1260.2 Market Forces

Ophelia is interrupted in her studying by a page with a note.

[i]Ophelia, At your earliest convenience, please come to my office today.

Laterala [/i]

Ophelia thanks the page for coming promptly and makes her way to Laterala's office. "You needed to see me, sodalis?"

Laterala is at her desk that is filled with old scrolls ( not ancient but not new).

Yes. I would like you to go to the Emergency Tribunal for this year to represent the Oppidum. I have contracted a Redcap I know to try and obtain some vim vis for us but I think in this case it would be in your best interest to meet some other representatives. As a hoplite, it is helpful to have a good network of contacts in the Tribunal. And you can see what the Quaesitors are up to.

Ophelia narrows her eyes, "Who is the Redcap?" Ophelia does have some Area Lore for the Tribunal, so does she know how far away the location for the Emergency Tribunal is? Rolled a non botching zero for a total of 3. So, she has no clue as to where the Tribunal is, or how long it's going to take to travel there and back again.
"How much time do I have to prepare for this? How many...aides may I have in my service while attending the tribunal session? Who here knows where the Emergency Tribunal is? I seem to have forgotten where it is held."

His name is Crispian. I've had dealings with him before. He can travel with you if you wish. As for time... She gets up and moves over to a map of the Tribunal that is on the wall. We are here ( points to the southern end of Lake Balaton) The emergency Tribunal are normally held at Seuthopolis here ( see points to the southeastern part of of the map). I recommend taking going to Vukovar ( she points to a city to the south of the Oppidum). If you can be there in 10 days, the Tribuinal has chartered a boat to travel down the Danube. You can then go over land to Seuthopolis. Or I have some arcane connections to Seuthopolis that you can have. The boat will be there to bring you back as well.

As for aides, you can bring them all if you feel you need them and they can be spared from here.

"The arcane connections would be useless to me, as I have no means of transporting myself or my men there. My ability to instantly move from location to location is for tactical purposes, only. How are the roads in the spring, do we need to leave now to make it in 10 days?"

If you leave within 4 days you can make it there without a problem. A determined horseman or woman could make it in 3. Less if they did not mind killing their horse.

"I'd appreciate it if you could point out who would be a good guide. We will make plans to leave for Vukovar in 6 days."
Ophelia will go and make arrangements with her grogs and the guide Lateral pointed out and then will go back to trying to study her book, but she recognizes that it's unlikely she'll be able to make any adequate use of the book this term.

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Very good. Crispian will be here in 2 days to get the promissory note.

((Not sure what I'm supposed to do here. Is it being suggested that Ophelia is negotiation for the vis, or that Laterala will, or has already done the negotiation.))

You are being sent to network. You can make deals if you wish. Crispian is there to get some more vim vis. Think of this as a normal Tribunal meeting but a chance to meet other magi from the Tribuinal.

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Ophelia gets her men ready for travel and has a chat with Onassis and Phyrrus about being prepared to go into the tribunal meeting to attend and advise her.

((I'll be happy to play one of the Immortals, if you have someone in mind for me))

Consider playing both Onassis and Pyrrhus. Pyrrhus knows about the Order (OoH Lore), mostly grogs (specialty), but can't speak Latin very well. At this point he probably has a Latin 1, if we (jebrick) had the teacher available at the covenant, Ophelia would have put her grogs through the Latin class first.

You and any immortals you care to take, have a pleasant journey to Vukovar. Crispian turns out to be a older Redcap. You would guess in his late 30's. He will talk about the cities and towns that you are traveling through and give some history. He does not talk about himself much unless asked and then he seems reluctant.

((If you wish to ask anything of Crispian during this leg of the journey you can. Otheriswise I'll move on to Vukovar.))

Ophelia will engage him in conversation about the locations of the Tribunal, ask who are the Quaesitores of the Tribunal, and any of the other hoplites of the Tribunal trying to be friendly but not overly probing. To try and push past his reticence, she'll ask Crispian about how long he's worked/lived in the Tribunal.

He will talk about Seuthopolis as the base for the Quaesitors and the chief Hoplite or Marshall as they call him. He does not know many of the hoplites other than the ones for the oppida he deals with. As he describes the proceedings it sounds like a shorten Tribunal that is more about meeting and deals than real Tribunal business. They do hold any cases that need a Tribunal vote that the Quaesitors have put together over the last year.

I would not worry about those cases if I were you. The Quaesitors put on good cases but the decision is made before we get there on how they will go.

His tone is matter-of-fact.

When asked about himself he is quite for a bit.

I was an apprentice here during the Troubles. (You can hear the capital T) I was sent to the Alps and the Rhine for a while to help with the Purge. The Tremere helped us out a great deal. When Panacea took over at Histria, I was brought back. That has been about 10 years or so.

"If my questions made you think I was worried, then you misunderstand my intent in asking them. My accent alone should betray my origins, even if you didn't know who I am, and where I am from. I'm merely trying to be prepared to carry out my duties. My role is new to me, and I suspect some would think me ill-suited to being a Hoplite."

"I know Panacea's father. Her vulgar father, that is. He is a trustworthy man." She seems to place an emphasis on man, highlighting that she didn't use the word magus. "I get the feeling that his daughters didn't fall far from the proverbial tree."

He thinks on this for a bit. I would not think many Tremere would think that way. Now the Quaesitors might but it is not as though you are a Jerbiton. A house not know for producing competent Hoplites.

I do not know her vulgar father so I can not answer to that. She is demanding but fair. Not afraid to speak her mind.