on TB's belly, but it felt as if he were hitting something as hard as Roberto's sword. In Junior's experience, such a blow has normally leveled similar opponents, even bigger opponents.
Junior's attack is very effective, and he connects with a huge body blow, but the guy's gut is like the steel of Roberto's sword. Junior suspects TB's been ensorcelled or something and about that time TB gives him a big grin. And gives him the come hither wave with his left hand.

Junior is at -3 Tired now.

Am I to presume his wave to mean he is Delaying his action and waiting for me to come at him? If so, Junior will likewise Delay his action. He will wait for Twigberry to come at him.
My hope is, if you allow (referencing rules from Lords of Men page 118 & 119), for Junior to hold his Delay over until Twigberry attacks, then try to Interrupt his attack with an Action Priority roll. Twigberry is quick, but Junior is banking that he has superior skill.
Junior plans to Interrupt Twigberry with a Throw, grabbing him as he comes at me (Junior) and toss him over my head as I fall back. Then try to Pin him the next round (LoM, p.132-133)

If Permitted and things work out in the anticipated sequence..
Action Priority roll (SD + Quick + Brawl - Enc - Fatigue)
Ignore that math, he rolled a zero :frowning:
How many botch dice?

Just one unless he would normally be drunk, then three. It isn't a delaying action, more like the flow of combat being described. Don't read too much into it and don't make it more complicated than it is. :smiley: It should be readily apparent to Junior that this man is quite a bit more than he appears to be.

Claude has another drink and begins waxing forth. You are going about it all wrong...Your weight is on the wrong foot...Rotate your body with the punch...Roll with the punch you idiot...Any fool knows that is not how to grapple.

I'll go ahead and add that Junior can do an awareness check, if he'd like, to ascertain whether he really is more skilled than Twigberry it won't impose any penalty on other actions.

A gravelly voice comes from a dark corner. "You going to put your money where your mouth is, Clod?"

Of course and you?

((We can do additional fights simultaneously. With the stipulation that, Twigberry gets to rest and recover any fatigue lost between bouts and if he should happen to lose somehow that the bout follows on the subsequent evening. The same purse will be offered, so some lucky grog could end up very rich...))

"Oh, suure..."
A muscular, unkempt-looking man, wearing ill-fitting homespun pants, shambles out of the corner of the tavern, carrying a tankard. He hands said tankard off to Falco with a "Hold my beer and watch this!" and takes up a position opposite Twigberries, scratching unselfconsciously at the mat of hair covering his chest before spreading his hands like he's about to hug Twigberries.

"All right. Let's do this."
(Init +1, Attack +10, Defense +8, Dam +1. Soak +5.)

Attack: bonus +10, roll of 9=19.
Defense: bonus +8, roll of 6=14.
Attempting to initiate a grapple.

((Need initiative, and for my edification, who is this? Miroslav? :smiley:))

Init +1 + roll of 9=10.

You know who this is, we talked about it in PMs. :smiley:

Twigberry gets an initiative of 8 against the unidentified man (Uman) fighting. CR and I know who's fighting here, I'm leaving results in spoiler tags for this fight.

Twigberry: Attack total of 19 vs 14 defense [spoiler]AA of 5 +5 Damage -3 Soak is 7 damage[/spoiler]
Uman: Attack Total of 19 vs a 20 defense

Twigberry delivers a pretty strong punch to the face, which Uman shakes off without any apparent effect. Twigberry's deft footwork manages to keep him out of Uman's grasp.

Uman's grin threatens to split his head in two, large strong teeth gleaming in the bar's dim light like a beacon. "Nice punch. Not good enough, but nice." He crouches and bounces forward in odd little hops, stalking Twigberry through the bar, hands reaching out to grab and twist.
(( Same deal, going for a grapple. Attack 10 + 2 = 12, Defense 8 + 6 = 14. ))

Twigberry attack of 21, vs defense of 14, [spoiler]AA 7+5-3, 9 damage[/spoiler].
Uman: Attack of 12, vs a defense of 22.

Twigberry lands another solid punch, this time a body blow, and he felt something, but it wasn't a whole lot. Uman realizes that if Twigberry manages to land a decent blow at a vulnerable spot, he's going to feel it... Twigberry makes what appears to be an acrobatic move and avoids the grapple.

Uman gives an excited little grunt. It's been a long time since someone's challenged him so thoroughly. However, the little guy is staying out of range, and that's beginning to piss him off. Time for a change in tactics.

Uman crouches, and hops up onto the nearest table, leaping off from it. The table overbalances and topples with a crash, but Uman is already in the air, leaping over Twigberry's head and twisting in midair: the idea being to land behind Twigberry and grab him before he can react.

Jumping roll: [spoiler]Dex +4, Athletics 3+1, Good Jumper +3, Perfect Balance +6, roll of 8[/spoiler]= 25.
Attack: 10+ roll of 3=13, plus any bonus from the maneuver.
Defense: 8 + roll of 6=14.

I'll give the bonus a +6 to the attack, but I'm going to delay the attack a bit, due to the multiple actions involved, so Twigberry gets his shot in, first.

Twigberry: Attack of 18 vs a defense of 14, [spoiler]AA of 4 + 5 damage -3 soak is 6, no effect[/spoiler]
Uman: Attack of 13+6 vs a defense of 15, so it is a success, the grapple strength is 6.

Uman successfully grapples Twigberry, despite taking a hit to the chest, which again saw no apparent effect on Uman. People in the bar are wondering just who this guy is, and so is Twigberry.

Next round actions:
Twigberry Attack 18 vs Uman''s defense of 15
Umans attack vs a defense of 33 probably means no additional grapple strength is added.

Twigberry makes a move to get out of the grapple in the next round, with a total attack of 18 against the 6 Grapple strength (plus any that might get added by Uman's attack, which is unlikely. Twigberry is still held but is making progress for getting free.

((Post edited 'cause JL pointed out something I missed.))

Uman attempts to maintain his grip on the slippery Twitberries. Attack +10 + roll of 5 =15. Defense +8 +roll of 4 = 12.

First a botch die for the screwy manuver I tried with the Action Priority roll...
I would think that would cause Junior to loose his action this round. Maybe a Defense roll.
He will not throw in the towel. He will keep going until he gets knocked the FFFF out.
Awareness roll: Perception +1, Awareness 1 (in a fight, die roll +3...
and a defense roll...
Defense 11+1, -3, & a die
and boy did that suck...