1260.3 A Crooked House

Eve zips along for a while following Lake Balaton to the north then overflies town. Follows a road for a while to another and a river. Roads visible for the air are getting scarce. She turns east and moves on looking for the next city. After flying for a while she sees another river. Crossing it she keeps going. And going.

As evening begins to fall she does not see a city. Some mountains are coming up in front of her which should be right.

((So Eve is supposed to encounter a mountain range, but she seems to have missed the city? Regardless it won't affect her next action.))

Alright time to land. Eve touches down ahead of sunset, moving slowly as she nears the ground. She tries to pick a place that looks far away from civilization, but that probably won't be a problem. When she touches down she waits for night to fall before casting her Parma, and recasting her flight spell. 4. She pulls off her bag, and pulls out some food, trail rations for herself and some salted rat for Jane. When they are done eating she pulls out Jane's dagger. Wake me and take human form if you see anyone. Don't wander off. I don't want someone to put a knife through me while I sleep.

((IF its cold Eve will ceremonially spont a creo ig spell. Base 2: Heat an object warm to the touch +2 sun. No Botch))

((Lycaneon is in the mountains so yes. you expect to be heading towards mountains.))

((Well that's all I have for this night.))
After talking a bit with Jane she lays out her cloak on the ground and tries to get to sleep. Jane hops on her legs, and takes watch silent except for her ticking.

Give me a Artes Lib roll to start the days flight.

Got a 7, unless she notices something she'll sweep the mountain range, looking for the "crown" that indicates her goal. ((The first mountain range is supposed to be the goal mountain range? I don't have the book and map on me.))

((If you are on target, the mountains with Lycaneon ( and Coeris) should be straight ahead. ))

The flight into the mountains is trickier because it is threatening to storm so the cloud cover is low. Jane is nervous because of all the electricity in the air. The wind begins to pick up and Eve is being buffeted about. Jane leans to Eve's ear. There is something else up here!

Eve will start slowly descending to the ground while looking around. Jane can you tell what it is? Or where it is?

I think it is above us somewhere. Can you get down faster?

Eve starts heading downward quicker. Not fast enough to hit overly hard, but quicker and looks up trying to make out whatever it is. Can you tell its size? Is this more like a dragon, or more like a person?


Eve, looking over her shoulder, can see something huge, winged, and multi-headed, diving down towards her.

((concentration roll. Try not to botch :smiling_imp: ))

Concentration roll! 7 or 8 She'll also spend a confidence point if that means success. Eve does her very best to move out of the dragons flight path, which for the record probably isn't down. Rule one of fighting dragons: Don't get in range of the dragon's teeth.

Once the new flight path has been locked in Eve will open fire on the dragon with two castings of Crystal Ballista (multi-cast remember) complete with the loudest words and most exaggerated gestures she can manage. 3,8 That's a penetration of 25 and 30. Both (if they penetrate) strike for 12 damage before soak.

Roll initiative.

3 for Eve and 3 for Jane. (No botch)

Eve gets the multi spells off. The shape swerves away, back into the cloud cover. There is a rumble of thunder around her and a flash of lighting in the clouds where she catches a silhouette of the creature pacing her.

A voice comes out of the clouds. It hasss teeth. Yesssssss. We must be more careful. Yessss. It flyssss into our landsss and attackssss ussss.

Awareness rolls for both Jane and Eve.

4 for Eve
1 for Jane. Apparently my philosophy was that awareness was for Grogs.

With 15 rego, 1 stamina and +2 for gestures and voice Eve can manage a casting total of 3.6 for spontanteous magic which rounds UP!

On that note its time to cast:
Crappy Wizard's Sidestep
R: Per D: Diam T: Individual
Your image to the sense of sight appears 1 pace away from where you are. This does include anything you are carrying or wearing. This image does not change as you change. Intelligent foes may realize what has happened and can still attack you. Against normal foes the bonus can be as much as +9, but can decrease to as low as +3 if they get a good idea of your location relative to the image. Attacks aimed at the image miss, and some enemies may see through the illusion completely.
Base 2 +1 diam + 1 changing target

No Botch!

Neither Eve nor Jane see anything, but Eve yells out words of powers and waves her staff around. Then she begins heading towards the ground again, trying to get away from the clouds that could hide the beast.

Eve dives out of the clouds into a driving rain. Visibility is a little better but not much.

As she plummets towards the mountain-side forest below a blot of lighting wipes out her sidestep image. she hears a hissing voice behind her but can not make out what is said. She plunges into a treeline of thick pines or firs.

((Make a concentration roll to be able to stop. I must assume you do not want to make a lot of rolls dodging through trees.))

Indeed.(http://www.unseenservant.com/default.asp?do=showone&id=19781) ]explosion
5*2=10+1 concentration + ? characteristic
This may bite me if the ease factor is 12 still: I would do this as a quickness roll. Or possibly Perception. Stamina seems silly, even that's the go to concentration stat normally.

Eve does her best to stop just above the trees, but erring on the side of not getting speared on a branch.

((I was guessing perception))

Eve stops at the edge of the forest. The trees are thick enough to conceal her if she goes in. Visibility is about 30 paces.

A strong gust of wind comes from the direction she thinks the Dragon may be.


As she is scanning the sky, she hears a voice behind her and a bit below.

If it were me I would get out of sight but I do not go about getting dragons angry.

Eve will split her efforts between looking for the dragon in the sky and floating down into the forest. Her preferred place is somewhere too small for the dragon too get too.
((I'm not sure if you made the perception roll, or where asking me to make one. Just in case its the later 7))