1228 Lena the Alchemist

for the discussion, creation, and advancement of the aforementioned.

Ready for review: http://amfightorflight.wikidot.com/lena-the-alchemist

Nevermind, hang on. Need to make a fix.


based on your scores and listed experience, after adjusting backwards for virtues, I come up with an age of nearly 29 (28+13 extra experience) Your page about post gauntlet experience is also confusing considering this character has no gauntlet and should- aside from bonus xp from her magister in artibus ability, have used a simple +15xp/yr advancement rate.

On the advancement page - this was a placeholder page for in-game advancement. I deleted the mention of the gauntlet page which did not exist.

On the experience side, I've reviewed my calculation and agree there was an error there. However, I come up to 27 years of age + 13 xp, not 28 + 13.

Here's a copy of my math:
Childhood (5 yrs) = 120 xp
Magister in Artibus = 240 xp
Mythic Alchemy = 5 xp
Later Life (22 yrs) = 330 xp
Linguist = 4 language at 5 * 15 xp per skill = 60 xp
Last year - Winter = 13 xp
Total 768 xp

Any idea how we come we end up a year apart?

I'm not sure where you are getting 515 for linguist, your savings are 415 (you and I calculate things very differently) but that does come to 60xp, unless the difference is in native language- you don't get the linguist discount on your native language (I calculate this as being level 5 for 0 points and then you have 45 more points in childhood abilities)

That accounts for the difference. I've updated the character to age 28.

Also i will note that I did say the 13 xp was specifically for the redcap character, not a general rule. While in this case it makes sense for an alchemist in the alps to have the winter months be set aside fro working indoors, I would prefer that you ask instead of assume.

Character approved, though I would like to see the background filled in.