1260.4 - Council meeting

Messages go out to all of the Magi that the council for the Oppidum at Hèviz tonight to decide various rules and guidelines for the Oppidum. most importantly, the casting of the Aegis of the Hearth is to be done tonight and the boundaries are to be set.


The Oppidum has various bells that are rung for various meanings. A large deep bell is used to call the council. It rings slowly for roughly 10-15 minutes to give everyone time to make it. The alarm bell is much smaller and noisier. Feel free to think up other bells to use for whatever signals you think the Oppidum needs.

Damasus receives the message as he settles into his quarter, he's far from finished yet. He rode to the oppidium so he brought only the most essential items. Now he has to arrange with the servants to get everything he needs beyond the basics. This is a tedious task so this is an additional reason why he's so relieved to finally meet his future sodales.

Before leaving his quarters, he makes sure his wizardry robe is adjusted and places a brooch representing the symbol of the order with the three entwined snakes. He also checks if his hairs are tidy on the large polished metal mirror he just got. He brings the notes he's prepared and his folding wax tablet. His pace is determined but not very fast, as he walks towards the council room. He enters the rooms and greets the magi present :

"Greetings sodales, I'm Damasus Ex Tremere. I'm very pleased to meet you. I hope this meeting will be remembered as the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership" and waits for further instructions from Laterala before sitting of discussing any serious subject.

The door creaks open slowly, as if blown open by a chill wind. Preceeding the entrant by a few paces is a long and sinister shadow, with hands and fingers that seem more like large spiders attached to its wrists. The shadow lengthens across the room to a tall chair and almost seems to take a seat before the owner of the shadow actually appears at the threshold.

His tall, pale and slender form matches the shadow in some ways, but not in others. He surveys the room and its occupants before making a dramatic flourish with his cloak, like an actor on the stage and then steps in, the door shutting loudly behind him. He reaches the seat that his shadow had already picked for him and stands beside it, his eyes falling upon the newcomer. The eyes are black and lifeless as dolls' eyes and the stare is penetrating and severe. He finally breaks the awkward moment and takes his seat without further ado.

"Welcome Sodalis. I am...Zoltan ex Merinita. I was told more would be joining our home."

Arktos staggers out of his room and looks around groggily. He runs a hand across his pockmarked face.

l'll swear. This darkness will be the death of me.

Arktos does his best to gather himself before stepping in the council room, but still ends up looking quite dishevelled. His long beard is unkempt, his nondescript brown robes crumpled.


He collapses into a chair opposite Damasus.

Arktos ex Miscellanea. We haven't met.

Damasus is astonished by the shadow entering the room, he has already seen moving shadows from Criamon magus, but none were that unsettling. He's only partially relieved as his owner enters the room with his striking pale face and dark eyes.

Anyone would look normal after Zoltan and Arktos's lack of tidiness goes almost unnoticed.

"Nice to meet the both of you." he sits, and turns his attention to Arktos. He prefers to avoid a conversation with Zoltan yet, as he's not really sure what to expect. "I was told you were a very good at catching magical creatures, that's impressing, It can be a dangerous matter. If you don't mind talking about it, could you tell me if this is a magical feat related to the expertise of your magical tradition? "

Ankoydes is finishing donning his dress (i.e. clean) Hermetic robes when the bell tolls to summon the magi to meeting.

[color=blue]"How do I look?" he asks his wife.

"Fantastic, as always," Xenia replies before she leans up to give him a quick good-luck kiss. "I'll see when you get back, arkouthky."

[color=blue]"It may be rather late, love. We have a lot to discuss tonight."

"You know me. I'll still wait up for you, all night if I have to. Just try not to wake Sophia when you get in." Xenia smiles as she shoos him out the door, chuckling as Ankoydes catches his toe on the threshold and stumbles.
[hr][/hr]Ankoydes is all smiles when he enters the room, wearing clean dark-brown Hermetic robes; the only ornamentation is iron-grey piping around the hem, sleeves, and collar. His large bushy beard looks to be neatly combed, and he seems to have gotten his hair cut recently.

He looks around at the others. [color=blue]"I hope I'm not late," he says as he finds a sturdy seat and settles his massive frame in.

... The Quinotauros was a magical monster, you see. That is why many members of my tradition dabble with creatures. We only fear them as appropriate, which is useful in my line of work, Ankoydes hears Arktos explain excitedly as he finds his seat.

Not to worry, Ankoydes. I was only telling Damasus here about the Quinotauri.

We apprenticed together, he adds with a back-and-forth gesture between himself and Ankoydes.

Zoltan's gaze is piercing and disconcerting and unfortunately...it is quite attentive. He stands as newcomers come in and makes a courteous bow before retuning to his seat and listening about the Quinotauri. At the conclusion he speaks:

"You must take care of the stories you tell...not that I doubt the veracity of this creature or your account of it. There are listeners intent on such things and gain much from the telling." he says, somewhat cryptically.

Ophelia enters the council and takes a chair. She doesn't say much, but acknowledges everyone and introduces herself. She seems concerned, or distracted.
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Listeners intent you say ? It's not like I'm making a great deal of secrecy about my intents. I can tell you if you want... Beyond basic politeness, I want to know about his tradition because House Miscellanea is very diverse in his teachings. I want to understand what his magic is like and what's his way of thinking because I believe that educational paradigms matters. Why do I want to know that ? Well, we're both probably going to spend some time together investigating areas, possibly facing threats and I always prefer knowing what I can expect from my allies.

But I could ask you the same question, what was your intent with the remark ?

Zoltan turns to look at Damasus and quirks an eyebrow at the question, he stares an uncomfortably long time before he finally smiles.

"Ah! You misunderstood me. I said 'listeners intent'. I mean that there are listeners who are intent on hearing such things and gain much. I did not mean the listener's intent. Do you see?"

Damasus smiles at his own mistake : "I see... But it doesn't really make things clearer. Who are those listeners you're talking about ?"

Zolta holds up his hand and laughs into his sleeve, a high pitched and disconcerting giggle.

"You are right...what do I mean...The Fae you see, they listen for such things. Tales of love, lust, death, birth, fear...especially fear in these lands. It is their meat and drink. They do not make things of their own, they need inspiration from us. And while they're forms can seem alien and strange, they are interpretations of things that mortals think of and speak of, and certainly feel. When you talk of a creature that is not known in these lands, even a creature of magic, it could give birth to such a creature in these lands...among the fae." he smiles.

"When you see the flora and fauna of these lands...in many ways you are seeing what is inside the hearts and minds of its people."

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I seems that you look at things in an... Interesting way. You don't seem to give mundane people of this land a lot of credit. However the conclusions of this statement of yours can bring hope and purpose depending on how you look at it. Clarity of mind, trust, acceptance of death and feeling of safety are all things that can be built through improvement of life conditions into the tribunal and proper education...

Blargh. Faerie and their metabollocks. Bring it on, I say. l will face a glamoured Quinotaurus before second-guessing every word and thought.

[color=blue]"Ah, yes. I've not heard that tale in way too long, Arktos. Not since I left Polyaigos. Oh, by the way, Xenia would like to know if you'd like to join us for dinner sometime. And Sophia, she has grown so since you've last seen her."

[color=blue]"That would be the fae that I've heard...infest? Is that the word? so much of this area. I would very much not like to deal with a faerie Quinotauros...especially one who will not go away, no matter how often it's destroyed."

Ankoydes leans forward and listens intently to Zoltan's explanation, seeing it as a potential hazard to be faced. If not the Quinotauros itself, then in some other form.

Ophelia speaks up. She seems distracted, as if given a difficult problem and hasn't yet ascertained a solution. "We are safe behind the Aegis, the only faeries here, are Zoltan's. They've been adequately warned, about sancta and the council chambers. Those places you should always free to speak your mind. But elsewhere? Well, you've been warned. And while I don't like it or agree with it, it is the situation we have. She looks at Zoltan, "Isn't that right, Zoltan?"

Zoltan is obviously enjoying the attention and the conversation that his field of expertise; he's smiling like the cat that has caught the bird. He turns to Ophelia and his smile changes to a more serious expression. "Hmm...yes quite. Quite safe that is. Within the Aegis. Of course more powerful fae could possibly penetrate it, but I would say we are no more vulnerable than other Opiddum in the Tribunal. And as part of my research I might be inviting fae in, but will be doing so only in accordance to rules that we have established already, which includes me informing the members of the Opidda that I will be doing so. Also, I am creating and scribing specific faerie warding spells for use both by us and also the Tribunal should they be requested, I have two done at this point. If it becomes necessary and I am compensated I can transcribe them as tablets for ease of use."

Ankoydes leans forward. [color=blue]"These specific faerie warding spells you have invented," he says with his heavy Greek accent. [color=blue]"Are they against specific types of faeries, such as faeries of the woods or the air, or are they against specific faeries such as the Quinotaur? And are they available as laboratory texts?"

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I guess we're even less vulnerable than most oppidium, considering we have a specialist on the subject and no less than two hoplites ! What kind of faeries are there within our aegis at the moment ?