1228 Schwartz Of Merinita

For the discussion, development, and creation of the aforementioned character

Once the Gauntleted Schwartz is approved, I intend to be taught Merinita Lore and Fairie Magic for the first few seasons. Then spend some time being initiated into Arcadian Travel and Binding the Gift eventually. In the two tribunals until the start point he will look for a Fairie Blooded Grog to accompany him on his travels. Then a possible Familiar and Talisman.

You have 10 points to many in abilities and arts.
Also why is his origin a dark secret? He is no longer amongst pagan-hunting mundanes...

I was under the impression that the first level in an arcane ability: second sight and shapeshifter, starts as 1, then you pay to raise it. If that isn’t how you play it, I will try to find a way to drop 10 points.

It does, and I have included that in my calculation, otherwise you would be 20 points over. You have 160 points in abilities and 135 points in arts for a total of 295 points. You get 45 points for age 1-5 and 240 points for apprenticeship for a total of 285 points. So right now you are 10 points over what your age indicates.

I miscalculated. I think I traded out 15 levels in spells for the 10 levels. I will take another look, because either way my calculations are off. So can I trade spell levels for ability points?

no, you cannot


I switched out the story Flaw for Favors owed to his Mater, Got rid of 10 points of ability/form xp, and added another spell. I think that fixes my miscalculation, and the issue with the Dark Secret. If he can go back and learn the necessary lore for the two mysteries, I will get started on seasonal work.

I have seen the rules for texts in seasonal work, would the same source quality apply to teachers? Also, the MTx5 rule you reference at the bottom is for available vis to use in lab projects? I know I am full of questions, but I would rather do it right from the beginning.

which 45 points are childhood abilities?
It looks to me like you only have 15 of your points in childhood abilities, and it should be 45 points (p.31 of core rulebook)

Shouldn't have thought I was done. Scrapping everything I was doing for the first two years. I've got a lot of points to make up. I think I fixed it.

approved at gauntlet

As far as learning spells, do we have access to lab texts for common spells? Or do we need to independently create them?

Schwartz has gone on a Familiar Hunt and found a Raven of Virtue roll + ML of 7. The question I have is that he can bond with a Magic Might of 20. I was thinking a MM of 15 as something more reasonable, for a familiar. What do you think?

I'm going to require that you develop them independently.

I think you are confusing rules sets- I don't have a familiar strength table for the current version of the game, that is on a "discuss with SG" basis, even to determine what is available.

Ok, is a Raven of Virtue available?

I had opened Corvus the Raven with InMe, as an intelligent creature with keep senses. I hadn’t meant to offend, I did throw up the idea on here, which I considered asking permission. I will slow down if that is what is required.

To find a raven of virtue will require a season in which a perception+area lore+magic lore roll of 15+ is required. The season may count experience wise as an adventure or as practice of either area lore or magic lore (though practice of magic lore only grants 4xp so the adventure would be a better choice)