1228 Kriegeist ex Tytalus

For the discussion of creation and advancement of the aforementioned character.

Posted at gauntlet

He appears to need 14 more points in arts & abilities and 5 more levels in spells.
What virtue was he initiated with prior to his gauntlet?

I didn't have space for a Titanoi virtue; but kept the story flaw just because it will be important to the character.

Fixed the spells. I didn't see 14 missing but added those points also.

Okay, but 1 season every 4 years will have to be a cabal linked adventure.

You only added 11 points in arts, you need 3 more.

should be good now, sorry.

approved at guantlet

thanks. A few questions before I start advancing.

1- Do you want me to break it up or do it all at once? If broken up, how small should the chunks be? I was planning to make him fairly old, maybe 60-80 if that's ok.

2- Titanoi have virtues listed in HoH:S, do you want me to come up with initiations or you? for the 1 story per 4 years, that can be either an initiation for me, or me initiating someone else, or just a season of "story xp", is that right?

3- Can we have apprentices during advancement? If so, how should we handle that?

4- Is doing experimentation during advancement ok? Both hermetic research and experimental scripts.

5- Should I keep my rolls from before or do new rolls?

  1. Lets do it in 10 year chunks

  2. I will come up with initiations, you can initiate someone else for the season of service, but it does not count for your own initiation.

  3. You can have apprentices during advancement- this will be handled similarly to familiars where you spend a season searching and roll, with target numbers depending on where you are looking and what your requirements are.

  4. experimentation during advancement is fine

  5. do new rolls

posted the first 10 years

couple of details- by my spreadsheet teaching should be at an even 3, not 3(1), and magic theory should be at 11(19.5).

Found the errors in my own spreadsheet, fixed.


I want to do a couple of Titanoi initiations in the next chunk so will wait for you to be done with that.

Looking at the titanoi, and what they can initiate, it indicates "all magi raised in the cult develops a major magical focus in spirits" which realistically you should have had with cabal legacy...
first initiation will be Student of Magic Realm, which involves traveling to ancient, haunted ruins at great distance for the eve of all saints day (travel/adventure exp) then being taught magic lore by the mystagogue for a season (SQ:19), after which you must spend a season writing a tractatus on what you have learned which you must present to the mystagogue along with 8 pawns of form vis or 4 pawns technique, so this will take a fall, winter, and spring season to initiate, as described.
The second mystery would be names of power: this requires 3 seasons of adventure, during each of which you locate a hidden name of a magical entity- titans are of course preferred, though magical gods and others are certainly acceptable, at the end of which time you are anointed with an olive oil ritually purified and laid naked on a mountainside under the stars- this is the vestige of an ordeal which is no longer part of the ceremony.

I was planning to develop an experimental script later for the Focus, but if that's a problem I can get rid of Flawless Magic.

Are the initiations in a set order? Was hoping for Theurgic Familiar; but I do see the logic to the order you have.

If being raised in the tradition means you would have the virtue that does not change because you plan to do something else later.
Aside from that it would be a massive initiation by experimentation.
Also there is the fact that you can only have one magic focus, either minor or major, and you already have a minor focus, which means you cannot develop this as a major focus later.

Yes, initiations are in a set order as you ascend through the mystery.

I was thinking part of the initiation ordeal would be to lose the previous focus and gain the focus in spirits. But I will just take the Major focus instead of Flawless Magic, and will swap out the minor focus for Free Study.