1229 Wifait Of Flambeau

For discussion of creation and advancement of the aforementioned character.

So, first things first: how that character appears to you?
My plan for his advancements as follows: some 5-10 years of adventuring, some 1 or 2 of lab activity, then idea that his massive family is quite nice to do things together and then some 5-10 years of more profitable activities such as trade. And then wish to get an apprentice of one of his (grand)children that drove him to the covenant.

1st issue- you submitted the character in the folder for approved magi, not magi submissions. I have moved it, but please note this for future characters.

Oh, sorry, it wasn't intentional.

Next flaws and virtues should either be in separate categories or noted which they are simply being Major does not express which is which.
You also did not include your house virtue.

I did include it: Warrior as it replaces Puissant Pe/Ig for a Ramius magi.
Virtyes separated from flaws: check.

No, warrior is a recommended virtue, it does not replace the house virtue.

I'm not sure what you did, but the page is now gone.

recovered it

Suppose, we can discuss all the Bloody mess now...

Yes... lets start by breaking down what you have related to mythic blood and what you have related to magical blood- it looks to me like you are taking flaws for attributes which are included in the magical blood at least...

So, Curse of Venus and Ambitious are from Mythic Blood.
Deficient Form and Disfigured are from Magical Blood.
Lecherous and Covenant Upbringing are from Faerie Blood.

Mythic blood includes a minor personality flaw, a minor magical focus, a magical feat, and some reduction in fatigue costs for casting. It also needs to reference what bloodline you come from...
Curse of Venus is a major story flaw, so it is neither minor nor personality. The Ambitious ca fit, as well as the focus, but again I want to know what lineage you are thinking of, not just a collection of attributes.

A physical feature which derives from having magical animal blood does not qualify as a disfigurement, as it is a part of the virtue. there is a limit of a +3 bonus so your scales can give you a +3 soak, not a +9. I do not see the connection to deficient form.

Nyph blood would connect to but not be the direct cause of curse of venus, but has no association with lecherous or covenant upbringing.

So lets start over on this- what are your mythic blood and magical blood from (are these separate bloodline or do they come from the same source?) What elements of your character are included as it currently stands, as an aspect of those bloodlines?

Ok, let's start over:
Mythic Blood and Magical Blood are both from a same source that, frankly, i didn't thought of in depth: some dragon.
From Mythic Blood stems Ambitious and usual benefits.
From Magical Blood stems +3 to Soak.
Then i suggest that such a close connection to the body as those virtues implies is a good enough reason to get a Deficient Vim; Disfigurement could be a result of having a scales instead of skin, so i don't see any reason not to take it; given the circumstances, Curse of Venus might be a good fit either from a Nymph or a Dragon blood; Lecherous is a bit reach for the blood of Nymph, but it fits well with my ideas about character journey, so such a reach is fine for me; Covenant Upbringing is also a bit reach, but Nymph tends to abandon their children, so anyway heavily magical character would end up in some covenant or another.

Sorry that i didn't answer your precise question earlier: i thought you were asking about my general reasons to pick those Flaws and not only about what Virtue inflicts what Flaw.

a close connection to the body might be a reason for deficient Vim, but it does not make deficient Vim part of the bloodline traits- disfigurement however is integral to magical blood (animal) and thus cannot be taken as a separate flaw.
Right now I am trying to look at what virtues and flaws are part and parcel of these package traits, not how you justify every aspect of the character.
It is worth noting that Against the Dark has a number of dragon related traits, including powers that would serve as reference.

I'll look at it.

Speaking about packages, there's only one: Mythic Blood.
So i would prefer to discuss it: first of all, is there any dragons in your saga?

Yes, several types from differing cultures.
magic blood (animal) includes, as I noted before, deformities, which prevents the deformed flaw from being taken.

I would love to play a heir of a dragon with a fleeting interest in humans. Something akin to the dragons from "The Witcher", who are rarely involved into politics or relationships. That would be quite good for the character's idea.
Deformities: ok, that flaw is already gone.