1260.4 - Council meeting

As the last vibration of the council bell hangs in the air, Laterala enters with Violeta behind her carrying some wax tablets and paper. Violeta heads to the scribes desk in the corner and starts to get ready. She sneaks glances at all of the magi but not for very long.

Laterala finds a seat and pours herself a beer from a pitcher. Once she has a sip she places her interlocked hands on the table in front of her and looks about. Has Zoltan got you worried about the fae?

Damasus smiles at Laterala's remark but prefers not to comment. I've never seen that young person is she your apprentice ?

"I have prepared a ward against Faeries of the Air and one for Faeries of the Wood, they are 4th Magnitude both, which should be enough. I'll be making one for each of the elements as well as one in general. As of right now though those two spells are still in my handwriting and I'll translate them soon."

"Hmm?" his smile seems a bit forced after that. "Oh well..." Laterala walks in at that point.

He just chuckles and lets his words trail off.

Yes. This is Violeta. I try to keep her busy so she can not get in too much trouble as young girls are apt to do.

Violeta smiles a bit at this but keeps her head down as she organizes the writing desk.

I hope our newest members she gestures to Arktos, Damasus and Ankoydes have had time to settle in. It seems that it might be better for us to schedule this casting for mid-summer rather than mid-winter. glancing at Arktos and Ankoydes nodding off and looking a bit disheveled.

I think everyone has met Zoltan ex Merinita, who is studying the local fae for us. And Ophelia ex Flambeau, our senior Hoplite.

She pauses to take a gulp of beer.

Now. Are there any questions that need answered before we talk about the Aegis casting?

I'm almost settled, still missing a few custom made items I've ordered but there're only convenience nothing essential.

I don't have any question yet.

l... have one.

Arktos seems hesitant.

On my way here, l met a Guernicus called Valerian. He seemed quite mad. But he made some very serious accusations concerning the covenant. What was that about? Should we worry?

Ophelia shudders visibly, at the mention of Valerian, "He stared me down at Tribunal when I was introduced. I mean, even as others were introduced, he never stopped staring. I don't understand all the pieces that are in play, but I know he has some nexus to other enemies of the Order.

Zoltan shrugs. "I have heard of Valerian by reputation, he is known to be vicious and powerful. One had asked if there were any fae that are within the Aegis. There is one and she is free to come and go, and will be again when we cast the aegis tonight. She is a little fae girl named Juriska, she cannot harm you but she is a bit mischievous, mostly she will not be seen. However if you feel she has affronted you or done mischief to you, please take that to me." he pauses and mumbles "..and she doesn't like women or dogs."

Laterala harrumphs at the name Valerian.

Should you worry? Hmmmm. I do not think you should lose much sleep on it. What Valerian was eluding to is .... She pauses and looks at her folded hands before she continues. Is the political strife within the Order itself which has come to focus, in House Guernicus' councils, as House Tremere vs Guernicus. At least in Valerian's mind. I represent part of that struggle that Valerian feels the future of the Order hangs. Is Valerian dangerous? Very much so. What is worst is he is a fanatical ideologue. But he would say the same about House Tremere.

Damasus smiles as he mentally portraits Zoltan as a loving father "Fortunately i'm neither of them. So i'm probably safe..."

Well, while fanatical is undeserved I'll certainly agree that House Tremere probably has the most well defined doctrine. How exactly is this conflicting with this Valerian's ideology?

[color=blue]"Like any new home," Ankoydes says, [color=blue]"it will take a little bit of living in before it feels like a home.

"I appreciate your concern about the casting. I admit that I am not at my best this time of year. And, while I would prefer casting in the summer when I am more help, I must also ask if we can afford either to wait until then or to cast an Aegis for but half a year."

Arktos furrows his brow.

So she is inside the Aegis and dislikes dogs.

He lowers his eyes.

In your honest opinion, Zoltan: Must I worry for the safety of my hounds because of Juriska? If so, does one of these wards you mentioned suffice?

Arktos listens to Laterala with a serious expression.

I see. Magi always have been talented at getting their undergarments knotted over things like that.

Their ideology is that Guernicus should control the Order. Valerian is their tool. He is not their only tool, just one of the more dangerous and less subtle ones.

That is part of what we must discuss.

Zoltan considers this for a few moments before shrugging. "She is mischievous. She lacks the power to actually hurt a full grown dog, but she might pester it. And your own familiar likely would be immune to her pranks. And her feelings towards dogs and women both come from jealousy and a desire to please me. She knows my feelings for dogs, so she doesn't like hem. She knows my feelings for women and so she is jealous of them. But yes, the Ward I have for Faeries of the Air would keep her out, with the mention that it must penetrate her own resistance. When we renew the Aegis, I make sure to tell Juriska which doors she must not go in, or home to go near. Those are your Sancta. Outside the aegis...well...she is fae, I do not put a leash on her. Part of my purpose here is to study the fae...that comes with risk. I do what I can to reduce those risks, but it would be a lie if I were to say we are all perfectly safe."

Duly noted, then. I will consider my options.

I see, Arktos gave the proper description of that Valerian... Let's make sure we don't give him any reasons to visit us.
What else is there to discuss about the Aegis ? this is usually a simple subject.

Ophelia shakes her head while looking towards Damasus "Men like Valerian have all the reason they need. He's just looking for gumption to visit us."

"I can live with calculated risks..."

"So he cares at least a bit for his own safety, that's something..." He seems to be lost in his mind for a few seconds before adding "Single minded people can be so brash sometimes."

I would doubt Valerian would want to visit us openly. It is not the way he is used by the Inner Council.

She looks around the table. Lets discuss the Aegis casting. We have two auras here. A smaller weaker one the centers around the brewery and a larger,strongerand overlapping one centering on the hot spring. I can cast a magnitude 6 Aegis around the compound or I can cast a magnitude 4 aegis that also covers the spring. While we must keep Arktos' pack outside the compound he has asked that it be included in the Aegis boundaries for protection.


I am working on a map of the compound. Basically, it is a rectangular area surrounded by a low (10') wall of stone. The Inn is just inside the walls with the stables for the Inn near by(roughtly 10:30 if a clock were laid over it). Laterala has a tower that is off the Inn and towards the top center of the compound. The old barracks have been rebuilt into living quarters and, in some cases Labs. The foundations are still the old Roman ones. They are near the wall furthermost from the Inn (From 1-5 on that clock) There are six of them. In the center of the compound is the council chambers. It is the commanders villa when this was a fort. There is a small fountain just below the villa that boarders a open square. then the gates that lead to the hot spring ( at 6:00).
The Brewery in a center building between Laterala's tower and the Inn and to the south of both. There is a short wall (6') that separates the Inn, Brewery and Inn Stables from the rest of the Oppidum. There are other buildings with various degrees of being finished filling up the 6-9 slot of the compound. They are storehouses and some living quarters and or Labs.

Everyone will get a Lab with +1 size, magical lighting and heating. You will have to work on it to add other features.

Well, If Arkos's pack has to be inside the Aegis, we're leaning towards the second option. Anyway If we're going to investigate the Spring's aura It's probably for the best anyway.

That's already quite good for a start !