1260.4 Fragile Things

Zoltan ( and any grogs he wants) are wandering the steep hills and ravines. Several days away from the Oppidum, camp is being made in the twilight. Zoltan almost can sense something but it is fleeting. As the first stars come out hears what he thinks is a baby crying. It is hard to say how far away because of the woods but he knows the general direction.

Here's a list of Grogs that Zoltan would like to bring:

For all of the choices, Zoltan becomes quite insistent that this person is essential for his investigation into the surrounding woods. Zoltan will write of these people in his notes for the later research, the opening page will be as for a playbill.

[size=150]"Into the Wilds"[/size]

Abdullah the Turcopole ---- the Walking Horseman
Phillipa/Philippos ---- the Amazon Groom
Hector ---- the Youngest Immortal
Rat ---- the Virtuous Street Orphan
Ivan ---- the Murderer of His Father

Your guide on this journey ---- Zoltan ex Merinita

((I might need to drop one of the grogs in order to accomodate everyone who's coming to this, let me know what you think))

Zoltan is sitting quietly at the edge of the camp, almost as still as a statue. His eyes peer deeply into the glooming twilight, providing a slight gleam that does nothing to improve his human qualities. He's wearing some of the newest soft woolen robes provided by his agreement, with more in a travelling trunk nearby (the grogs complained the most about that), but the proper attire was essential. What was that?

"Softly..." he said, though unlikely any were paying attention as they set up camp. "I said softly!" he snapped at them.

Ivan scratches his head. How do we set up camp softly?

Rat is staring into the direction that the sound is coming from.

Zoltan turns and scowls at Ivan, holding a finger to his lips to signal for quiet. He then walks over to rat and strokes her hair with a light touch. "You hear it too, do you not? The babe crying in the woods? Can you see it? Can you find it for us?"

((OOC: I was under the impression I was going to play Rat. If so she will answer honestly, and keep trying to get to it. She has feels for abandoned children.))

((Hop in!))

((I'll give you a freebie. Zoltan might wonder if it is a child. ))

Rat continues look in the direction of the crying There's a crying kid out there. We should go help it. You can't leave a little kid out here alone. Then she starts to walk slowly in that direction, making sure she doesn't trip and break a leg.

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Zoltan turns to Ivan, who has appointed to be the sergeant 'Or whatever one calls these things'. "Ivan, lead us forth, we are seeking out the sound. So you hear it? It sounds like a babe crying...but do not be fooled so easily. This might be exactly what we are looking for though. Hector, stay near me dear boy. You shall protect me from harm, yes? You shall not fail me. Philipa..? Yes, I would not limit you in your tasks, do as best as you may. Abdullah...pay attention to Ivan. Now, Rat, we shall go forth...

[size=150]Into the Wilds!"[/size]

He says with a dramatic flourish of his cloak.

The group spreads out but not too much. A military man would be annoyed by they all seem to bunch up around Zoltan. They are alos quite loud when moving.

The twilight deepens and the shadows lie heavy around them. Owls are starting to make noise and it is getting hard to see.

Awareness+per rolls.

Hector stays close to Zoltan, his experience being a shield grog for Ophelia being his only indication.
Hector rolls a non botching 0 for a total of 1.

Roll 1 Exploded Roll: 10 =10*2-2=18

Rat gets an 18, I guess that's why she could hear the baby.

((Can't roll at the moment, plus will definitely make use of Second Sight, can you roll Jebrick?))

1d10=4 + +per1 + Awareness 2 = 7

Although Rat does not like the woods as much as the city, he is at home in the darkness and is using more senses than eyesight. He feels the ground is trembling off and on slightly. Like someone walking. After a bit he can tell it is getting closer.

The group is also about 100 yards from where the crying is coming from.

((Would anyone like to play Ivan? I have him as the general leader of the Grogs since he's a companion))

Zoltan sidles up to Ivan once he makes sure to signal to Hector to stay with him. "Ivan...scout up ahead, our little Rat is too fragile, be careful. I know of your story, but its end could come sooner than you think..."

"What?" Ivan asks in some confusion, but then hoists his weapon and adjusts the straps on his armour and starts heading out.

"Stay with us Amazon, protect us as you would your Sister's virtue."

Ivan moves forward trying not to bump into anything. He can not be quite as he cannot see well in the deep shadows under the trees. He advances steadily. He is about 20 yards from the source which appears to be on the ground by a large tree.

Awareness roll for Ivan.

((Actually Ivan has Second Sight, he should be able to see in the dark just fine, here's a regular Awareness roll))

1d10+4 → [3,4] = (7)